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Love Horoscopes – July 13, 2012

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Aries: You may not feel very social today but if you give your date a chance, you will probably have a good time. The person in question may not be anything like you imagined they would be, and yet you will find them fascinating, and will certainly want to know more about them. If you are somewhat attached you may feel like for every two steps forward you take you are taking more than one back. Your frustration will cause you to over strain yourself, if you wait for the most opportune moment you wont’ need to push too hard to attain what you want. Wait it out and the barrier will go away. The level of commitment you want may not come as fast as you’d like try to have a little patience. You will have that type of relationship soon enough.

Taurus: This is not really the best time for love and romance if you are unattached. It may be better to get involved in things that absorb your interest and also encourage you to use up some of your energy. But meeting others at this time will be good for you as you are likely to make and excellent first impressions. You may end up beginning a very positive friendship, which could develop over the next weeks. Your warmth will radiate under the right circumstances and allow this person to see you for the genuine, caring being you are. If you are attached, your relationship should be especially fulfilling for you during this period. Thanks to your charm and affectionate energy, your partner can’t get enough of you.

Gemini: You sign is going through some intense emotions today. If you are attached you might give in to your annoyances and strike out against your partner. There are some things that have bothered you in your relationship but you felt that weren’t significant enough to bring up. After the events of the day, you may find yourself seeing red. You need perspective, your partner had no idea what was going on in your mind. Count to ten, calm down, and talk your problems through more reasonably so that you will have a much better chance of solving them. If you are unattached it is possible that an encounter today could lead to an intense emotional or sexual attraction. The attraction could be overwhelming so try and keep your head and heart together.

Cancer: Use some of your charm today rather than push your way into situations. This especially applies to your love life as you are trying to win the heart of the one you have been interested in for so long. You may have a problem or have come up to some sort of barrier that seemed to stop you from getting to know this person much better. It is not advisable to try, by whatever means, to make this hurdle vanish. But if making the effort seems to bother you then you might want to ask yourself what your motives are for wanting to get more involved in the first place. This is also an excellent time to investigate a complex problem you may have in a relationship that means a great deal to you and also to learn more about your own self.

Leo: Contentment, emotional well being and harmony prevail in your personal relationships. At this time you may want to relax and indulge in what brings you pleasure. You are unlikely to be forceful and try to make things happen, but instead are inclined to flow along with people and situations, attracting what you need and letting the world come to you. So while you may not feel like being the life and soul of the party you should still go along for the ride today. And yes, you would probably prefer to hide away with something sinfully delicious, you may surprise yourself with the amount of energy you actually do have. You have more on the ball than you thought, and someone may be very impressed with your vitality. He or she may want to see more.

Virgo: This is going to be a rocky road for you over the next few days as you and your partner may find yourselves at odds. There is a project that you both want to accomplish and yet you two have very different ideas on how to get there. Because you both are rather strong willed, neither of you see a way to compromise as you both are determined to have your own way. The best you can do is to give each other some space, and discuss the matter at a later date. Scheduling time in a few days to take care of your relationship is a good idea now. Just be aware that the desire to socialize and be friendly or even to be loved may interfere with getting commitments done. Putting your relationship first from time to time is always a good thing.

Libra: You are likely to distance yourself from others now, feeling the need to withdraw and reflect. Love and romance may appear to be non-existent, especially with today’s celestial energy. Your thoughts are inclined to be heavy and pessimistic at this time, so it would be good to realize that you are only seeing part of the picture. If you can’t help feeling irritable with your loved one, then it could be because it is time for you to reflect on what you really do want out of the relationship. This will help you to focus on why you feel unsettled, and give you that much needed sense of perspective. This can also be a time of leaving, separating from relationships and choosing a new way. Do what is right for you.

Scorpio: You are moved to express yourself more openly than usual today but you find it hard to stay centered and balanced as you discuss a certain issue with your loved one. Though your intimate relationships take on more emotional depth, it is also holding more power over you now. But somehow you can’t help feeling as though they are getting the better deal, while you are the one continuously doing all the giving. You are entering a period where giving and receiving appreciation, as well as feeling love and happiness is very important to you. Feeling cared for and needed would be a comfortable place to be in right now. It would help you both if you could give each other some time to carefully think things through so you can later enjoy it together.

Sagittarius: Your feelings run hot now, and you are more likely to act on instinct, emotion, and impulse rather than reason. But because a lot hangs in the balance with your relationship, you may need to be more careful about the way you express your feelings. Your responses to life are passionate, and also more direct. Couple this with the mounting tide of irritation you have been feeling and you could possibly see red and air all of your grievances in one go. You would be better advised to wait until you feel calmer before you do some talking but it might be too late. If it isn’t, try redirecting your passions to the bedroom. Channel all of your energies into your lovemaking. It might change how you feel and see things for the better.

Capricorn: A sense of emotional coolness or detachment in personal relationships is the energy you are now entering. This may be the time for you to have a taste of freedom and spread your wings for a while. If you are attached, you and your loved one may both need to get out and do your own thing. Right now your ideas and goals are what matter to you rather than your more intimate affairs and you may have little tolerance for anyone who cannot understand this right now. So it is probably better to spend a few days apart and take care of your individual needs and desires. This will mean that when you see each other again, you will feel refreshed and joyful to be in each other’s company.

Aquarius: Moods swing erratically and otherwise stable situations may suddenly fall apart when you least expect it today. Things may explode between you and your loved one thanks in part to the energy currently flowing through the Zodiac. It is possible that you have needed to talk to each other for some time, but have not been able to fit this in with all the pressure and responsibility you have had to cope with. However you decide to approach the matter, make sure you have a couple of backup plans just in case. You are grounded enough to be able to make your point without flying off the handle. Don’t return any harshness from your loved one with the same attitude. You may cause even more problems later.

Pisces: You may want to have a rather deep conversation with your loved one but today may not be the best of days to have that discussion with your loved one. Since you can feel that the energy surrounding you is not quite conducive for such things, it may help if you and loved one do something exciting together instead, something that would help divert some of this energy. This may get you out of the house and also out of yourselves. Take some risks together, and above all have some fun. You can talk another day. Because you feel the need to reveal certain secrets or very private matters, you want a day more relaxed and free spirited.  For as much as you want to share, you also want to learn more about the inner depths of partner.

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