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Love Horoscopes – July 14, 2012

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Aries: That rough patch that began a few days ago seems to not want to go away. If you and your loved one seem to be going through some sort of disagreement, then it may be time to spend a few hours apart. There are still certain feelings that you both need to work through. Spending time away from each other will enable you two to come back together later and discuss them with greater clarity. Everything will be fine besides; this is an excellent time to be out and about. By doing so you can take advantage of significant opportunities that will lead to making connections, exchanging information or maybe learning something through a meeting or chance encounter. Any communication that you initiate will be productive at this time.


Taurus: Things may not be going so well in your love life. If you have a first date tonight, that fun time you were expecting isn’t quite how you imagined. Conversation seems to be the problem but sadly your date has probably had a bad day and really needs to talk about it. Why not be compassionate and listen. There is no need to be entertaining or try to make him or her feel better, just respond naturally. Once they have gotten it off their chest, the date will go much better. If you are attached, a few secrets may be brought to light today. Before you come out swinging, find out as many facts as you can. You may be forced to deal with an attitude, possession or relationship that is no longer working. Let it go and move on to bigger and better things.


Gemini: Problems with finances may bring you face to face with someone who will prove to be very special in your life. Perhaps you are going to them for advice or help to enable you to manage or invest your funds in a much more timely way. However, apart from being able to give you a solid plan, it seems that they have much more to offer as well. There could be something special developing here. With that aside, you really need to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life by relaxing and collecting yourself. Taking a stroll through the woods, visiting a beautiful lake, mountain retreat, or beach appeals to you now, even more so if you have someone special to take along. If that isn’t possible then enjoy casual activities with close friends.


Cancer: People seem to be taking themselves too seriously today and sadly you are one of them. If you and your partner are having difficulties it is likely because neither one of you know how to approach a certain sensitive subject. This is mainly because both of you are fearful of what the other is feeling or may think. Considering the subject, it is understandable but it would easier to just be direct, be blunt about what it is you want to say. Once you start you will find that the discussion becomes easier. The general energy of the day is very cold so put your intuitive feelers out there before you jump in or commit to anyone right now. Take in all of this discord with the idea and respect that others have problems just like you do.


Leo: You may have worried that your love life is going nowhere. Maybe you have had a string of dates that have gone poorly and feel as if there are no men or women out there for you. What you need is a change of perspective.  You should be enjoying yourself and the people around you during this time. You shouldn’t take anyone too seriously, even yourself.  Right now you have a heightened appetite that is lustful and surely sexual but if you look closer, deeper – into the world around you, you will find opportunities to fulfill each need. Remember, variety is the spice of life and intensity the sweetness. What you need right now is to release your inhibitions and find the things that make you feel alive. Relationships will come later.


Virgo: If you are unattached you may be feeling the social bug nipping at your heels. Where ever you decide to throw a party, you could find it gets off to rather a slow start, so slow you are reminded of an elementary school dance. It won’t turn into a flop if you put a bit more effort into getting everyone to mingle.  There will be someone in particular who appreciates your efforts and wants to spend more time with you. If you are attached, you may enjoy some quality time with your romantic interest. In general, you feel tender and gentle toward others during this time. You want to please or to be of service to those closest to you in some way. Some selfless generosity or an effort on behalf of someone in need will make you feel very happy now.


Libra: You may feel as though you are again stuck in a rut, with the energy from today’s astral configuration. However, this is not a permanent state, it just needs some determination to move through this mood and get up and do something. If you have been invited out, then pluck up your courage, dress in your best clothes, and resolve to really enjoy yourself. It is possible. Not too much will run smoothly or go your way today in your relationships, but if you keep working toward a goal you will make some progress. A change at home will be beneficial to you and everyone around you. Stop being so hard on yourself and realize you are who you are and you’re doing the best you can.


Scorpio: If you have a first date with someone new to your life you may be feeling uncertain of yourself. Of course you would feel nervous, that is natural but thinking of not speaking at all is just nutty. Stop over thinking things and stop worrying too much. If you can relax long enough to hear the words coming out of your date’s mouth you might be able to find a subject that you love to talk about. Once you both break the ice, you two will have a great time, especially since the energy surrounding you is light, friendly and easy. Positive connections will be made during this time as you may meet a new friend that could turn into more if you let it. You may also want to call or email someone you love, simply to cheer them up or tell them you love them.


Sagittarius: Your mind is directed inward and reflecting on your personal life. You are thinking about where you are right now and the overall direction you are headed in. This may bring up thoughts of the past and the choices you once made. Somewhere over these next few days you will be making a decision regarding your home or your family life. If you have a difficult issue to discuss with your loved one, it may be easy to talk about it. It looks as if you and your loved one do have something that needs resolution but both of you are not only afraid to broach the subject but of the potential fallout that could follow. Yet if you continue as you are, nothing will change. So taking this step organize your thoughts will be a positive move.


Capricorn: Your spirits are high at this time and it is a long time coming. You are feeling optimistic, self-confident and even generous. You are so very happy right now that you greet life with a fresh attitude. It is this new perspective that makes it easier for you to forget the mistakes of the past and envision bright new adventures for growth and fulfillment. Sadly this won’t last as the energy of the day seems to put a damper on your planned evening out with someone special. But just because there is not as much joking and laughter as you would normally expect, doesn’t mean to say that everything is doomed. You may find that the discussion turns to more serious matters, and because of this you get very close to each other.


Aquarius: Don’t work yourself into a state of chronic introspection, just because you aren’t sure what you should do about someone who seems to be playing games with your heart. At this time you need to guard yourself against being too aggressive, coming on too strong, or trying to force your own will on others. It is very possible you are taking the whole thing too seriously, when it doesn’t actually warrant this much attention. But your need to be in control and dominate is likely to back fire, leaving you standing alone rather than joining forces in a relationship. Do try to avoid situations which you know will provoke or irritate you. A little bit of patience will give you all you truly desire, in time.


Pisces: You may experience significant discord in your personal relationships at this time. Connecting with others on an emotional level is likely to be challenging. You really don’t need this right now as you have recently decided that you want to take your current relationship with one particular person to a new level of commitment. Fortunately this period will pass quickly, so don’t get too upset about the distance that seems to exist between you and those you are close to. It seems as if you both have been contemplating this “upgrade” for some time and now feel ready to go ahead and make more definite plans. Now this may require some in-depth discussion so you should think ahead and decide exactly what you want to do.


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