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Love Horoscopes – July 17, 2012

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Aries: If you just got back into dating, you will find that you are taking things much more slowly this time around. Your last relationship was full of confusions, and despite your usual outgoing temperament, you could find that you don’t wish to give any wrong signals prematurely. This time you intend to proceed with caution, leaving nothing to chance. If you are attached, you may want to consider focusing on you and your needs, the ones of a sexual nature. Set yourself free today, go ahead and upset the equilibrium. In the process of trying to keep everything nice and cozy you have been neglecting your desires to please your partner. Don’t compromise, ask for what you want and how you want it, or you’ll just end up being frustrated.

Taurus: Today you may feel more quiet and introverted than usual. There are some issues weighing heavily on your mind and you just need some time to think things through. Even though you would rather be alone, you find yourself surrounding by people that find you a bit cold and distant. Use this mood in order to get to the heart of some of the issues that have been bothering you lately. Once you have worked things though you will find yourself to be very clear and concise those close to you. You are able to bring out your desires and the differences between one another in a way that is unlikely to offend or stir up bad feelings. Because you appear confident, others are inclined to believe both what you say and do and join you for the adventure.

Gemini: If you are going out to a party, what you wear will be very important tonight. Go for clothes that are stylish, elegant, and very sexy rather than something bright and noticeable. At this social gathering you have a chance to make quite an impression on someone much older, possibly wiser, and certainly very attractive. You do have much to offer this delicious person and they will be enthralled by your company. Happiness and a desire to share your good fortune and joy with others is the mood now. As long as you don’t overextend yourself, this is a good time to indulge your feelings of kindness towards others and also to be kind and indulgent to yourself. Share this positive energy surrounding you now and you will be rewarded later.

Cancer: Every time you get near you know who, your heart pounds and your imagination takes over. And while you would love for this love affair to get off to a heady start, your ingrained cautious attitude continually urges you to put on the brakes and slow down the pace. You know how you feel about this someone special, and are very confident in how they feel about you but you still aren’t prepared to rush in. Your mind is asking you if this is the real thing, what you’ve been waiting for or just another fantasy. Your feelings and observations need to be evaluated to see if you are wasting your time or if it could be worth taking things slow and putting forth the effort. Take a few days and seriously think it though, what does your heart and mind say?

Leo: If it feels right, it probably is, so put your best foot forward and follow through today. Today’s accomplishments with those close to you give you a confidence you can feel deep down in your bones. What you do corresponds with that feeling and results will move well accordingly. This is particularly useful now as you would like to dive in the deep end concerning a current relationship. Every cell in your body is telling you that this is it, this person is the one. You will ultimately decide to approach this whole thing very slowly. And while you feel as if you are bursting with impatience, you know from past experience that it is the right approach. New connections made now will serve you well, and you won’t have to look back with suspicion or regret.

Virgo: If you are going out on a date this evening, you will very much enjoy the process of getting to know your latest friend and potential lover. The planetary energy indicates that your meeting will be quite a change from some of your past experiences. Things between you will be very pleasant and you approach each other with a great deal of respect and consideration. This relationship will certainly move forward. Though if you are attached, things may take an unexpected turn, or your current effort is suddenly derailed, in your love life. Resist the temptation to fly off the handle and look towards change and negotiation to get things back on track. Blowups are harder to heal with, so avoid them. Try and keep things respectful during this time.

Libra:  At the moment it may be easier to see what is wrong with your personal relationships than it is to see what is right. It has reached a point of change, and you know that you are both wondering whether to take the next step into a deeper commitment. You need time to think about this decision. A lot of reflection and an examination of your motives to see is what this time calls for so that you can see if this is truly right for you. It is entirely possible that you will fall into such a funk that you find yourself thinking resolving your problems is impossible. Shake your down mood off and confront these issues in your personal life head on and with optimism. If you do you may find that most of what is bothering you quickly vanishes.

Scorpio: It’s a good day for agreements. Whether it is for scratching each other’s backs or a successful give and take, it will be easy to see eye to eye during this time. This will make accomplishing shared goals and feelings that can be put into action, bring favorable future results. Mutual investment and mutual trust is really what today’s emotional energy is about in your intimate relationships. A heads up that if you are going out this evening with your loved one, it may be a more formal occasion than you had originally thought. Don’t let this deter you, as you will find a way to have a wonderful time. Even if there isn’t so much warmth and laughter, you will discover that the conversation turns to a certain topic which is far more fulfilling.

Sagittarius: You can easily discuss your personal needs and desires in your relationships at this time. Your thoughts turn to love and this is a favorable time to bring out any concerns you have in your personal relationships. If you have a date tonight, one of your concerns is how you can’t help but feel a natural reservation towards him or her. You may not be sure why you are feeling this, because on the surface they seem to be such a nice, warm person. But let us be honest, the problem may be you and not them. Right now you would rather not rush things and feel that you should take a step back and slow things down. Love, agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily now if you make the effort. Think about that before you act.

Capricorn: Conflicts between duty and pleasure or between the mundane and a yearning for love and emotional satisfaction are likely now. You may really prefer to be alone right now but yet there is still the possibility of spending a wonderful night out with a certain person, might be worth your while – if you can summon the necessary energy to get yourself ready. This get together may give you the chance to discuss a few things that may set the foundation for the future. For some of you, a relationship may end or a temporary break may occur in a relationship today. This is a time to let go of something or someone you once cherished but which no longer has a positive purpose in your life. This is not an easy thing to do but it is something you will be forced to.

Aquarius: You have a special magnetism right now making you rather attractive and powerful now. You are smoking hot today Aquarius!  This energy leaves you feeling intensely loving as well. Your relationships, particularly sexual or romantic ones, will intensify giving them a deep and compelling quality to them. Your inner feelings and needs for love and closeness emerge very strongly but some of you will find yourself in a much more detached mood than normal. If you are going out on a social occasion, or out on a date, then someone special may begin to wonder if you have any feelings for them at all, or if they just imagined that you had. You need to reassure them that this coolness is just a temporary phase.

Pisces: There will be opportunities for deep sharing, and making powerful, meaningful contacts with others right now, especially someone who shares common goals or ideals. If you are attached in any way, your loved one may seem to be more inclined to be by themselves during this time. Thankfully it is nothing serious, so don’t worry too much. Their distance gives you the opportunity to do some thinking, and to work through certain issues that may need your attention. The time spent alone helps you to work out what you need and want, and to reconnect with your deeper feelings. Later, after this phase passes, you tow can have some deep discussion about what you both want from a relationship. It may or may not be the same thing.


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