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Love Horoscopes – July 19, 2012

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Aries: If you are unattached you may be feeling a bit social today. Why not plan to invite people around for an impromptu party. The energy surrounding you is light and a lot of fun; you may even catch the attention of that someone you find oh so special… the one with a sparkling wit and equally sparkling eyes. You can keep that attention by proving your whacky sense of humor is indeed real. If you happen to be unhappy in your personal life, your feelings are your main focus. Differences in personal style, tastes, and ways of expressing affection may emerge. You’ll need to face what is causing your dissatisfaction. What occurs now makes you more aware of what you need, feel and want in your relationships.

Taurus: The energy of the day makes love and romance fairly lighthearted and fun right now. Both friendship and material benefits could come to you at this time; it may feel like you’ve won the lottery in many ways. You will also feel very sociable and gregarious during this time. If you need any excuse to get out and enjoy yourself, or find that due to the pressures of daily life, you and your beloved have been neglecting your duty to entertainment, then perhaps you ought to do something serious about this. Do things you haven’t had a chance to do or maybe something your loved one has mentioned wanting to do.  This is the time to spend with people who really know how to have a good time. Whatever you do, make sure you go and celebrate life.

Gemini: Some of you may directly confront someone about something that has been hidden, forgotten, or ignored for a long time. This means that any unresolved issues in your personal relationships could be stirred up today. The emotions brought up with them are likely to be the underlying causes for these painful or problematic concerns. If you work your day right, you can still have a pleasant day with the energy at play. By quickly resolving any negativity, you could take your loved one out for a meal; maybe go somewhere really exclusive in the process. The only slight problem you may encounter is that of excess. There may be more than the usual amount of temptation around, so it may be advisable to restrict your intake, just a little.

Cancer: There is a lot of fun to be had today but understand that you are also more sensitive to delicate changes in the energy around you. Do what you can to not to get to upset if your feelings are hurt by others today, it probably isn’t their intent. But instead try to focus on maintaining as much balance as you can, the day will pass quickly. You will be able to maintain balance by having a great time with your loved one, if you are so attached. This will be especially so if you are willing to arrange a wonderful night out, and take them to a show or some other place where they can meet and talk to new and different people. Spending quality time together and can restore their sense of humor after a particularly trying time.

Leo: For those unattached, if your social engagements involve some sort of buffet, linger a little bit longer in the area as romance may strike this evening. This could happen as you are trying to figure out how many hors d’oeuvres you can safely consume without appearing greedy. He or she has a wonderful sense of humor and will make light of facing the same dilemma. Regardless of many you two eat or share, they will certainly find you tasty. This is a good time to simply express your viewpoint to the people who matter the most in your life. You make yourself perfectly clear at this time, coming across in a very direct, articulate manner to your romantic partner. Your honesty and willingness to communicate openly impresses others.

Virgo: Personal subjects are the topic of discussion now. Daydreaming about and reflecting on the past is likely to occur today. This is a good time to speak up and clear the air of any grievances you have been holding on to for some time in your personal relationships. For those of you unattached it will be your sense of humor that draws someone near, not your good looks. It will be the jokes and funny stories that you relate that draws their attention to you. Over the course of the time you two spend together, you may discover that you both share the same philosophy of life, and many other things as well. This may end up being the beginning of something quite substantial. Good luck.

Libra: There can be a fine line between an exciting adventure and risky behavior today, so try to stay on the safe side of the line. It’s a good time to engage but perhaps to not be the designated driver both literally and figuratively. Let someone else have some control so that you can be safely irresponsible for a while. By keeping your fun somewhat safe, you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself if you have a date this evening. Getting to know someone with such a treasure trove of knowledge will be fun for you especially if the conversation turns to metaphysical and spiritual matters. It is likely that will also discuss topics like diet, eternal youthfulness, and health. However the conversation moves, you will find yourself spellbound by the knowledge shared.

Scorpio: If you are unattached,you may find that you have quite a few romantic options open to you today. You have a choice of potential dates but may not be sure which one is the one for you. Do it the old fashioned ways by getting to know him or her through conversation. Once you see if your attitudes toward life are compatible you can then make an informed decision. For those of you attached, intimacy may be difficult to maintain at the moment. There are outside influences beyond your control taking up your time, pushing you to solve problems that have little or nothing to do with your relationships. Because they are rather stressful, they drain much of your emotional energy. The quicker you can resolve these external challenges, the better.

Sagittarius: This is a time to spend more on you than on anyone else.  Quiet reflection and attention to your inner world, your family, and the foundation that supports all of your outside activities, is called for today. Figure out what makes you happy and this will make your relationships happier to. You will find that your beliefs about relationships are very much associated with your ideal romance. You may have a certain code that you adhere to when choosing a potential partner of which you may not be consciously aware. Your beliefs have been busy creating the kinds of relationships in which you have been involved, and one conversation may make this very clear today. Listen carefully for what isn’t said versus what is.

Capricorn: Friendships and love relationships are the energy for today, as you are openly affectionate, warm, and also quite responsive to loving gestures from others. It’s not enough for you to simply feel loving toward another right now, you really want to express it and show it physically. By giving your date a taste of your wicked sense of humor this evening, you may just get what you physically want. Keep in mind that they may not have realize when they asked you out exactly what you were like, how intense you really are, but you certainly intend to let them know. At least they can then decide whether this is the kind of relationship they have been looking for, or whether someone a little more subdued would be better.

Aquarius: After the last few days, your inner feelings and need for love and closeness come back very strongly. Your relationships, particularly your intimate ones, will have a rather urgent quality to them today. This may be due to the miscommunication and other problems that your relationship has been going through recently. This lighter energy is just the tonic you need to cheer you up. It would be great for you to get out and do something a little adventurous so that you can reenergize your partnership and make each other smile again. If you do, then you and your partner can expect to have a wonderful day together. You may be surprised at what a little bit of determination can get for you.

Pisces: You are a curious one. Thanks to that curiosity, you may find yourself not only learning something different but falling in love with someone new.  Meeting this special someone, who also shares the same interest as you, will prove to be a revelation. If you have ever felt that no one really understood you in the past, then this may be about to change. Someone certainly does now! Sharing dreams and creating shared dreams and goals with this new love, (or your mate if you are attached) will create the foundation for a very rewarding future. To reap the full rewards possible it is important that you be as honest as possible. But if differences of opinions come up, choose your words carefully and avoid ultimatums.

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