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Love Horoscopes – July 20, 2012

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Aries: Your needs for love, companionship, friendship, and sharing are very strong now. So strong that you would rather not be alone at home or work. In fact, you feel like relaxing and enjoying life with someone instead of doing any real work. A significant development in a close relationship or strong feelings of attraction to someone you encounter, are very likely at this time. But if you happen to be going out on a date, it may not go as planned and you could get the wrong end of the stick tonight. One particular topic of conversation could remind you of someone from the past, and this may prejudice your views. He or she deserves to not have to fight for your affections. You will need to put this behind you and see this new person as they really are.

Taurus: Numerous phone calls, emails, meetings, errands, or discussions bring you into contact with others. Yes, this is a busy time for you and for communication but you will be getting in touch with others that are long overdue. One of these people should be the person you most deeply care for. At this moment, your love life exists more in your head right now than it does in reality. Perhaps you have not seen your loved one for some time, and have only thoughts or fond memories to keep you going because they maybe live far away or right now, your main source of contact is the phone. Whatever the scenario, it is certainly time you saw each other. If you are unattached, social contact may lead you to someone you’ve been manifesting for awhile.

Gemini: When it comes to your sweetheart, you would like to know all that you can. But the more you know, the more critical you can be. This blend of needing to know certain uncomfortable specifics, then picking apart what you manage to find out may not be the best way to conduct your relationship right now. What you are likely doing is making them feel very insecure. During this time, frustrated love desire can easily turn to anger or irritability at this time. It is better to drop your attack mode. If tensions do erupt now, it may come out that one of you feels that you have been giving more, and not receiving enough in return, or one of you is more loving or passionate than the other. There are many issues to work through, do so one at a time.

Cancer: Those of you in relationships may not be as fair and honest as you should be. Sure on the surface you appear all sweetness and sunshine but underneath, you are quietly critical of your loved one. Although you have yet to say what you think or feel, your sweetheart may be picking up that all is not well. In fact everyone who gets near you can feel your irritation without really knowing why you are unhappy. If you have an axe to grind, then perhaps it would be better to do this openly, rather than stew quietly. If you are unattached, there may be someone that you have been daydreaming about. But all consuming fantasies have their place and building possible dreams now can make the impossible one walk right in later on. Just be careful.

Leo: You feel tender and gentle toward others, and you want to please or to be of service to them in some way. If you are thinking about expressing your love to someone special, writing a love note is a good idea. Make this declaration as simple and as straight forward as possible. Writing anything too poetic or any attempt at being amusing may be taken the wrong way and could create a false barrier between you. Just be as unambiguous and open as possible, save the creativity for later. You are also receptive to beauty at this time. You are looking to be surrounded with harmony, beauty, kindness and love. Some selfless generosity or an effort on behalf of someone in need will make you feel very happy now. Just don’t give yourself away.

Virgo: Your feelings, emotional needs, and desires for closeness or a sense of belonging become the focus of your energy today. This will cause you to give your home, personal relationships, and inner life more attention than you recently have. Problems you may have been avoiding in these areas are brought into focus and likely to take up a lot of your time. There may be some of you who run into a past lover today or the next few days. Though you feel that you have changed for the better, you may not be quite so sure about them. It seems as if they have grown weary and slightly disappointed with life. Discussing old times and talking through any problems with them will bring a smile back to their face. You two may heal each other to some degree.

Libra: Although you strive for perfect, there are very few people on this earth who will ever match up to what your standards. If you are currently attached you begin to think about how your loved one should be and proceed to mentally criticizing them for not being who you think they should. But before you dissect them piece by piece, perhaps you take a look at yourself and make sure you are flawless. The bright side is that all of this negative could very well become positive and end up deepening your relationship. Mutual understandings and cooperation on issues of importance will make you feel very close and even more loving. You gain an even greater appreciation of each other, and you respect each other more than ever.

Scorpio: Your relationships can become tempestuous right now, especially if your partner is not as responsive or passionate as you would like. Expect some fireworks today because any romantic involvements you currently have are intensified, good or bad. Today you find yourself powerfully attracted, emotionally and sexually, to someone you encounter at this time. The good would be this person being your current partner; the “bad” (maybe not so much) would be that this person is someone else, maybe someone new.   Some you may encounter an old flame, who is something of an embarrassment, while with your loved one. The sight of them could bring up several incidents that make things very difficult in your current situation.

Sagittarius: Your desire for love and affection is strong now. So strong that you may act on feelings and creative impulses more readily than usual. If you happen to not be happy with some aspect of your personal life, these issues will come to light causing disagreements or tension in your intimate affairs. You may be tempted to win this argument with your loved one by being clever, but this may not work too well. You may think you know what you are talking about, only to find that you have half the facts mixed up, and some of them completely wrong. It may be easier to just admit your ignorance, and kiss and make up instead. Ninety-nine percent of the time you are right, this just isn’t one of those times. Admit it and move on.

Capricorn: If you feel as if you should talk about your feelings now is the ideal time to share them. But if you do, you will need to pay attention to the way that you express them. If you are not careful, your proclamations of love could come out sounding empty of emotion and more flippant and cold than you intend. It may be better to give a gift that speaks volumes more eloquently and the giving so that it would have be discussed at a later date. Because you are feeling loving, you feel the need to share comfort and affection with close friends and family. This is an excellent time to have company or to give a party at your home. If you are unattached, go on a date with someone you care for, make it simple and enjoy the adventure.

Aquarius: You want, you want, you want; but you’re not all that sure what it is you want! If you are going out on a date, you may find it hard to determine what you really think, or how you really feel about the person you are with. The person you are may be something of an enigma, and could be using their speech to confuse rather than enlighten you. Just trust your gut instincts with this one. Finding a preferred direction in your intimate relationships may prove difficult at the moment. Although this may be a frustrating time for you, things will become clearer soon. In the meantime, avoid venting your frustrations on those close to you or you may find yourself sitting in a corner moping alone.

Pisces: Though personal and partner issues will be the main focus for most of the day, you will probably have a pleasant enough day with your loved one. But you may have to watch that you don’t upset them inadvertently with your humor. By thinking you are saying something funny, you may have accidentally upset them. Considering that things are already a bit rocky today, this could make things worse. Words are likely to take on different meaning depending on how your loved one is feeling. Be as inoffensive as possible and try to get as much resolved in this area without destroying it out of frustration. The more frustrated that either one of you become today, the harder it will be to resolve any problems and move forward together today.

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