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Love Horoscopes – July 22, 2012

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Aries: You really want to either end this weekend on a high note or start the week off with a bang. You and your sweet heart are in desperate need of some quality time and a night of love would do wonders for you both. You should really go all out for the occasion. Use all your favorite aromatic oils and candles, to create a warm and romantic atmosphere and bring in some of your favorite foods, since the way to the heart is through the stomach. It will be time and effort well spent! For those of you Aries that are dating, messages without drama will better convey how you feel than being extravagant and showing off. It would be easier for you to just focus on what you mean to say not how you think it should sound. You don’t want to scare your loved one.

Taurus: There is a wonderful energy surrounding you today that may help your romantic life flourish, but only if you let it. You need to be a little mellower; going with the flow will help tremendously. Part of this energy will prompt your love for the unusual and distaste the same old daily routine. The planetary energy encourages you to go out and explore some new social scenes, preferably associated creativity like art, music, or anything connected to film or photography. As you explore you form a few unconventional romantic and social connections as well. During this time you may have feelings that you’re above the petty dramas and nonsense. Just be careful of getting in over your head just because it feels exciting.

Gemini: Your fantasies are rather creative and consuming. Now would be the ideal time to share some of those fantasies with your lover. It’s Sunday, make a day out of this. Step out early and purchase all your favorite foods of love, which form a very large part of many of your ideal scenarios and any other accessories you may need. Once you start sharing, you open the door for your loved one to share as well. Now those will be fun! If you are unattached now is a really good time to start working on getting noticed. What you may not know is someone will be, if they haven’t already begun, paying attention that you haven’t realized is watching. The good you do this week will work its way directly into your life next week, so do what you can.

Cancer: Don’t allow this day to go by without putting to paper all those creative ideas in your head. One of those ideas may be writing some thoughtful and heartfelt poetry for that special person in your life. Whatever creative avenue you take, inspiration is bubbling away just beneath the surface of your mind. As long as you express the emotions in your heart, you can be sure you will make a lasting impression. Just be careful that someone else’s emotions do not disrupt your plans. Something may happen that brings dissonance to your dreams and goals. This energy can stifle any imagination you may have, resulting in an emotional confrontation. Try to find out what brought out this confrontation and see if you can deal with it or it needs to be let go.

Leo: Today will remind you to try to find the positive aspects of situations before looking for the negative. Doing so will get you farther during this time and keep you on steadier ground emotionally. One of thing events that may set you off is on your date this evening. You are not sure what is going on as you will have a wonderful time, one that is very passionate and romantic but by the end night you are left confused as if it is becoming a real relationship, or a very sweet friendship. For those of you attached, this is a good time to mend fences and smooth over any problems in your home life. There may not be anything major to resolve but there are some annoyances eating away at you. Nip those in the bud as soon as possible.

Virgo: Your intimate relationship may be a bit chaotic at this time, so much that you should consider taking a break. Personal freedom and the need for a little adventure are the issues causing your disconnection. The same old, same old, day in and day out is getting to you. Go ahead and take some “me time” so you can do something new and exciting on your own. Prove to yourself that you can still move through the world as an individual and you’ll feel far less smothered by your personal relationship. As you move out and about dress to impress, pull out all the stops. Let the world see what they are missing! This bump in the road is nothing major and you shouldn’t be concerned. Every now and then couples need a day or two of space.

Libra: Unconventional romantic and social connections are likely at this time. Sometimes you just know its right and jump in without hesitation, especially if someone has caught your attention. If there is someone special you would like to get to know why not throw an intimate gathering and invite this delicious person.  The energy of the day is conducive towards such plans so since this is the best one, take advantage and move as far as you can. If you have no one in mind, love and romance are certainly viable options right now. You could find that one person in particular warms to your hospitality and your own polished style and charm. It is very possible that they will want to see you again so give the effort all you’ve got!

Scorpio: Your passions are strong and compelling at this time, more so than usual.  Socially this will be a wonderful day, as you may meet a new group of people who are very exciting, absolutely fascinating, and certainly worth getting to know. You are so comfortable that you may feel you can share your feelings but do not get too carried away by any promises made, as things may appear slightly different tomorrow. Not much, but possibly just a little – so be sensible! Some of you may be very demanding of your lover’s energy and affection. If you are be prepared for tensions to erupt. It is likely that one of you feels that you have been giving more, and not receiving enough in return, or one of you is more amorous than the other. It will all come out today.

Sagittarius: Your intuition is on the mark and your reactions fit in with all around you. This energy will help smooth over the many cracks that have formed in the wall of your relationship. It won’t matter if you have been having any trouble, or other people have been causing problems, it will be easy to agree with any plans or goals in your relationships.  Any agreements now will be a benchmark for cooperation in the future. With that said, it would be better to put all the nonsense behind you and a romantic atmosphere so that you two can begin to heal. You can do it – so make it happen! You want to spread as much good energy as possible in order to combat all the negativity you both have put out over the last few days/weeks.

Capricorn: If you are unattached or unhappy where you are, you might want to take this time and think about the qualities you want in your ideal partner. Feel free to daydream this lucky person; think about their characteristics, hobbies, looks, sense of humor, and any other attributes that make your heart flutter. Now blend these all together into one fantasy lover. All of this daydreaming is essentially manifesting into reality. You have a good chance that someone who largely fills the bill may appear in front of you soon, if not today. Your intimate relationships are likely to deepen at this time. Personal communication is very good, which leads to a mutual understanding and appreciation. A little time spent deftly flirting would be the icing on the cake.

Aquarius: Some of you are entering into a period of emotional change. This may mean you are feeling two ways at once without getting too deep into either polarity which means your manner may not be warm or loving at the moment. This will likely be a rather introspective time for you but go with the energy surrounding you. You may clear up some perceptions you had about yourself and others. The other Aquarius will enjoy a nice and romantic evening with someone special. If you are going out on a date, expect to have a fabulous time – one that you will never forget. There may be a walk beneath the moonlight or by the sea, candlelit dinners for two under the stars. Tonight’s actions really get things started on the right foot.

Pisces: Romance and other things that tug at your emotions come your way as a new cycle begins. This is actually a creative period for you. Because of the new cycle beginning, you will want to take a chance on certain things, and be admired for taking those risks. You may be able to pat yourself on the back in a few days. Even though you may feel confused by the motives of your loved one, you can actually trust this person. You may not understand why they are doing what they are doing, but all you need to know is that ultimately it IS for your benefit. All will be revealed later on, and then you can breathe a huge sigh of relief and start smiling. A friend or lover may come to mean everything to you at this time.

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