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Love Scopes


Love Scopes

from: theastrologyroom.com

by Sarah Bartlett


Sometimes we click with someone, and wonder why, or even how. Sometimes life is up and sometimes down. This is a week for changing your perception of love and life as the sun moves on into fiery Leo.


Perhaps it’s time to accept there is some kind of fate, yet there is also free will. There is character and there are choices to be made, but there is serendipity too. The synchronisity of events and chance encounters are ones you cannot afford to miss this week.

This week, the planets bring out your motivated and sizzling self and you bump into an equally independent and free-ranging stranger who may not be the forever after type, but will change you, stir you, touch you deeply. And it’s those kind of relationships which make life so fascinating and liveable. Single or attached, your true spirit is coming alive again.  But time waits for no man, nor woman for that matter. And suddenly it seems like last year has flown past and what have you managed to achieve? Redesign your future, revision your way of thinking and looking at life. You’re in need of stimulating conversation, bright ideas and a new attitide to your personal desires and goals. But you need to look at where you’ve been already before you can move on. Which experiences have mattered to you, which love goals did you set that worked for you or against you?

Love certainly makes the world go round. But so does anger, war and passion. One simply can’t have the light without the dark, as you know. And with an extraordinary line-up of planets in your chart this week, you’ll be wondering if it’s love or hate that you’re about to encounter.  And the more you try to imagine how it would be if there was only love in the world, or that the perfect partner was about to walk through your door, the more you get disillusioned by your very hopes and dreams.  Saturn says – be cautious, Uranus says ‘ be innovative’.  Saturn sets boundaries and shoulds and shouldn’ts, judgements and conventions around love, Uranus sets unconditional, erratic ideas about it.  How to blend or work these two opposing energies? Well, right now, take one day at a time. You have a chance to make love a long-term reality, as long as you don’t get caught up in your own illusions about what that ought to be.

You do have this strange urge to rebel against the norm. With the sun giving you energy, verve and exceptional emotional strength, you’re ready for any confrontation or show-down in the love department. But why? Is it perhaps that your partner isn’t telling you everything about their feelings? Have they been a bit secretive, or moody, too busy with work, or influenced by friends and the media? Whatever it is that’s bugging you, you know that things must be brought out into the open.  Whatever you say will have a profound and remarkable effect on your love-life, and funnily enough you’ll find progress where you least expect it. Are you ready to take that leap into the dark and find the light of yourself?  This is your first step on the road to self-knowledge and revitalised self-esteem. Don’t deny yourself the chance.

Are you one of those people who can crack an egg perfectly? You know, the egg falls with the yolk still intact into the pan and not a sign of it on your fingers? – or are you one who makes a right mess of it all? Now the majority of Cancerians, tend to fall in the first category. After all, you like the idea of symmetry. The perfect egg and a total mess just don’t go together. And similarly you find yourself in the same situation at times in your love life. You have this vision of the perfect relationship, how it will be –  oh, how it will be all magical and romantic, with stolen moments, laughter, madness, sexy games and endless challenges. But when it gets ‘messy’ you end up picking as many holes in your partner as there are in a string vest.  And then it gets messier. Because people generally don’t like to be critcized and blamed. And people, inevitably will start to retaliate or leave. And then the whole thing that was so perfect and evenly balanced ends up being a disaster.  Watch out this week for messy eggs.

It’s probably one of those weeks when you get stuck in a traffic jam, you chose the slowest supermarket queue, people are aggressive and life’s unfair.  Where is love and kindness and harmony when you need it, especially near your birthday time of year?  They say that Leos enjoy a challenge, and it’s true, you do. But what ‘they’ clearly haven’t realised is that you also are a romantic. You must have equality, and you mustn’t let your vision of the perfect relationship be shattered, which is why you crusade and fight for causes and people so beautifully. So keep that vision intact.  Luckily, by the end of the week, partners are delightful, and at last it seems you can make yourself heard. If single, you bump into the kind of stranger you’d wash their socks for.

Big changes are happening around you, people are finally listening, taking note, promoting your virtues, binning their suspicions. Maybe there’s still a few who are criticial, or demanding results where there’s none to be had. But as a highly principled earth sign, it’s now time to think what you’re putting yourself out for, and what can you actually put up with? With Jupiter in the highest part of your chart you want action, not complacency, and you want to know that others are relying on you. Yet can you rely on them? So don’t bottle up any niggling doubts, fears or worries.  With Saturn’s ongoing authoritarian influence, make it now or never to clarfiy where you’re going from here. It takes guts to stand your ground, but far better than losing out on an opportunity to show you can live that romantic dream.

Do you feel as if someone has a hold over you?Do you feel obliged to do as someone says, or think as they think or love the way they want you to love them? What exactly do you ‘owe’ them if anything? I’m asking you all these questions because right now you’re being motivated to do these things or live this way out of fear rather than choice. This needs to change.  Because if it continues you will only end up repeating failure mantras to yourself rather than success ones. You know, ‘nobody will ever love me’, ‘I can’t be bothered to change anything,’ ‘why me?” You may not realise that your mind is repeating this under all the nice ‘have a nice days’ and “lovely to see yous. Remember, under the breath we are desperate. We want to be loved, we feel alone, needy and we want more. But with self-awareness, desperation will turn to delight.

With Mars moving on towards your own sign, this week marks the beginning of a new start. It doesn’t mean love’s going to be a doddle, but it is going to mean love can work for you. So time to stand firm. To find the courage to make the changes, to dump those people who use you to compensate for their own failings.  This week, you begin to take control of your life and live it. With good cosmic vibrations all around you, whether single or attached, love becomes easier, and you genuinely feel strong within yourself. Now you can free yourself from the chains of someone else’s inadequacy, and start to weave romantic and sensual delights back into your life too.

This week, burying your head in a book is of extreme value, because as F. Scott Fitzgerald said, ‘That is the beauty of literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you’re not lonely or isolated from anyone. You belong.”  And reading this horoscope forecast is equally valid, because you know you share something with a twelfth of the population, and you’re not alone. But you also need to look up from those fictional pages and play with life and love, not be in fear of it or search for it in the pages of a book. Love means many things to many people, but this week, think,  what does it really mean to you?

With a sweeping change of energy this week as the sun moves into Leo, it’s time to dump the fear of feeling, to honour your emotions, free yourself from the ‘all is fair in love’ syndrome and drop those highly principled principles.  Be selfish, egotistic and even a little bit mean, and throughly indulge yourself in the kind of sex you like best too. Frankly, it’s time to face the music that resonates to your deepest desires. If you’re single,  your need for space doesn’t mean you don’t love someone to bits, and if friends don’t see it that way, then they have a lot to learn about love.  Rebel gracefully, take the plunge, honour your individuality and liberate yourself from collective assumptions about what you should and shouldn’t do. Time to buy into your own life.

We often find it easier to love other people than to love ourselves. We often feel we’re not worth loving, not as bright or confident or eager or funny as someone else. And we judge and measure ourselves againast all kinds of social barometers about what is and isn’t acceptable – too fat, too thin, too this, too that. We create our own vulnerability and no-one else can be responsible for it. However, it doesn’t help if we’ve had bad childhood experiences, nor does it help if we’ve been wrapped in cotton wool.  Both are inevitably going to scar us along the way. But what astrology tries to do is show you that you come into this life with a unique purpose. And at some time in your life you must try to express that individuality, live out your potential, and free yourself from the burdens and anxieties of the past. This week, you can now truly embrace the joy and closeness that you’re secretly longing for.

With Jupiter’s influence, you’ll be fascinated by new, different and outrageous characters who clammer for your attention.  Just take care this week as the cosmos also triggers of a desire to keep your independence, fight for your rights and free yourself from the chains of responsibility. There’s a need to go against the status quo. Family seem stuck in their ways, and partners unsure of what they want, let alone know what you want. Secret feelings are in need of illumination. And like a tunnelling mole, you need to dig around, search within, and bring unresolved issues to the light. At last, you to see truth from fiction. But who’s to say which is better anyway?  After all, if you make it up as you go along, life could be just one long tale of joy and romance.  This is your chance to invent your own future and find joy in yourself.


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