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Love Horoscopes – July 24, 2012

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Aries: Today, friendship, love and cooperative endeavors will flourish. Any form of social activity will benefit from you being able to achieve and maintain a balance of giving and receiving and of talking and listening. You should do something special with someone you are close to or think seriously about asking someone out that you want to be closer to. When you score that date, resist the urge to spin a few tall tales out of some relevant facts. There is nothing wrong with ordinary and though you just can’t bear to let your date believe your life is mundane, this will come back and bite you on the ass. You are already enamored by them and of course you want to make the best impression. Just relax, be yourself and by the end of the night, they’ll be hooked!

Taurus: A back and forth flow of communication between yourself and your romantic interest is likely today. Although communication ought to be fairly straightforward, for some of you, it may not be quite that simple. If you have just started out on a new relationship, then you may not be being quite honest with each other, for whatever reasons. You may both be in the situation where you feel you can reveal so much, but no more. Many things are hidden from view and will remain unless one of you changes this. Those in a more established relationship may engage in interesting discussions or flirt your time away in lustful silliness. Play a game or share a fantasy, but do something you both might enjoy the verbal foreplay being brought out.

Gemini: The craving for the sweetness and comfort you feel from receiving affection is strong now. During this time you may be feeling rather tender and softhearted, and may do or say something on impulse. One area you may want to lay caution to your impulsiveness is how your new love really feels towards you. You are not quite sure how to approach this subject, even though you feel in your heart that your new lover is quite passionate about you. You just have yet to hear them say so and it is bothering you. You get the sense that they are not being honest, even though they exhibit adoration for you. Make an offhand comment but say no more. When they are ready they will come to you and straighten this out. Meanwhile, go spoil yourself.

Cancer: Relationships of all types are activated now and cooperation, compromise, but an adjustment to others’ viewpoints are the issues that will require your attention over the next few days. Communication between people is way to clear matters up and bring things unknown out into the light. But today, points that ought to be quite obvious are ignored or pushed aside while the conversation continues with a discussion of everything else but issue at hand. If you can cut through this mess and stand firm with resolution in mind, you will be rewarded. During this time you may come into contact with a person who is especially creative or influential in your life. Keep your eyes and ears open so they don’t pass you by. He or she is rather important.

Leo:  Lots of advice and attempts to influence the choices you make may be shoved in your direction right now, especially concerning your love life. Either way, now’s the time to try things out without worrying yourself over a long term commitment. If you don’t’ take a risk now, you’ll never know now what could be. If you are attached, you may find yourself acting even more ambiguous than usual. It is not that you are trying to enigmatic or to hide the truth from your sweetheart, your mind is racing and you are playing with a number of possibilities at one time. Keep in mind that by saying what you mean or meaning what you say, you will narrow your range quite dramatically.

Virgo: To those you encounter, you appear more charming and refined than usual. Now would be an ideal time to ask that someone special out on a date or just step into the front of the line and make yourself known. If you are attached, you may be forced to confront and deal with an unhealthy relationship. You may find it hard to handle the fact that you cannot seem to get the information you desperately need out of the person sitting in front of you. Even though you and loved one are communicating as well as expected, you’re hoping to hear a definite statement of feeling. Not hearing this is causing a problem. Your loved one is determined not to make themselves vulnerable. This’ll go round and round if you can’t figure out another way.

Libra: Sex, power, and money are far more attractive to you than normal. This poses an inner struggle as you feel the need to hide away from the world. You want to be taciturn during this time because it is easier to focus on getting down to the bottom of issues and dramas surrounding you as well as starting over from scratch. Most of this revolves around the fact that you do not want your latest romantic interest to know everything about you too soon, so appear particularly distant and difficult at times helps keep them from getting to close. Yet you on the other hand, are equally determined to find out as much about them as you can, without giving too much away. One of you has to spill the beans soon. Be cautious that you don’t get too carried away.

Scorpio: You could find yourself powerfully attracted, emotionally and sexually, to someone you encounter at this time. Any romantic involvements you currently have will intensify. For some, your relationships can become tempestuous, especially if your partner is not as responsive or amorous as you would like. While you hate to upset the delicate balance of your relationship by appearing to be too selfish or demanding, there may be some decisions that need to be made in which you cannot compromise on. It is time for you to express your thoughts and emotions, but don’t be harsh about it.Put forward your desires in a way that your loved one knows what you want and dares not refuse, even though you may not have openly mentioned it.

Sagittarius: Life has become a bit more difficult than usual today. Part of this is your doing since you enjoy playing games with your lovers at the best of times. Now you have decided to take him or her for a long and convoluted ride. Using your powers of seduction you will lead the situation in certain directions, and how to play down certain elements while enhancing others. This may be your best play yet but it won’t come easy. If you are interested in someone, the energy of the day encourages you to boldly take the initiative and pursue who you want to be with. You will come on strong to this person, but he or she will probably love it! If you don’t take a risk, you’ll never know, so go ahead and go after the one who has stolen your heart!

Capricorn: You are usually very straightforward and direct, but today you may surprise yourself by allowing your dark side to come out and play. For some reason you have decided that the truth could use a little spicing up. So with a well-chosen adjectives and images, you have made yourself more desirable to your date or potential lover. It looks like he or she will probably fall for it as well! New adventures begun today can be the start of great friendships and even love relationships as well as achievements that bring both wealth and romance. If you go for it now, the energy surrounding you will provide the foundations for lots more love and desire to come. You have to make your moves now or else the moment is gone.

Aquarius: This energy flowing through the Zodiac brings certain truths closer to home and drives others farther away. In your relationship, communication is more of a game to see who can guess the other’s motives, rather than an enjoyable way to pass the hours away together. It is as though you are both trying to second-guess each other while at the same time pretending to be completely honest. Use this time to discuss your feelings and clear the air on those grievances you‘ve been holding on to from the past. You will find it easy to talk about your feelings but listen, not only to what is being said but how your love feels as well. It may not be as easy for them to convey what is in their heart as it is for you today.

Pisces: You cannot, and probably will not want to, be alone now with the energy that surrounds you at this time. Your emotions will be front and center during this time. A significant personal encounter or confrontation is likely to happen today. You may think you are able to hide your more powerful feelings behind a wall of nonchalance, but you cannot hide them all. Your new lover will be able to clearly see that you are falling madly in love with them, even if you are pretending that you don’t really care. Reach out to people and to get others’ input or counsel if you aren’t really sure of how to deal with a situation. Listen to your partner or a friend who can give you an objective view point on the issue.

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