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Love Horoscopes – July 31, 2012

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Aries: This should be a very promising day for your intimate affairs. Which really, it is about time isn’t it? Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to tell a person how you really feel about them, but with the help of the magic of the moment, I’m sure that you won’t have too much trouble. There are so many imaginative ways go about doing this so spend some time thinking about it! Reflect on the yearning you feel for security and stability now, as this suggests the kind of compromises you may be willing to make to accomplish these objectives. If you can make a plan and find a way to realistically follow through you may just get everything your little heart desires. Before you leave your home, be ready because the “magic moment” may be fleeting.

Taurus: Today, nothing can seem to damper your spirits. While you look at the world through rose tinted glasses, things are going on about you that should be paying attention to but just can’t seem to get your mind to give a damn.  Whatever your sweetheart does today will somehow be totally cute with you. Expect to see some dreadful modes of behavior; the alarms will go off in your mind but you’ll just laugh it off as sweet. If people who know you well look at you like you are off your rocker, do not be surprised. Besides your extremely cheery disposition, the energy of the day has you feeling rather randy. Anything puts you in a romantic mood, which could either be great or make life difficult. What a day this will be!

Gemini: You happen to be in a romantic mood today. No rhyme, no reason, just a tender and loving disposition. If you are looking for someone new, be careful that you don’t get carried into the clouds by wine, music, and fantasy you encounter brings. You may well end up crashing down to Earth if you are not careful. If you are attached, your thoughts also turn to the love in your life. This is a favorable time to bring out any concerns you have in your personal relationships. This is great as lately you feel that you can easily discuss your personal needs and desires. Agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily during this time. Both you and your loved one are relaxed and in sync so no need to worry about miscommunication or hurt feelings.

Cancer: When you love, you love well. Being romantically linked to a Cancer can be a rather profound experience, one that sweeps you off your feet or leaves you always excited and happy. You may well find this heady combination today as you interact with someone who leaves you feeling completely spellbound. It has been a long time since you have felt this good. BUT don’t promise the world or anything else in your disposal.  Unless you slow your pace down a bit, this time period can be quite a headache. If you don’t slow things down, whether you are attached or not, it may take more time to heal than it took to break apart. Heated debates may occur during this time because you will speak your mind without much thought or consideration.

Leo: This is a day where you feel comfortable in your own skin and your surroundings. With the energy of the day at play, don’t be surprised if your satisfaction with your station in life allows you to fall in love all over again with your sweetheart. During this time, you want to have comfort and ease which may whet your appetite for something luxurious. Quality will become especially important to you right now and the need to share such quality with those closest to you. All you need to make today complete is good company and happy fellowship. If you are looking for that special person to enter your life, you may meet them where creativity freely flows. Just don’t get too spellbound too quickly. Enjoy the energy between you, but proceed with caution.

Virgo: You are entering a time of emotional growth is what’s it’s about today, when you just naturally attach yourself to larger issues, bigger feelings, and a more open heart. You love to be in love, enjoy all the perks that go with being adored and adoring another. However, you are reminded that this whole notion goes a little too far – love can definitely be blind. The one who has your heart may ask you for something on a large scale when really, the average effort would have sufficed. Don’t let yourself be talked into just anything and have your heart taken advantage of. Remember to respect yourself and stick to your boundaries. If you think about letting this go now, you will have to deal with it again in the not so distant future.

Libra: Sudden unexpected events and/or breaking free of confining situations and relationships are very likely at this time. For some of you, your usual routine will be disrupted now, because someone pushing you to hard and to fast into a something you really aren’t ready for. If you are unattached, be prepared to succumb (yet again), to the ravages of romance. Though you try to maintain a more dignified approach, you are transparent and obviously a little moonstruck. Before you make any commitments, wait until you have regained a more realistic point of view. Do not let the stars and hearts in your eyes cloud your vision. Enjoy what is right in front of you now, deal with reality in a few days.

Scorpio: Many of you, especially among the currently available Scorpios, are very creative and rather talented. While you are at a social gathering that many other artistic people are attending, you may encounter someone who will become very special to you.  Things will get off on the right foot as you will talk a great deal about a medium you both favor. This leads to finding out the other many things you two have in common which helps to kindle that feeling of romance. You two may spend many hours of quality time emerged in your shared medium providing the blocks to building a solid and lasting relationship. If looking for love and it has been a while since you have embraced your creative side, think about doing so now.

Sagittarius: Like many of those under the sign of Taurus, you are perfectly content with the rose colored glasses the Universe has perched upon your nose. You love this mysterious atmosphere surrounding you and it loves you right back. Normally, time ravages relationships from time to time leaving holes or scars in its wake but under the current energy, you will find that past problems melt away and somehow seem less important. You decide not to give a damn about what happened yesterday, last month or maybe even last year. You are looking to move forward in love and maintain some of this harmony that feels so right. This is a great time to go out dinner and recreate the magic that you know is really there. It is worth the effort you should make.

Capricorn: The emotional energies are a bit on the cool side today and if you encounter someone giving you the cold shoulder – don’t be surprised. There may be many people surrounding you who are taking themselves far too seriously which will interfere with your goals. Do all that you can to not be one of them. Don’t have your sights set too far into the future, because what is immediately at your feet holds a great deal of power and mystery. Thinking too far ahead will cause you miss the magic that is always in the details.  Therefore this is to remind you to perceive what is in the air today. Take a tentative step in the direction you want to test it out before you take a big leap and end up way over your head in a long fall.

Aquarius: It will be rather difficult to concentrate today because your mind would father fall away into a world of romantic fantasy. No matter how hard you try to focus, that special person keeps coming back into your mind. There is a lot more romantic potential in the air, so perhaps you should stop thinking about them, and go be with them somewhere special. Thinking about all the possibilities should leave you feeling charged with new energy, vitality, and sense of purpose. Today you want to stand out, to be the center of attention so he or she will notice how perfect you are for them. So take the initiative in a romantic situation and try something bold and new. It is a time to appreciate and show off who are as a unique individual.

Pisces: Frustrations and obstacles in your relationships with others arise at this time as you are reminded that life is often times a strange affair. Your latest connection may be going through a period of revival. You felt if not still feel like those close to you do not really understand or try to cooperate with you. Many times recently you have said that if you want to do anything right, you have to do it yourself. This can be a very self defeating attitude and you have experienced this yourself before. You really need to try to look outside your own perception and see how you can turn things around. Why not arrange a full day to be with them somewhere very wonderful, doing something special together. Spending quality time together will be the start the healing.

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