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Love Horoscopes – August 8, 2012


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Aries: Go with your feelings today and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your intuition. Granted, intuition partially being able to read who to ask for and who’s in the mood for giving or giving in but as an Aries you also have a gift. Speaking of gifts, you have a rather special albeit secret gift in your relationship.  One you have been trying to figure out just how to unwrap. Do you tear into it like a kid on Christmas morning or do you open it carefully? Either way, the longer you leave it unwrapped, the more you will regret it. If you don’t do this now you’ll never know will you? Why miss out? If you are unattached, now is the time to act as well. While this energy lasts (for a day or so), if there is someone who catches your eye, go out and get him or her.

Taurus: Your relationship has been through a lot lately. Today your reflection brings you to a new understanding. You clearly see what has contributed to the issues in your current relationship and would like to now heal of any rift that may have occurred. Now that you comprehend the matter at hand, you feel more than ready to make changes within yourself to accomplish this. Thanks to the energy at hand communication with your romantic interest should be excellent at this time making what you desire easier. More serious discussions about your bond could bring forth profound revelations that strengthen your tie tremendously. Lively conversations, lighthearted chatting, and verbal flirting should lead to more intimate moments.

Gemini: This may be a long day for you if you are interacting with your lover. Over the last few days you may have had a few choice words with him or her, an argument you may have started first. Worse yet, you are still holding a grudge. Honestly, you should really change your perspective and your attitude, not to mention your problem of being a little possessive. Thankfully, the energy of the day is primed to smoothing things over and making it right. To reap its full benefits it is important that you be as honest as possible, but remember to choose your words carefully and avoid ultimatums. Keep things moving forward by sharing dreams and creating goals with your loved one. Doing so will create the foundation for a very rewarding future.

Cancer: Your relationship may be a bit turbulent today. Things may get heated as you both as you challenge each other mentally and verbally. The stress of it all makes you stop and wonder what the problem really is, knowing that something needs to change. Because the energy this week promotes healing and harmony, relationships during this time period can deepen and grow to a very intimate level. This could be achieved by sitting down and having open and honest conversation as well as spending time together on a more intimate level. Either way, taking action now will leads to a much deeper understanding and bond between you later. Soon enough all of this will be forgotten.

Leo: You’ve spent quite a bit of time mulling over the problems you may have in your relationship by focusing on the positive aspects rather than the negative. Thankfully the support from close friends, family, and the women in your life give you the confidence to begin the process of healing and moving on to the next stage. Do whatever it take to mend fences and smooth over any problems in your home life. The first step should be explaining how you feel about your future, your priorities, and your values. By the end of this conversation you both will be the wisest and most fulfilled that you can be. Afterward you will likely be in a rare mood of self enjoyment and appreciation of your ability to compromise and be compassionate.

Virgo: Relationships are continually changing, and so are you. This is one fact of life you can count on, so really you should just go with the flow. It may be difficult to decide whether to make your own moves or wait to react to someone else before you let out your feelings today. You have been aware of the slow and gradual change occurring in your life for some time now. This is one of those times when you need to look a little more closely at your relationship and what really needs transforming. Help along those positive changes and do what you can to make the negatives right. Engaging in an enthusiastic give and take in your relationship can really lead you up to full fledged interaction on many, many levels. Intimacy may be restored today.

Libra: You are optimistic, hopeful, and forward looking at this time. You can see connections and possibilities you may have overlooked before. Despite that you fear any deviation from what you consider normal you realize that you now must make a tough decision in your love life. You must either move into what you think is the unknown concerning a certain relationship which will bring on many changes, or stay put in your boring and dusty little corner. Be honest with yourself, the thrill of the unknown is seeping into your bones. Now is a time for communicating your enthusiasm, sharing your plans and dreams and also being more receptive to the thoughts and points of view of that special person in your life. You can make this work!

Scorpio: You certainly may remember this day for some time to come. There is great depth to your conversations. You find yourself revealing secrets or very private matters, and also asking very penetrating questions of others close to you. This is an excellent time to learn more about your own inner depths and those of a romantic partner. You will realize what you have with this person is special and decide that you should do something to solidify your commitment to each other. Down the road, it will stand out as one of the times when you decided to say yes to something that you really wanted, but were too afraid to ask for. Use the energy of the day and go for it! The time is now and the time is yours!

Sagittarius: You often resist change, even at the times when you need it most. The change you are fighting against now is really something you have wanted all along only your eyes and mind were closed to it. You needed to see the future possibilities in your current relationship to really begin to set it in motion. The energy of the day will help you make the right decision, making sure that whatever happens, it will be for the best. Right now you are feeling loving, and feel the need to share comfort and affection with close friends and family. This would be an excellent time to have company or to give a party at your home. If you are feeling up to it, you should go on a date with someone you care for, make it simple and enjoy the adventure.

Capricorn: You know the world moves, grows and transforms every hour of every day; in fact you have gone through some changes yourself. So what makes today particularly special? After a rather arduous period of reflection, you know what you want, who you want it with and what path you will take to get there. This puts your special relationship on a new footing. Could the change you are contemplating be the beginning of a joyful occasion? If you’re unattached an opportunity for a romance may arise which is likely to be exciting. This is a time for getting doing something out of the ordinary that is stimulating and fun. You could meet interesting new people and will be more open getting to know people who are quite different from yourself.

Aquarius: When you begin to over think something you have yet to begin, you turn negative. How will you know what is going to happen if you haven’t actually taken the first step? If you cannot or will not change current vantage point, you will ultimately doom yourself. This special person is waiting for you to make that move, has even said so themselves but still you doubt yourself. Let’s be honest here, what do you have to lose? Exactly! So what is really stopping you from doing what you and they so badly want you to do? Whatever it is, whatever you let yourself be honest with yourself about, get over it. Do you need an engraved invitation? For once, make the move, take the first step – consequences be damned!

Pisces: This may be a day of melancholy for you. Changes in your life usually come and go very quickly and often in their haste, mistakes are made.  Recent mistakes should help you to realize the need for slow and steady progress in your intimate affairs. You know that you need to apply yourself to becoming more open and more expressive, so allow this to happen. Just start going through the motions and you will be astonished at what happens next. But we understand, changes are something you do not take to very easily. For many of you, your emotions are sensitized now and your intuitive nature is very strong. You may find yourself gripped by feelings and memories from situations long forgotten.  Can you find a resolution if not restitution?


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