Weekly Lovescope – Aug 12-18, 2012 – from The Astrology Room

Sarah’s Love Horoscopes (week beginning 12th August)

Love Scopes

from: theastrologyroom.com
by Sarah Bartlett

With a new moon in ego-centred Leo, it’s time for us all to take the opportunity to become an expert in living our lives the way that truly suits us best.

There’s always going to be people who think they know better, but it’s time to honour our dreams and make destiny all our own.

Feelings of desire are a bit like crop circles, they’re either mystifying and puzzling, or easily explained away by logical analysis. But which to believe? You might think you know yourself well enough to be pragmatic and sensible about the spirals of love. But the likelihood is this week, the mystery will deepen, the plot will thicken and you won’t quite know what to believe any more. Trust in another force at work other than you own willpower. The universe wants to pour love into your empty cup.

You’re convinced that someone’s flirtatious game is just a way of getting information from you. And with Mercury’s interactive influence, you simply want to confirm facts, establish who’s doing what to whom, and find out what are the motives behind all that flattery and attention you’re getting. But this week let the magic begin, and the enchantment before your eyes will unfold in its own unfathomable way. There are many things in heaven and on earth that are still unexplained, so take joy in the mystery of love.

Don’t assume you have to give up on your personal needs on behalf of someone else. Of course, you wouldn’t be you if you weren’t unselfish. But frankly, it’s time to think of yourself first. And most of all, don’t be pushed into uncompromising actions to seek approval or affection.  The cosmos is reminding you that there is something unqiue, magical and enigmatic about you which defies rationalisation. So go with the flow of your own stardust. Highly valuable, it’s gathering around your personal space. So like any benevolent spirit, be kind to to those who deserve it, but most of all be good to yourself first.

You can get your way at last, thanks to Venus in your own sign.  But going over the top is giving a lover reason to hold back a little. They just can’t work you out. And if you say, ‘well I’m feeling good about being me,’ then they worry whether you’re feeling good about being with them too. Freedom to do your own thing is undisputed, but it’s your personal quest to turn your life into the eighth wonder of the world that comes across as a little pushy. But this week, seductive moments bring a closer rapport. So take the pressure off, enjoy some flirtatious fun and start to take responsibility for your actions and words.

As usual, you’re impatient and restless for romantic fun. But wouldn’t it be nice if someone special suddenly realised that you had more than just wit, humour and charm as natural talents, but also the wiles and foxiness of a secret agent? Especially when it comes to a spot of romantic espionage. Well, they might actually begin to notice this week. With Venus giving you a passion for uncovering the facts, and Mercury the tact of well, an angel, you’re going to win support and raise the adrenalin level of someone’s unbelievable desire for your company. So carry on performing.

With Neptune’s confusing influence in your chart, also comes a realisation that you need to feel secure in yourself before you can feel secure in anyone else’s arms. Prudent though you are, stumbling through the darkness of any kind of instability or doubt isn’t easy. And with the awakening influence of Mercury this week, something will have to shift. By making a definitive decision, there’s a possibility that one relationships will never be the same again. But remember, that kind of transformation leads to the creation of real love.

Days are hot, school’s out, pigeons court and strut their stuff, but there’s a strange shiver down your spine. You know deep down, that it’s maybe now or never to be more honest about your desire to live a more passionate lifestyle. Mars in your own sign, triggers off a feeling that although emotionally you’re content, you’ve been avoiding the truth about your true needs. Perhaps instead of facing the truth, you’ve been criticising yourself for not being perfect? Or maybe you’ve felt obliged to move the earth for someone? In fact, admit it, if left to your own devises you would offer them the universe. Now is your chance to do so.

A lover or partner seems more demanding than ever, and you impulsively feel like packing a bag and taking a trip alone, or just heading for a social venue where no-one knows you. This week, you also suddenly realise that you can love someone wholeheartedly without feeling beholden to their demands. Make it clear what you want, focus, listen and laugh too, and have the courage to say that no-one is going to control your life from now on. And thanks to the beautiful planets, you will both have equal respect for the other’s autonomy.

The past hooks you like a thorny rose, and you can’t seem to get away from the responsibilties that haunt you and the memories that taunt you. Yet you want more, more of anything, but mostly more of feeling you’re loved for who you are. This week, Jupiter brings out the rebel in you, and you’re ready to say, ‘it’s my way, or not at all.’ Push your partner too hard, and the firework display or the theatrics could be just what you need to get a response. But is it mutual passion you’re looking for, or simply to prove that you are the power behind the throne as well as on it? Time to be honest with yourself.

Admit that you need to feel of service, even though you’d rather be out and about. You also secretly know, that if you return to the washing, the sock drawer and the window panes, you can easily avoid the dilemma of relationship conflict.  But even though you’re wishing love far enough, you still can’t help noticing the loopholes in a romantic complication, and know you have plot on accordingly and speak frankly. This week, arguments will be nobly resolved, and there seems to be a clearing in the dark forest of emotional game-playing.

The romantic in you, sweeps headlong through the crowds turning heads and causing a myriad of flirtatious interest. Of course it’s not your fault if you’re so charismatic, but the energy is vibrant, and the cosmos smart. Torn between loyalty and mental infidelity, peace is a tad elusive this week. But then admit, that even you, the diplomat in love, sometimes yearns to be in the middle of a drama, just so that you can sort it all out and then feel virtuous again. The tension may mount, the romance quicken and the heart engage, but it’s the kind of summery heat that will baste you in a sensual glow, rather than a guilt-ridden sweat.

If you don’t know by now who it is that really matters to you, you soon will. There have been so many beautiful moments over the past few months, that you want them to continue forever. And yet, somehow it all seems an impossible dream. Never give up on it. There may be complications, there may be rights and wrongs involved. So be what you truly are, and be stirred by love and all the endless threads and entanglements to which it leads. Over the next few weeks, you will find your own stillness and serenity within, and experience the real essence of someone’s love for you.

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