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Love Horoscopes – August 15, 2012

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Aries: You might find yourself interacting today with someone who turns your negative views positive. This person will have the ability to bring a genuine smile to your face and for the first time in some time, hope to your heart. Now this person may be someone you have known of for a while now, but a certain incident will seem to connect you both in a particularly powerful way. Ask and you may get it so if you want it, go for it. The success will be from intuitively knowing just what to ask for, what’s really available, and who’s in the mood for giving. Go with your feelings and you’ll be surprised at what’s at your command and how they respond to your charm and energy. Just keep your ego in check. You won’t forget this anytime soon!

Taurus: You are the master of your own fate today as you and only you directly, get a chance to make some wonderful changes and transformations that will affect your love life. Because of the energy of the day, you discover that with just a little bit of resourcefulness, you can open a door into a world of opportunity that not only works wonders for you but your lover too if you are so attached. All you need is to take that initial step, and the rest will follow. Your ability to sense when something is wrong will help you to help someone you are close to. You can come up with solutions that will put them at ease. Do not be surprised if someone you know is jealous of your talents. The best thing to do is treat this person with respect instead of with animosity.

Gemini: You are inclined to be aggressive and hot tempered now, particularly when it feels like you aren’t getting your way. There are a few things going on in your intimate affairs that need changing today. The change you are looking for will not come if this barrier forming between you and your loved one successfully stops your relationship from moving forward on as positive a footing as possible. In order to stunt this barriers growth you need to tell a few secrets that you feel a little apprehensive about spilling. The transformation that will occur as a result will be well worth the initial discomfort. Be careful during this time as you can grow impatient and behave in an impulsive, irritable way. This makes you prone to accidents or wrong decisions.

Cancer: Be wary of new people entering your social circle during this time. A powerful occasion or meeting between friends and partners may result in some changes that really surprise you today. Unexpected twists and turns are likely to challenge your personal relationships at this time. Challenges and unwanted surprises may come at you from new sources, ones you would never have thought of before. You will have a great opportunity to really see something you have never been in a position to notice before. Although you may find this a little difficult to cope with, at least you know where you stand, and can make other arrangements accordingly. Now isn’t the time to back down. Take your seat at the table and the best of your time there.

Leo: It is within an educational or spiritual environment that romance takes an interesting turn, making your desires and romantic urges are very strong now. In all of your relationships, whether romantic or not, you feel quite warm and affectionate. This paves the way towards a wonderful opportunity to really get to know someone who is very special, one you have had your eye on for some time. Because you are less competitive during this time and more interested in pleasing others, the harmony you create gives you an edge and gives you hope that whatever is building between you two has hope.  Just don’t let anyone take advantage of you right now, unless you really want them to. You can look forward to something good during this time.

Virgo: For those of you unattached you may find yourself drawn to foreign shores. For whatever reason you are thinking of moving, is having a very profound effect on your life. If you are serious, open yourself to the possibilities that could enable this. An opportunity may present itself that could be a major step in bringing you closer to your goals. Sometimes it’s hard to say what you feel and when you finally do it comes blurting out all at once. If you are attached this is your challenge right now. You want to say what you mean without saying anything you don’t. If asked to comment, do so in carefully and with thought so you neither disappoint nor overwhelm. It is always wise to think before you speak, saves you from some headaches.

Libra: If someone close to you seems to be putting some distance between the two of you don’t try to force yourself on them. They’re likely to be dealing with some personal problems that they prefer to keep as private as possible. Give them the distance they need and they’ll be back in your life full tilt soon. It will be then that the deep bond you two already share becomes delightfully deeper. It is likely that it would be the result of a major commitment made between you and your loved one. This promise is no idle pillow talk. It really is a very big step toward the future.  You two will be leaving one stage of your relationship very firmly behind, and are starting on the next important phase.

Scorpio: Draw your strength from a partner where you can, as relationships will give you a great deal of energy right now.  What will begin as a great idea may accidentally lead you and your partner into something that deepens your relationship in more ways than you could ever imagine. With a little help from the energy of the day, you have the chance to transform an area of your life ironically for the one who has your heart, making their life a little happier. In doing this you will both benefit by drawing even closer together. As a result you may find yourself protective right now. Watch the backs of the ones you care for, as they may need it. Just don’t become overbearing and allow yourself to be drawn into an arguments by those you are protecting.

Sagittarius: It’s strange how changing one tiny detail can change so much else. Today’s astral climate is very much about change and transformation. Key issues now are your closest emotional relationships. This affects your way of expressing yourself; it also affects your resources. You will feel be quiet and become reflective which may also leave you the need to be closer to your loved ones. But more importantly, it also leads you into an area of work where you get the opportunity to meet someone who will really have a big effect on your life. You can draw a lot of strength from your family friends right now. But if the emotions attached to these people are in a rocky place you will be able to see any difficulties or inadequacies clearly at this time.

Capricorn: This is a very positive time in your closest personal relationships. One of the more positive things is that you find out something about a friend that you always suspected and even hoped for, but never ever dared to ask. What you with this information is up to you but it is obvious what you want. Take the chance, as this is the opportunity to make the move you have been fantasizing about for some time. Some of you may meet someone new who will be very good for you in the long run. Your need to be together is very strong. Take this one step at a time otherwise rushing things could ruin this love affair. Also, during this time you want to give to your friends and loved ones. You may find yourself spending generously to make them happy.

Aquarius: Not too much will run smoothly or go your way today in your relationships, but if you keep working toward a goal you will make some progress. You know that the problem or difficulty with this current relationship actually lies within you. You also know what you need to do to change it. But perhaps it is today’s astral configuration that pushes you into making that important decision that can make such a difference to both your lives. It will certainly prompt you into thinking very seriously about taking that big step. A change at home will be beneficial to you and everyone around you. Stop being so hard on yourself and realize you are who you are and you’re doing the best you can.

Pisces: It is amazing how friends can have such a power in our lives to sometimes influence us to do things that we have wanted to do for some time, and at other times to go against our own better judgments. Today’s celestial configuration indicates that the push they give you will help you to make an important connection – one that you will not regret for a moment. Today’s accomplishments with those close to you have a confident feel where what you do corresponds with how you feel and results down the line will move well accordingly. New friends and acquaintances made now will serve you well, and you won’t have to look back with suspicion or regret. If it feels right, it probably is, so put your best foot forward and follow through.

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