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Love Horoscopes – August 28, 2012

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Aries: You may get a bucket of cold water to your face today when it comes to a close association or relationship. There are times where you admire a trait in someone that causes you to place them on a pedestal of sorts and worship them. Whoever this person is in your life, you are suddenly faced with the fact that they are entirely human. This is something that won’t be new to you per say but it does come as something of a shock. Forced or not, it is better to have a realistic perspective. Regardless of what happens, friendship and cooperative endeavors are where your focus should be today. Opening yourself up to this energy can help you achieve a harmonious balance of giving and receiving, talking and listening. This is very appealing and appreciated.

Taurus: If you are attached, you may feel somewhat cut off and isolated from your partner. This lack of intimacy has your mind reeling and brings out the idea that you are unlovable on some level. Thankfully this frame of mind does not last long, but it does highlight an attitude problem that you may have. Get to the bottom of what is making you feel so low in your relationship and talk it out with your loved one. If you are unattached, it is entirely possible that you will begin a relationship now. You may have taken a rather bold initiative and begun to pursue someone you want to be with. You’ll come on strong to this person, but he or she might just love it! Take a risk now or you won’t ever know. The person you’ve got your heart set on is within your grasp!

Gemini: Light and pleasant interactions characterize the day. You will be able to gain what you want through diplomacy or charm, both of which you have an abundance of thanks to the energy of the day. There is a need to reach out today to your partner. You’d rather not make the effort but doing so will really help you both to understand each other a little better. Enlisting the support of your lover or partner, rather than by being forceful and pushy will get you a lot farther today. Regardless of whatever created the rift between you to, taking action to mend this fence is the better response, even though this is often the more difficult road to follow. Be willing to make concessions in order to maintain harmony in your relationships.

Cancer: You may be talking until you are blue in the face today, especially where your closest relationships are concerned. Relationships of all types are triggered now and cooperation and compromise are the issues that really require your attention. The energy of the day brings a sense of estrangement which may prompt a few guilty emotions. This may be because you have had too much work or other responsibilities and commitments that have meant sharing less time together. Although there may be some hurt feelings, take the time to be with your loved one and tell him or her just how you feel. You may come into contact with a person who is especially creative or influential in your life. Keep your eyes and ears open so they don’t pass you by.

Leo: The atmosphere of your close relationships may feel awkward at best but it is truly uncomfortable today. So much that you would rather shut yourself off from the world and be by yourself. At least then you could hear yourself think. But because your thoughts are far-fetched and faraway right now, your judgment regarding concrete matters is a bit fuzzy at this time. There are certain flaws in your partnership that feel as if they are being highlighted, but you don’t have to accept this. There is so much you can do to change how you feel. All it takes is a little courage to talk from your heart. However, your practical reasoning ability and your ability to focus may still be diminished, so you may wish to delay making too many important decisions.

Virgo: This is a time for finding yourself able to easily respond to friends and lovers as well as enter into relationships with a renewed sense of love and compassion. Because of the energy of the day, you may develop a more serious outlook on your relationships and on your ability to express yourself. This sober reality leaves you feeling unusually insecure about your appearance and about your feelings for someone. Your first inclination may be to hide away, but you should really reach out to your loved one and talk about how you feel. Real breakthroughs in any relationship can happen if you are willing to try some new or different approaches to this problem. Find out how your loved one really sees you. The reality is better than you think.

Libra: There is a cool and distant energy surrounding relationships in general today and you are certainly affected. You may fall into step with those people who were so caught up in their own selves that they had little time for others. Right now you feel the need to break from the predictability and routine that your romantic relationship has become. The energy of the day isn’t making it any easier to get through and change this. Make the effort to ask your loved one out on a real date so you two can rebuild the intimacy you have lost through some real conversation. Because you’re in the mood to experiment and to learn something new, this may begin to heal the rift between you two. Discover all the things you have been missing.

Scorpio: Many of you are not affected by this negative energy today and it disturbs you that no one wants to play with you. You have an extra measure of energy and confidence now and had hoped to make strong impression on those in your environment.  Perhaps you still can as this is your time to shine. It is likely that you will be noticed more than usual because you look and feel very warm and sensual. Even though everyone is caught up in their own personal dramas of woe and worry, you do not operate this way. You thrive on the openness and flow in relationships which will cause people to be attracted to you. In the mean time, use this to your advantage and set an example, keep smiling yourself. Go on a date, meet new people, go out and be seen.

Sagittarius: Despite the energy at hand, this is a marvelously easy going time for you. You will be well served by indulging in a big helping of lighthearted fun. This could prove to be a very sociable day, with friends providing a lot of laughs. Socializing with close friends or a fun day trip with your mate will keep a smile on your face and a snap in your walk. Because that energy is surrounding you right now, you seem to be very popular at the moment. There seems to be a lot of natural warmth in your close relationships as a result. If you have anything to say, do so today, as this is the right time. Don’t hold back; speak about how you feel with complete honesty. Doing so will keeps this warm energy surrounding you while a majority of the Zodiac is so cold.

Capricorn: There was a little bit of warmth flowing despite the cold and detachedness of the day but it has not been extended to you. This coolness in the energy today leaves you feeling a little downhearted especially if you know you have become estranged from your partner for a reason in particular. The upside to today is that you can easily discuss your personal needs and desires in your relationships at this time. Agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily now if you make the effort.  So overcome any of your fears and start the process of trying to understand what has gone wrong. Although this may seem like adding more fuel to the fire, it will help remove any obstacles you come across. Clearing the air will put things back on track.

Aquarius: Like most of the others in the Zodiac, you may be feeling very isolated in your personal relationships. Though you may be feeling this way, your desires are strong and you will want to enjoy yourself at this time, maybe even selfishly. But you know you can’t do so until you get through issues surrounding you. Perhaps it would be better to spend the day in quiet reflection, so that you can see it from a different perspective. You may have become very critical of what you see as certain flaws, even though you may have a part to play in this. Never the less, the romance your desire is very possible, but you need to make an effort. Get through the problems, resolve them with your lover then work towards rebuilding intimacy and love.

Pisces: Out of everyone today, you are coping with this isolation much better than most are doing. Your attitude is very congenial and mind is set on being cooperative now. You find yourself more interested in the similarities than in the differences between yourself and others. You have a naturally detached attitude toward relationships that gives you an insight into what is actually going on. You won’t need to spend time in reflection, as this occurs naturally for you. Still, it may not be a particularly cheerful time. It would be better to go and spend time alone while you have the chance. For many of you there will be a significant development in a close relationship or strong feelings of attraction to someone you encounter. Enjoy it!

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