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Sarah’s Love Horoscopes (week beginning 2nd September)

Love Scopes
from theastrologyroom.com

by Sarah Bartlett

We all want to be love to be in love, we believe or try to believe in the perfect, happy after relationship, but then it often falls apart in the wash.

This week, with Venus moving into fiery Leo,be true to your own desires, respect other people’s wishes too, but most of all realize that nothing is cast in stone.

With the sun in the most testing part of your chart, this is your chance to make amends, keep your space, or break loose. Mercury’s still plaguing you with fears about long-term commitment, but the cosmos is smart. Whether it’s a new lover in your life or just an emotional nip and tuck to your current one, at last someone will respect and admire your need for independence and a self-reliant lifestyle. It’s time to run a little wild.

I truly believe that right now you’re in a state of limbo. You know, like walking the wrong way up an escalator and not getting very far; or looking in a mirror which reflects another mirror and on and on into infinity, there’s no end, no beginning, it feels surrreal.  So if you want to be ‘in love,’ the planets will now give you the chance to make a personal decision. To take responsibility for your actions and choices, and give up that feeling of nowhere land and replace it with feeling something.

You are a romantic and that’s that. Being in love is the ideal, it takes you away from the horrors of life, the world, the human angst, and the terrible sensitivity you have to everyone else’s pain or unhappiness. Which is why the sun’s activity this week will bring you a renewed sense of being in love. Either with someone new if single, or if attached, a revitalisation of your sexual passion together. Enjoy the erotic, linger in love, and realise that being human isn’t so bad after all.

It’s love you want, not a daily drudgery of existence, isn’t it? But then comes that mad, zany feeling when things get silly, and you wish you could say to someone,  ‘silly, didn’t you realise how much I loved you?  Or to yourself, “Silly me, how could I have not known, or not wanted to know what my true feelings are?” And then your partner will say, “silly us”. And by the end of this silly week, it’s time to shout to the wind, “Yes, it was just a silly phase I went through. Now it’s time to follow my heart”.

The sun is giving you the courage to make bold decisions for yourself. ‘I will live my life the way I believe is right for me’.  Or  ‘OK, if you don’t agree, then we will have to compromise.’ These are two scripts that leap to mind this week. And, quite frankly, it’s now or never to make that serious commitment to your future together. Or apart.  There’s never been a more exciting and seductive beginning to your life, to right wrongs, ditch the blame game, or order deep and long-lasting love from the cosmos. But believe in yourself first and foremost.

Sexually you’re dazzling, romantically you’re shimmering.  You know this is a turning point for commitment or freedom. But which? With this week’s cosmic line-up, suddenly you’re up for living life to the full again. Limbo becomes a dance not a nowhere zone, the weight loss or gain begins to revert to normal, and you know what truly makes you feel good to be alive. Venus meanwhile asks, ‘what are your values in love’? and you know you have no choice but to answer truthfully.

Excessive wishful thinking or the maddening practicalities of everyday living won’t going to stop you from doing, loving and getting exactly what you want this week. You are blessed not only with cosmic dust, but the drive, energy and knowledge to make sure that you follow up on your want and desires.  At last you know that love is in your hands, not in the lap of the gods. Your choices are your own, so take responsibilty for your own happiness and lead the dance.

Why is it you’re feeling so moody and erratic? One day happy with life as it is, another wondering secretly whether it’s time you followed up a niggling desire for a complete change. There’s a weird sense of all those other bits of yourself that you normally squish into the psychological ‘locked box’. And this week, you’re beginning to let a few of those unknown qualities out. Thankfully, you’re not about to cause chaos. Merely release your desires, expose your dreams and tell the world what you’re really about.

A few contradictions like ‘I want stability, but oh for a wild, mad spontaneous love life,’ will be stronger than ever this week. And you wonder if what you have is what you really want and what you want is really what you need. To cap it all, Jupiter’s testing influence, is demanding you make a serious commitment, but you feel as if you’re no longer in control of your destiny. Can you now take the odd risk in love and still get the change you seek?

This week, sees the beginning of the breakdown of any emotional or physical barrier. After several years of hard graft, your intimate relationships will never be the same again. At long last, dreams can come true if you listen your heart and remain true to your own desires. Then love will start to be what you truly want it to be, not just in your head, but in the wonderfully physical, three-dimensional world. There may still be unexpected encounters or strange twists and turns, but things are looking distinctly rosy.

They say that it’s impossible to look forward and backward at the same time. But I’ve a sneeky feeling that you’re about to achieve that mission impossible this week. It’s called in buddhist circles, ‘being in the eternal now’. Particularly where love is concerned. All you have to do is follow your heart, listen to your instinct and trust your integrity. With fascinating energy in the love angle of your chart, there’s a chance to make a great decision for the better, and relinquish the past.

Daily boredom makes way for more romance. You may even have to chose between a tried and trusted friendship or the lure on an eccentric stranger who’s alternative lifestyle appears very appealing. They may not be socially or politically acceptable by the status quo. They may be fool-hardy, enviable, larger than life, but you know that whether they’re just another new friend or a possible lover, you must get to know them better.  Enjoy the intrigue, you know it keeps you sane.

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