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Love Horoscopes – September 4, 2012

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Aries: You may touch upon very emotional parts of you and find yourself analyzing why and how to handle it. If it pushed your buttons maybe it’s time to figure out why. You may suddenly find a reason to go delving into your old address books, or looking through old photographs concerning a memory that is very much on your mind. A face from the past may be causing you to rethink the reason for ending the relationship. It may be time to meet again and see if anything has changed, or could change in the future. Someone could challenge you on a very sensitive issue, resulting in an argument or, at the least, a very intense and uncomfortable discussion. You can get through this and you will get through this but you may have a few scars.

Taurus: If you are a normally shy person, well it’s time to get some courage up and step out into the bright lights in any of your most intimate relationships. Today may present a tug-of-war or conflict over the division between career and partnership issues. Your public and social image could be causing a problem with your loved one. This can be overcome by just talking it through, and also by genuinely taking the time to listen to each other. All it needs is the right perspective, and understanding will prevail. This isn’t a time to think you don’t deserve everything you’re little heart desires, quite the opposite in fact. YOU DO deserve everything your heart desires so speak up! Stop letting what you want and should have, pass you by.

Gemini: The desire to relate and be in harmony with each other is very powerful today. You may find that the conflict that rears its head is essentially nudging you both in a direction whereby you draw even closer together. There can be a fine line between an exciting adventure and risky behavior today, so try to stay on the safe side of the line. The developments that take place are there to allow a decision to come into focus. A pleasant change is on the way. It’s a good time to engage but perhaps to not be the designated driver both literally and figuratively. Let someone else have some control so that you can be safely irresponsible for a while. You really need to let go for a while and just not think, not do anything that “must be” done. Just be for a while.

Cancer: It could be a little uncomfortable today as you may find yourself at odds with those around you or with your life situation regarding personal issues of great sensitivity. The day’s celestial orientation brings you that feeling of “double-trouble” again. You are once more of two minds about a certain issue concerning your loved one. Difficulties, blocks, and all manner of annoying things may be discovered and have to be worked through before you find your comfort zone again. Although you may be experiencing some confusion, all you need to do is listen to your heart and then act from there. If you do what you think you should, the perplexity may get worse. Turn off your brain and turn on your heart, it knows what you truly want.

Leo: This is a very positive time in your marriage or closest love relationships. Your need to be together and to share loving feelings is very strong. You want to give to your friends and loved ones, and may spend generously in order to make them happy. Before many of you can enjoy this day, you must tell the person close to you the truth about an issue that you are feeling a little guilty about. Talking it through at home in a private and comfortable atmosphere will heal the situation. Then you can go forth and enjoy the day. If you are unattached, you have carte blanche to do whatever you like. As you do so, you may also meet someone now that is very good for you in the long run. Keep this person in your life even if he or she will be just a friend.

Virgo: As if you didn’t already have enough on your plate, you have a conflict of interests, as well. Feeling the need to be free spirited and independent arises in you, making you more selfish, independent, and unwilling to tolerate being stifled or put down by others. You also rebel against others who are domineering or rigid in their way of dealing with other people and especially you! You should focus on a certain important relationship, and on resolving certain issues so there is a sense of harmony. This means you can give more to your budding career. If you can combine both, you will have a great day and a truly wonderful evening. Take a moment, take a good look within and you’ll find the balance to successfully blend your lives together.

Libra: The past seems to figure predominantly in the present today, and the present also looks longingly to the future. Putting your feelings into words only enhances them, so don’t be afraid to say what you mean from the heart. Your words will not fail you, and backing them with your emotions makes them seem all the more reliable. Honesty pays off now so take a risk and vocalize how you really feel. A certain idea is coming into focus, and this may need the help of your partner to form it into some sort of workable plan. By doing this together, you will create a great chance to enjoy what is inevitably to come. If things have been rocky between you two, being able to connect and team up will help get you two through this rough patch.

Scorpio: Today will have both its high points and low. Your willingness to give is a wonderful quality, but receiving is important as well. You give a lot of yourself but who is giving to you? This is a time when having your needs take the forefront is in order. Don’t allow yourself to be just the provider of comfort and affection today. Let others show you the affection you truly deserve. An interesting tidbit for some of you is that your past is revisited with a touch of sentiment and nostalgia, as a friend or lover makes a reappearance. This should be quite an experience, especially as you find you two have a lot more in common now than you did before. What transpires after this meeting may well be a new chapter in an ongoing drama so be prepared.

Sagittarius: Your intuition is what the energy is about for you today. Let your sweetheart in on how you feel rather than to assume they already know.  By doing so, you will experience that extra touch of cooperation today. If there has been conflict, you can resolve it by being honest with how you feel about certain issues. Once you two share open and honestly, you can easily decide if you want to create an opportunity to heal the rift that has grown. Beginning this process is easy, as there is a lot of goodwill around. And if you are unattached and you’ve been keeping your eye on someone that you’d like to have in your life, it might not be so bad to take a risk and let them know. Simply follow your intuition, it will not steer you wrong during this time.

Capricorn: You are indeed a conversationalist; it is practically your favorite hobby. Today this comes in handy as a weighty yet meaningful conversation is in order. The opportunity will finally present itself to talk about your feelings for your lover, more importantly that issue from the past that has been haunting both of you. If you can find the deeper meaning that this problem represents, the day will have been very worthwhile. Many of you Capricorns could find yourself tense and short tempered today, so do your best to remember to breathe. You may find yourself in a disapproving mood because many of your thoughts run against important values, either your own or those of others. Do not rush into making any decisions, wait a day or two first.

Aquarius: To talk about personal things in your life, like maybe how you like spending your time, could be embarrassing for you. You like to keep busy. Anything that keeps you moving forward you adore. You do not mind working even when on holiday, and you also love your ability to organize and what you can achieve through discipline and hard work. The problem is when you run on all eight cylinders, you burn out rather quickly. You certainly have your work cut out today because you are burned out but too worked up to see it. You should really take a moment and relax yourself.  You need to surrender your worries concerning a certain issue and enjoy being you. Doing so will raise your spirits making it easy for you to forget the mistakes of the past.

Pisces: You have an opportunity to go back into the past and perhaps contact people you used to know. Many fond memories may be evoked today as you get reacquainted with your old romantic haunts. As you revisit this time in your life, you may come across an almost forgotten but familiar face, which sparks a sentimental memory. Don’t ignore this, as it could be very worthwhile. If you are deeply involved in a love relationship then you will gain an even greater appreciation of each other, and you respect one another more than ever. Mutual understandings and cooperation on issues of importance make you feel very close and even more loving. This is just what you two needed to strengthen your bond together.

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