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Love Horoscopes – September 5, 2012

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Aries: If you are unattached, you may find yourself mixing business with pleasure today. Work will be far from boring today as Cupid decides to it wants to play in your sandbox. Whomever tricky little cupid puts in front of you; you cannot help but be completely thunderstruck. You may be working now, but you’ll certainly be playing later. Regardless of your status, your desire for affection and pleasure are strong now. This may cause you to act on feelings and impulses much more easily than usual. But if you are not happy with some aspect of your personal life, it will come to light at this time which will lead to disagreements or tension in a close relationship. Make the effort; discuss your personal needs and desires with your sweetheart.

Taurus: The more you reach into the abyss, the better life gets. The day’s planetary constellation indicates that it could be. You gain what you want through diplomacy or charm, of which you have an abundance of both, especially during this time. You will also have the opportunity to experience a sense of passion and real companionship. This is a good thing since they don’t always come together. Don’t let this chance pass you by – it’s too good to miss. A handful of you may need to check yourself.  Be willing to make concessions in order to maintain the harmony in your relationship. Enlisting the support of your lover or partner, rather than by being forceful and pushy will get you a lot farther today. Ask, explain – do not demand or assume.

Gemini: You are very capable of intensity, in fact, it is an attractive quality of yours that you often to not show. You like to hide behind apparent nonchalance and an “easy come, easy go” attitude. Today though, you should really allow your passion to show. If you don’t it is entirely possible that an opportunity will pass you right by. Because things are not as mellow as they could be, resolution or progress can only be made through mutual recognition and compromise of the issues that you have the courage to bring up. If you are honest about how you feel, you will be pleased with the result. This compromise could impact your priorities and goals, but be ready to give in on small points in order to gain on the large ones. Win wars not battles!

Cancer: As a new romantic cycle begins for you, this marks a time when creativity and self expression can satisfy the deep yearning you have to feel appreciated and admired. You may not be the only one as your loved one may have idea for you both to achieve your desires. As it unfolds, you will soon discover is, in fact, a damn good plan. But it does involve a deeper sense of commitment from you so think long and hard about it. This will really test the quality of the relationship. Now if you are ready for this level of dedication – then by all means say “yes.” Listen to your heart. This person wants for who you are instead of what you can give. It is the ultimate compliment but also a change from your previous love affairs. Something to consider.

Leo: Time spent strengthening your relationships now will guarantee many fulfilling moments in the future. If you are unattached that means the intense attraction you feel toward someone you have tried not to pay attention to, time to make a move. You feel very drawn in ways that are inexplicable, but you do not really know this person that well. Yet on another level you do know them extremely well, and it is this feeling that is pulling you like a magnet, ever closer. Take that first step. If you are attached, strengthen your relationship by opening a dialogue about how you two feel at the moment. Resolve any lingering misunderstandings, but more importantly, create a better understanding of the bonds you share with those you love.

Virgo: You feel a need for change and a desire to break with old patterns from the past. There is a longing for the new, different, and an eclectic draw in romantic relationships. The energy of the day has a wonderful caring quality to it creating the opportunity for a passionate commitment to grow between you and your sweetheart. Many of you feel that you have now reached a stage where you would like to make the arrangement even more permanent, or recommit in some way. Maybe a honeymoon like trip is in order. Somewhere where you two can get lost in each other and reconnect. Right now you should pull emotional sustenance as well as form a sense of security from ideals, friends, and social involvement. This will get you though.

Libra: Relationships are particularly pleasant and productive now. If you are unattached, you will find that relationships formed now will work out very well in the long run. You can show your appreciation of that special person in your life by buying something beautiful for the home. Whether you share a house or not, make this gift extra nice, possibly a piece of tasteful artwork, a sculpture, or something from another country. This will not only keep your lover sweet, but will make you feel really good. Cooperation and friendship is strong now, and you yourself may receive something from someone that you weren’t expecting. For every good deed you do, Karma returns the energy in kind.

Scorpio: Today you got it! You feel good about yourself; you look fantastic, and are so popular! Your most attractive features are highlighted and energized like a magnet. If you are unattached and looking for someone special, you cannot rely on subtle gestures today to get the job done. You will have to find a way to make your intentions clear without being over powering. For this, you may need to cool off a bit so as not to frighten anyone away. Especially with the energy of the day, your amorous feelings and passions are strong and compelling at this time, making you very demanding of a lover’s energy and affection. Regardless of your romantic status, ask of your special person do not demand.  You will get what you want if you do.

Sagittarius: WARNING! WARNING! People seem to be taking themselves too seriously today, and it is likely that you are one of them. Those of you Archers unattached, you are worrying yourselves about how others perceive you. More importantly how someone in particular perceives you.  You have intense feelings for this person, but you are keeping quiet about it all. You want him or her to see you as a pillar of strength and control. We’re all family here so Archers I am going to ask you… who are you kidding? Being vulnerable and your strength under pressure are rather endearing and will lead you to attraction. In general, you should put your intuition to good use today. Check before you jump in, assume or commit to anyone right now.

Capricorn:  Those of you in love will be preoccupied today. If you are hanging with friends, they may physically see you but wonder just where you really are. Those same friends will wish for you to snap out of this, as you are just not being yourself. YOU of all people, just gazing into the distance, exactly – it doesn’t quite fit your modis operindi. Some of you that are attached may need to keep yourself in check today. You may think it will be easy to just simply push your way through, maybe intimidate your loved one for what you want. What you need to realize is that this will be a losing strategy in any of your relationships. The more you shove the more resistance you’ll get. Back off for awhile and the problem will more than likely fade away.

Aquarius: Your loved one is frustrated by your detached attitude and emotional state. You usually the one that gets into the trenches into order to make breakthroughs in your relationship, but today you seem to have moved far enough away to there your love can see you, but just can’t touch. Why is that? Do you have to wait till your pride finally gives way before you reach out and say how you really feel? What you need to do is embrace the energy of the day. Its influence will leave you feeling optimistic, hopeful, and forward looking at this time. You will be able to see the connections and possibilities that you normally do but right now have overlooked. Make this a time where you are open and close to the special person in your life, not distant.

Pisces: You are so busy doing your own thing that you haven’t noticed that romance is at your door. Today you may find yourself already smitten and wondering what just happened. It will overwhelm you but leave you absolutely swooning. Don’t worry: you’ll eventually come around to it most enthusiastically. There are a handful of you today who seem to be under a haze of confusion. This will leave you feeling devitalized, and discouraged. Whatever you try to do either goes nowhere or is completely misunderstood. Take some time and be by yourself today, keep your interactions with loved ones to a minimum if possible. Remember that they may be feeling the same way so how about we cut everyone (including yourself) some slack.

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