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Love Horoscopes – September 10, 2012


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Aries: Well today is a much better day than yesterday as far as your intimate relationships. An element of mischievous fun is the very thing you need to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. You have every chance of meeting someone who shares the same ideals as you, yet is very practical and down-to-earth. It could be the perfect blend that you have long envisioned. Regardless of your intimate status, now is the time to let your mind explore and creative erotic concepts or games that you can play with your special someone. What you come up with will go over better than you had hoped as your ability to put your finger what makes their heart flutter comes so very easily today thanks to the energy surrounding you.

Taurus: It’s not about you right now; it’s about someone else. The last few days may have been a bit rough on your partner so today is a good day to make or rebuild connections and bridges between yourself and others. This is a time to be practical in a very caring and considerate way. There is no need to spend time thinking up any overly lavish plans, simple and romantic is the way to go. Blend all the romance and poetry of your relationship with all the down-to-earth necessities. If you are unattached you should be the type of person that you would like to see in a partner. When you do, then you will find your ideal lover. Give selflessly where your desire lies and your desire will be granted. The sweeter your attentions, the more delicious your rewards.

Gemini: A blend of practical and tranquility will infuse your world today. That is until you run into some opposition from just about every direction you turn today. After the last few days you had hope for some relief from the mania but what you may find are more complications and misunderstandings than you could have anticipated. Thankfully, you will be able to take matters into your own hands. Once you to, it will not be as bad as you initially thought. Your relationships will live another day! If you are unattached you may be visited by a past lover today, if not soon. They would like to to explore the possibility of renewing the relationship. Though you remember the good times and want to give it a try, in reality it may not work long term.

Cancer: Your ability to communicate with both men and women is very good at this time. This is an especially ideal time to settle any differences you may have with less communicative people in your circle. The energy of the day helps you gain a clear understanding your emotions and those surrounding you. By being able to do so, it will make working through unresolved emotional issues much easier. You will be able to effectively express your emotional needs all the while incorporating the real needs from others. If you’re unattached, you will become hyper aware of your interactions with someone you work closely with. You find that not only do you two cooperate well but also share the same ideals. This surprises you but creates a close bond.

Leo: Contentment and emotional well being are the energies surrounding you today. There is a wonderful sense of harmony in all of your relationships. This is a far cry from recent days. Because of this energy, there is no need to be forceful or make things happen, but instead you can simply flow along with people and situations. You will attract what you need and the world will come to you. So go ahead relax, and indulge in your pleasure loving side with your intimate partner. If you are unattached, you have a great chance of finding someone who shares many interests with you. This special person might be found somewhere that you go community service or provide a service of some kind.

Virgo: The relationship you are involved in may not be so exciting right now and it causing a few problems. Despite the minor tensions, there is something very steady and comforting about it. You know what to expect and it gives you a grounded feeling. There is a powerful blend of energies at work today and an event of some kind will remind you just how lucky you are to be with this person. Whatever you do together, expect a revelation of some kind or the sharing of something profound. This negative energy you may be have been enduring off and on this last week or so will finally begin to dissipate and wash away clean. Thankfully, the positive energy flowing in its places leaves with it a sense of harmony that you appreciate deeply.

Libra: Refinement and relationships bring you emotional satisfaction today. Harmony and beauty brought forth by the energy of the day is deeply satisfying to you on both an emotional and spiritual level. You will have a great day is ahead of you because this energy makes you so much easier to deal with now as you are back to your old self. Close personal ties to other people are a focal point for your feelings, intimate relationships and other partnerships. You really do love to help others, especially when they are going through such a difficult time. By sympathizing with another, you may meet someone who becomes very special to you. In reaching out to you, they also reveal a tenderness that you had forgotten existed in people. Faith in humans restored!

Scorpio: Expect the chance to take a well deserved break today. You will be able to relax somewhere peaceful, quiet, and for most of you – not alone. You will be taking your lover with you into seclusion for some quality time. Whether you manage to take a whole day, or steal away a few quiet hours in the evening, it will be time very well spent and much enjoyed. For those of you going about it alone, it will give you time to think. You will likely decide that you want to come to grips with the past and resolving as many lingering issues as possible. Sympathy and understanding are emotional qualities that take on greater importance for you now. It’s wisdom, not knowledge that counts most at a time like this. Use it well!

Sagittarius: If you love fantasy or poetic writing, then you will be in a very creative frame of mind today. In pursuit of your love, you may meet someone who also knows a thing or two about how to write verse. You will find yourself powerfully attracted, emotionally and sexually, to this person. By charming each other with romantic sonnets, you could discover that you share far more than words alone. In fact, any romantic involvements you currently have are intensified. Expect fireworks! But if there is still any lingering negative energy from the last few days, expect that to bleed though. Your relationships are then tempestuous, especially because your partner is not as responsive or as loving as you would like. Hold on, it should pass in a day or two.

Capricorn: Today brings you a sense of internal peace and harmony that will spill over into your intimate affairs. What you would like to do is persuade your loved to relax and enjoy some time in bed doing a lot more than cuddling. You want to take it slow and linger over sensitive areas for as long as either one of you can stand it.  What better way to spend a Monday? Probably best sick day ever! You will be in such a great mood but be careful; some people may try to take advantage of you at this time. There is a little bit of negative energy from the last few days flowing about letting some treat you like the proverbial doormat. Although your desire to please may be very strong, giving in now could lead to you being taken for granted in the future.

Aquarius: You enjoy today’s peaceful atmosphere. So when you encounter any of the remaining negative energy during this time, confrontation will be the wrong game to play. The positive energy beginning to build gives you the chance to form a wonderful connection between yourself and someone you have grown very fond of. You will need to make some compromises though because what you both want from each other seems to be two different things. Although there may be no major signs of passion right now, there is nevertheless a wonderful sense of togetherness. Take this a sign that things can only get better from here. Any challenges you come up against in your love life, there is no pulling away from. You can and will get through!

Pisces: Today could be like a roller coaster ride with crazy emotional ups and downs. Positive energy will be coming and going out of nowhere to remind you of your more important purpose. Today you have the chance to make your lover very happy, especially if you are considering buying something to cheer them up. Make it a present that reflects the spiritual value of the relationship, and which shows them what you value most about them. Though the positive energy is building up around you, there is still a bit of negative energy to have to deal with. Do what you can and try not to get so weighed down in the lows of the day. If you do, you will miss the full scale release of all the positive energy and the opportunities when they hit their highs.


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