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Love Horoscopes – September 15, 2012


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Aries: You greet life with a fresh attitude today.  Your emotions are high at this time, giving you an enhanced feeling of optimism, self-confidence and playfulness. It’s also good time to meet someone new that will bring you a great deal of pleasure.  A few of you may already have someone in mind, someone you know who is in a position of authority. Their strong demeanor is already a turn on but more importantly it seems that certain things you hold dear, they do as well. Today is not about scoring a date with them, today is about cementing the connection. Putting it out there that you are the type of person they need in their life. Do it right, a little bit of flirting and a lot of conviction, a relationship will follow.

Taurus: Defensive, aren’t we? Today you may find yourself feeling overly protective about you and what you feel is yours.  Romantic endeavors are already at a low so you might want to watch how far you take this.  The arguing you and your loved one gone through will continue if you don’t let some of this hostility go. Turn your focus towards maintaining rather than defending otherwise you will have nothing left to defend. Things may have gotten so bad that talking will prove to be difficult and lead to another fight. You will have to take action by buying a gift or doing something meaningful to them that will show how much you do care about them.  Today, try to pick your battles with care and avoid them if possible. Not every fight is worth winning.

Gemini: Deep down in places you whisper about, you are turned on my being told what to do and what will be done to you… on a erotic level of course. Regardless of where you may today, you may find yourself lustfully drawn to someone in authority.  Maybe they are wearing a uniform or maybe they are management but your mind is already imagining all the scenarios that may unfold when you two eventually meet. Granted there are a few obstacles you are likely to have to overcome before actually getting together but live in this moment. The whole idea of you two together is so exciting, isn’t it? Socializing with close friends or a fun day trip (with your sweetheart if you are attached) will keep a smile on your face and a snap in your walk.

Cancer: It’s an off sort of day today and your irritability isn’t helping. You are impatient and inclined to bulldoze your way into situations, which has caused accidents or bruised feelings with people you live with or are emotionally close to.  You already know the atmosphere between you and your loved one is both heavy and fragile, it needs to be healed. Because neither one of you is willing to take action regarding a recent disclosure, things are at a standstill. One of you will have to break the ice sooner or later and it really should be you. If you can overcome the temper tantrums and make the first move, things will improve immeasurably. Try to keep a firm grip of both your attitude and your words so you do not come across abrasive and insensitive.

Leo: Those of you unattached and off the couch will enjoy the energy of the day. You may be encounter someone that you become powerfully attracted to both emotionally and sexually. You are nearly drawn to this person like a magnet. Any romantic involvements under this sign have intensified. For the most part, it is a good day to be a Leo… unless your heart is no longer in it.  There may be a handful of you whose relationships have become tempestuous. If you have recently fallen into a wonderful relationship, you have fallen out just as quickly because your partner is not as responsive or passionate as you would like. It is likely that you will only be temporarily estranged, but one of you has to make the first move. Go on and get back the spark!

Virgo: You do not like obstacles of any kind interfering with your love life, especially when you already know where the flaws exist. You will not appreciate the energy of the day because you will be shown problems that you have yet to see.  It will be easy for everyone involved to get too wound up in their feelings and chase yourselves in circles during this time. Do what you can to not let your annoyances blind you because that same energy will give you clues to go about changing this. Work with it, rather than against it, and you will find that you are both drawn even closer together. This is lesson in learning just how far you will go.  You’ll realize that extending yourself too much ends with less than you started with.

Libra: Today is rather positive and the elements of this energy are found within the little things in life. Do what you can to pay closer attention to them at this time because good feelings can be easily taken for granted during this time. Some of you may have the opportunity to work with someone who is like you in many ways. This special person is intelligent, modest yet far from ordinary. Though these are traits you wholeheartedly admire, it is their quiet air of authority attracts you romantically. This relationship may take a while to really get off the ground. But at least you’ll have made a start. Use how much you have in common to work for you and things will come along nicely.

Scorpio: Things may not be going to well in your relationship, and just a few days ago they were going so well. Your focus at this time should be towards getting down to the bottom of issues and dramas plaguing your intimate affairs and starting over from scratch. If there seem to be obstacles that prevent you from communicating with your loved one, don’t worry too much. There is a lot you can to do to rectify matters. All you need to do is take the first step toward making conversation; at least that will get the ball rolling. It may take a few attempts, with a very compassionate and heartfelt demeanor, but it won’t be too long before you two are speaking again. Be cautious that you are building bridges today not burning them.

Sagittarius: You have a plan, one that you have already sketched out and now it is time to execute. The energy surrounding you right now is aiding your effort by providing you the cover you need to get it done. Whether you are trying to get out of something or get into someone, your endeavors will be successful. It is likely you will get a good majority of what you want but you may not get it all right now. Look for the rest of it to come periodically during the upcoming week. In general, this is a very good time to let people know you care about them. You have been so busy lately that some of those close to you may feel as if you forgotten them. Take the time to send a card and flowers or email a note of appreciation, just make sure they feel loved!

Capricorn: You really need your freedom, but your lover is feeling needy during this time. They have been able to sense you pulling away and want to make sure you do not go to too far. It isn’t that he or she needs you twenty-four hours a day, but they just need some reassurance that you haven’t forgotten they exist. Give them this small comfort and all will be fine, you will be able to have your time away without all the guilt. During this time many of you may become consumed by fantasies and certain lifelong dreams. They do have their place in the scope of life, but if all you do is get lost in your imagination, you will miss out when the real thing walks by. So dream a little dream, but pay attention to what’s going on around you so you don’t lose out.

Aquarius: You are feeling a bit agitated and dissatisfied with your present relationships or situation. You feel limited and restricted by responsibilities that may have been imposed on your or impatient to achieve goals your partner said they would be a part of. Be careful that your restlessness does not you in a position that you may regret. Those of you open to romantic experiences will enjoy today especially if you enjoy elements of control. You enjoy being the boss and may have the good fortune of meeting someone who enjoys being bossed around. The attraction between you will be unmistakable. Others may not be able to understand the attraction but it doesn’t matter. You both will be able to give what each other needs.

Pisces: Things may be bittersweet in your relationship during this time. Some of you may be falling apart while some may be trying to patch up your relationships. For those of you falling apart it may seem that the whole world is against you today, even your partner! Others don’t seem to want to help and even if they try to, it makes matters worse. Those of you in this situation may want to spend time along today.  For those of you trying to rebuild, you may not even remember what the fight was about but you know you want to make it right. Even if it is hard to make the first move, start talking again. You both love each enough to want to stay together and it is well worth the effort to do so.


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