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Love Horoscopes – September 25, 2012

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Aries:  Oh Aries, what are you thinking about doing? For those of you in a relationship, you may be at that point where everything ELSE is starting to look good and your restlessness is beginning to show. You know you have a wonderful and caring partner, who has stuck it out through all your rollercoaster emotions but there is someone else. This someone else is wickedly tantalizing and oh so naughty and you need that right now, you know you want it but from someone else. Now this doesn’t mean you love your partner any less, you just want to be reminded that you “still got it”. You might as well play; you can’t resist this level of temptation but lay down the lines you should NOT cross. If you do cross them, you will lose everything.

Taurus: You are in this mood today. Frustration is taking over and obstacles seem so much harder to overcome. Because conflicts may be hard to avoid, you might want to keep away from those closest to you for a day or so. Sadly, you won’t be able to keep everyone away. Someone has decided they have to have you and will stop at nothing to do so. This person may not only send you something conjure up some very weird tactics, all the name of winning your heart. If he or she manages to make you laugh, you might want to consider giving them a chance, just not today. Today the energy is still unfavorable and you could do something rash and regrettable that may even hurt your new admirer. Save the opportunity for another time.

Gemini: If you are attached, you may find that things are unusually urgent between you and your loved one. You may not be able to put your finger on it but it just seems like someone pushed the power button on your partner because their energy level is sky high! After you two woke up this morning, you may have had sex at least twice, he or she may be sexting you as we speak and before lunch they may even be talking about dinner and plans for the rest of the week. They might just leave your head spinning! If you are unattached, many of you have achieved a balance within that shows you are ready to date again. Do you have someone in mind? If so maybe make the move and ask him or her out on a date. The odds are in your favor.

Cancer: You are in a relaxed mood and want to shun any and all stressful situations. You will find yourself avoiding people who just demand too much from you at any given time. Instead you would rather focus on things that make you happy. If you are attached, you will feel like clowning around with your sweetheart. You are likely to initiate games that involved the winner getting something they love, probably something sensual and hot. If you are unattached, you may find yourself out and about simply taking in the sights. As you people watch, you might find one or two looking back at you. If you want to pursue matters then take up the chase but if not, give this person your sexy smile and keep on gazing for stars.

Leo: If you are attached, has your relationship been a bit distant. Things are ok but not as they once were and you can’t quite figure out where the sharp left turn was made. Well the energy of the day is going to help you along but creating a little bit of chaos. You may not get all the answers you seek BUT you will understand what drives your sweetheart to do what they do and that is much more than you had days ago. From this knowledge you can start to piece things together, maybe even gain a broader perspective of your relationship as a whole. Once the gears in your mind start to turn, things will become clearer. Expect a few “ah ha” moments over the next few days. By the end of the week, you two may have regained the closeness you lost.

Virgo: All available Virgos, this will probably be your day. It may feel as if you are at a buffet with all the options for love and play that present themselves to you. For whatever reason you are the center of attention, you plan on having so much fun with it. Things seem to be done for you, just because. You are included in decision making conversations, because people want your opinion. Everyone wants you and quite a few of them want what is between your legs just as much as they want is between your ears. The choice you need to make is who gets what piece of you. Who do you want to just flirt with, you do you want to take back home for the night and who might get to be around next weekend? So many people, so little time… how do you choose?

Libra: Regardless of your relationship status, you may be presented with a few surprises; one of them comes from someone you once cared deeply for. There are some people that will forever have a piece of your heart; one or even a few that you may always love to some degree. This person makes a bold statement in the only way they know how and spark some much needed introspection. If you are completely unattached this may be an easy feat but if you are… let’s just say romantically challenged, this reflection may become a bit more complicated. Focus on your future, focus on what you truly want for it and decide who can better support your effort to get there. Wait until you have all your answers before taking any action either way.

Scorpio: Some of you have been playing a dangerous and potentially hurtful game with your current significant other. Many of you are sticking around with whom you were “once” dating; waiting on the one you currently desire to become available. Well you won’t have to wait much longer as they tied up their loose ends but now, you are forced to do the same. No more having and eating your entire cake you greedy little stinger. The problem is that your “about to be out the door” sweetheart… well things have gotten really good between you and you don’t really want to let them go. Now you are caught in this tangled web without a way out. Either way, whoever you decide let go, expect a bit of drama and a lot of anger. This is to teach you a lesson.

Sagittarius: You feel emotionally strong and upbeat, giving you a new lease on life and love. When it comes to new romantic endeavors, you like to be in control. You like to observe then pursue when you think you know all you need to know but today, you won’t have that chance. You will be knocked off your feet and left mesmerized by someone who probably just walks right into your life. As they completely throw you for a loop they also knock you right out of your comfort zone. Thankfully there will be no need to get your bearings, they want you and you want them and any relationship started now, will be one of love and support. Not everything is a game or sport; sometimes it just takes a little bomb to drop to be reminded of that.

Capricorn:  If the travel bug has bit you recently, then you have already planed your next trip. At this point it isn’t where you want to go but where haven’t you been yet! As you begin your latest journey, you may encounter someone who is just enthusiastic about new things as you are and has the desire to conquer all in their sight. It is entirely possible that a romantic relationship will begin but it won’t be right away, expect there to be some build up towards it. For those of you in committed relationships, things may have grown a bit dull and weary lately. The energy of the day is surrounding you with warmth and curiosity, so you can expect things in your relationship to be refreshed and completely invigorated.

Aquarius:  You are entering a period of time where love and happiness enter your life and bring with it an emotional depth and power you have not experienced in some time. There may be a few of you Aquarians that have been going through a relatively secluded and celibate cycle that has weighed heavily on your mind lately. You need to feel cared for and loved by someone who isn’t family. Today the energy of the day helps bring you back to life. Not entire sure if it will be today or soon but expect to meet someone who will be all you hoped to find in a powerful package. For right now, get out and have some fun. After all this time you deserve some happiness but don’t put too much into things just yet. Right now, having fun is what is in order.

Pisces: You love surprises; it is like opening up a gift that you couldn’t guess what it was. Today will make you happy and give you something or rather someone to do. There may be a person who comes into your life today that you just fall in love with, right then and there. A Pisces, a victim of love at first sight… say it aint so! All kidding aside this person is damn near perfect. They seem to be just as emotionally intense as you are, interested in similar causes and even likes your ice cream flavor. Not sure there isn’t more you could want in a potential sweetie. Whether you encounter this person now or are in a relationship already, you can expect the bond you have to strengthen and continue to grow. Romance looks good on you Pisces!

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