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Love Horoscopes – September 29, 2012

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Aries: The last few days have been geared towards those in relationships. For those of you attached, stay in bed. Things are status quo unless you and loved one are working towards some goal. Some progress will be made today not much though. Stop being hard yourself though, you are doing the best you can with what you have. But if you are an Aries who is unattached and looking, the energy of the day is for you. Some of you may have played the waiting game, hoping that someone will come into your life and brighten things up. Well that will happen but you have to make it so. You have your charm, your magneticism and the passionate energy on your side so be confident if you make a move on the one you life, the response will be favorable.

Taurus: Attached? You are likely to be focused on future goals and your current plans to reach those goals as you finally figured those out. Make sure you keep deal with the facts of the matter as this moves forward. Soon enough you will have all you desire. If you are unattached, someone interesting will saunter into your life today. This person has either watched you from afar or has gotten bitten by the love bug because he or she is on a mission to get to know you better. This person isn’t just some mush of a person, they have substance, character and you will be thinking about how good they would look between your sheets. This person burns brightly with passion and you have no choice but to give in. You will be glad you did.

Gemini: This is an intervention Gemini! If you are attached, you have been keeping things bottled up. You think no one cares, that your partner wouldn’t care if you are hurting over something that they can explain or help you through. Problem is that you have been holding on to this grievance for so long, even you may not remember all it entails. Talk to your love one, put this to rest! If you are unattached, it is time to make your move. Yes that means turning off the TV, sorry love. There is that special someone who you have thinking about for weeks if not a few months. Why think when you can have? The energy of the day is passionate but also conducive to risk taking. I see two things working greatly in your favor right there!

Cancer: Those of you attached may want to steer clear of your lover today; it will be a rather challenging day. Their temper is hotter than Texas chili and it could be all geared toward you. If you have done something, hell even if you haven’t, you are likely to be blamed for whatever you may have actually done, he or she may have thought you had done or something you wanted to do that they may not like. You may be so taken aback that you find it hard to refute any of their claims or even form a coherent sentence. What you need to do is figure out a way to keep the atmosphere around you two light. Maybe have a conversation that consists of one or two things they absolutely adore or are very knowledgeable in. This should keep things peaceful.

Leo: Things have been tense to say the least lately. You and loved one may start the day off well but end up at each other’s throats. He or she will not share what they are feeling or maybe you can’t pick up on the clues while you on the other hand can’t stop complaining about feeling caged in and loosing yourself of freedom. Safe to say you two have had more arguments than a courtroom lately and it won’t change unless you both do. It takes two to make a relationship and you both have traits that annoy the hell of out of the other. If you want to this to work, to go back to the way it was then you two need to find a compromise. You will get some help from the passionate energy of the day. Talk it out, by end you two will be back in love.

Virgo: You haven’t had a day or opportunity like this in quite some time. True romance is practically at your feet today but only if you want it bad enough. Your carnal needs are rather strong right now so it is likely you will take the risk needed to come out on top. You are on the brink of an affair that promises to be passionate, meaningful and least of all deep. You have been thinking long and hard about this person, if you should or if you should and would you two really make as great of a fit as you think you would. The answer all around is yes. You are already consumed; he or she wants you just as bad but is not sure if they should make a move. This is an all or nothing task. You are either in or out and looking like a sad person on the losing team dug out.

Libra: For those of you in a relationship where your roles are clearly defined, and yes feel free to think of “50 Shades”, the satisfaction you once drew from the situation is no longer there. Rather than feeling free you feel restricted and can’t breathe. Your need to either control or be controlled is not something you desire anymore and it is making things difficult for you both. You need to get your bearings before losing your patience. Once you do, it is time for a serious, serious, conversation. Others of you in not so demanding relationships will be deep in to conversation by the evening’s end. It will be hours and hours of detailed topics and philosophical debate. You two will be much closer in the morning making you believe in a little thing called magic.

Scorpio: Enough is enough, it is time to take your head out of the sand and quit trying to hide. You have certain problems with your relationship that you have seriously downplayed because you just do not want to deal with them. The problem is that not only is it written all over your face but because of your general attitude, it is plain to see that it is bothering you more than you let on. Your loved one is fed up and will likely demand an answer so they can atone for whatever mistake they have made. Use your words, calm and collected, then just lay it all out on the table. You won’t need to fully spell it out, your loved one is smart enough to know but they wanted to hear it from you. So long as you two work together, all the tensions will just go away.

Sagittarius: For those of you looking for attachment, this energy of the day is right up your alley. You secretly have type, he or she is a bit mysterious and maybe they have a dark air around them, something intriguing that makes you want to unravel all there is to know about him or her. The fantasies are more and more prominent lately so it is entirely possible that you will meet a person who fits the description today if not over the next few days. The energy surrounding you is rather passionate and when you two finally meet it will all come rushing toward you. This person will seemingly answer all your relationship prayers. For those of you unhappy in your personal life, you can no longer avoid the reasons why. It is time for you to face up to them.

Capricorn: Those of you in a relationship may be stressed out right now. Maybe some of you have had conversation after conversation and have made no head way with any of your problems. Whatever else you need to say, hold off for a day or two. It seems like you two are going round and round. Take a break, get some air then revisit this in a day or two. For those of you unattached, you may find that you are irresistible to many around you. Confidence is always sexy but your physical attractiveness is especially high right now. It is almost like you are magnet, everyone seems drawn to you today. Do not be surprised that the one you are interested in finds you intimidating. You will just have to show him or her otherwise.

Aquarius: The energy surrounding you is rather intense and you feel every single ounce of it. This couldn’t come at a better time because while things may be fine in your love life, they are beginning to grow stale. Take charge, use this energy to your advantage and spice things up a bit in your life. Focus on your lover, make them feel desired and needed, they will in turn do the same for you. This give and take, coupled with your natural charm and thoughtfulness will keep you two going strong! If you have a more complex problem in your relationship, now is the time to take it apart and work it out. You both still care about each other greatly but this is just a slight bump in the road, it can be fixed so long as you two want it to be.

Pisces: Recently your thoughts have been scattered. Everything else does need to be addressed but at this moment, focus on your personal life. You may be concerned about the decisions you have made in the past, similar ones creeping up in your world today, that have put you on the current course you are on. Before you can change direction you must make sure your perspective is operating on an even keel. It is time to regain your clarity and find your true north. Once you do, the direction that your life should take, issues that have popped up in your love live and even personal family matters will come into focus and answers you need will all be right there. Your window of opportunity is only a day or two so get moving on this.

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