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Love Horoscopes – September 30, 2012

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Aries: Love and romance are two things that never go smoothly, good or bad, in your life. When you want something exciting you get something tradition, when you want something traditional you get something exciting. Today is certainly no exception. You are going through a period of emotional seriousness. Any other time this is fine but everything else around you is not on the same wavelength. Your lover, or the one you are interested in, seem to be acting out of sorts but in a good way. You are completely amused and scandalized by the goofiness of the day. You know what, let go. Stop being so serious, stop thinking of creating a plan b or c and just enjoy the moment. Lighten up, have fun with him or her and worry about everything else later.

Taurus: For those of you unattached that adventurous energy hasn’t quite left your surroundings. As it lingers your curiosity is getting the best of you so you may decide to go exploring. You will meet many people along the way and few interesting ones with whom you can form friendly and romantic relationships with. Follow your impulses! That previous statement goes for those attached as well. You have been keeping parts of your relationship to yourself. Friends are intrigued, especially because you and your loved one seem a little mismatched. There are many things they do not know about you two and letting them in on one or two little tidbits will stop them from prying any further. Go ahead and share something with them, then enjoy the silence.

Gemini: If you are in a long term/permanent relationship, do not be surprised if your partner has gotten themselves completely engrossed in some sort of project or hobby. Let them have the day to do whatever it is they are trying to do and you take the day to catch up on something. You have a list of things you either want to try or things you need to finish. Go about your day and let them do… well whatever craziness they are getting up to. If you have just started or are in a relatively young relationship, you may not be getting out of bed this today. There is an intense sexual energy that is buzzing with urgency that you both feel compelled to use and use, and continue to use throughout the day. No need to go to gym for few days after this!

Cancer: Many of you may look back at this time and recognize it as a turning point for many of your personal relationships. Something in the air that is open and fresh allowing a connection to permeate deeply and honestly. This type of intimate conversation doesn’t always need to be serious in nature but at a level where mutual appreciation and understanding are met. Depending on the nature of the connection, nothing wrong with mixing in some flirting and a few promises for later either! Some of you may start thinking about someone from your past, a serious of good memories, that you wish could continue. It is entirely possible that this person may come back into your life, sometime soon. You two can reestablish the positive connection.

Leo: Today is a good day to have your deepest desires met. Many people see you a bit traditional, kinda like blueberry pie, and would be absolutely gob smacked if they knew the deliciously perverse things you love to get up to. You need to scratch that itch, badly. Whomever it is you trust with your carnal urges, best tell them that this could take all day. You are in the mood to explore a few more things besides what you are already comfortable with, things your partner has wanted to try as well. Give into it and allow yourself to enjoy your kinky side. As you well know, you are not alone in that world. Sometime today you will be hit with a moment of clarity which will eventually lead you reinvent yourself in some way. Take it slow, there is no rush.

Virgo: The intensity we have seen in the recent energy is still lingering today. With it comes a quite a bit of sweet with a little bitter rounding it out. Things are going well with your loved one, you’re comfortable, you feel like you know this person as well as he or she knows you and you two are compatible physically – nothing more you want right now. But today, your sweetie will do something that makes you wonder who the hell they are and how you were so wrong. Now in the heat of this moment, either one of you may lose your sense and allow ego to win as self perseverance seeps in. Rather than looking out for number one you both should be thinking about each other. You may just have to accept this is who they are and either stay or leave.

Libra: Some of you may find yourselves worried about something you may have thought you seen or partially heard. While it is good idea to be wary of what seems like conflicting information and cold attitudes, you still don’t know for certain if what you think it all means is the truth. For as much as it may be possible, it can certainly be something else entirely. Rather than jump conclusions today, watch your loved one and see what does or doesn’t change. Make sure you two spend the day together. Do something different that you two have always wanted to do. Sometimes when things go very well, pieces of information slip out. Though it’s subtle, you’ll have to pay close attention, the truth is there. Soon enough you will know what is going on.

Scorpio: You want to be with your sweetheart today and it doesn’t matter how. Part of you wants to spend the day at your home and enjoy time with close friends and family. The other part of you wants to take off somewhere and go somewhere new and unique. Who says you can do both? Maybe you should gather everyone and try and new restaurant or have the party at home but create some sort of theme. Either way the two of you working together to pull this off will do wonders for your relationship. All the loving and warm energy that surrounds you today will certainly serve you well tonight. Though you two might be exhausted after such a busy day, you two won’t be so exhausted that you can’t show each other a little love.

Sagittarius: This is a good day to just enjoy yourself. Regardless of your relationship status, make today about you. You need some time to recharge and just be what makes you, you. If you have an urges for the day, listen to them. They are likely telling you to get out and do something different. This is a time of experimentation and the having the confidence to try all you have ever wanted to do. Follow these urges and you will not be disappointed at all. There will be some things you like and some you won’t. Though if you are an unattached archer, you might want to steer clear of your usually places if you are looking for romance. Aren’t you tired of seeing the same places? Exactly! Try somewhere new, you might have better luck.

Capricorn: This is or will be a good time for you as both your need for creativity and romantic needs are satisfied. If you are attached, your relationship is running smoothly for once. Issues have been resolved and you are both on the same page. If you are unattached you may encounter someone who is absolutely interested. Though if it is meant to be, it will be so do not force it. The key to maintaining such harmony is to be you. In all your bold and unique glory, let the world continue to see you for exactly who you are. It is when you try to be what you aren’t or try too hard to be what you do not want to be, that it all falls apart around you. Enjoy the moment, what you feel today. Good or bad, there is always something else around the corner.

Aquarius: In order to get to the good stuff, you may have to endure some ridiculous bullshit first. Whatever you do, don’t let any of it get you down. You are likely to miss the warning signals that accompany this but any argument that surfaces, do not engage. One, the subject matter is just lame and secondly, you would not be able to get a word in edge wise in order to debate it. Let this person say whatever it is they feel or claim they know, you know better. Stay positive and speak positively, it will make a world of difference. As you get past this, you will find yourself about ready to embark on an adventure with someone special by your side. An opportunity you never thought possible, actually is and it is a life changer.

Pisces: This is a good time for love and romance in your life regardless of your relationship status. The energy surrounding you is warm, affectionate and also very, very responsive. As a Pisces, people of walks of life are attracted to you in one form or another. If you are unattached, someone in particular will have you a bit perturbed… but in a good way. You are drawn to each other in a rather unique way and you approach each other as such. You two are both playing the same game though you neither of you recognize it as such. There is nothing wrong with playing this game, but one of you should realize that there are better games you two could be playing, together. Once you two get on the same page, it will be one hell of a relationship!

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