Weekly Sonnyscopes ! October 1, 2012

Astro Week – Beginning October 1, 2012

Dear Aries

This week is all about teaming up for success. There’s an emphasis on rewards in and out with a partner so choose wisely. If good then you guys can be happy. If you choose poorly then it really is your own fault. Stat looking at the details but don’t allow yourself to be slowed down.

Dear Taurus

If it feels like everything you do upsets your partner don’t worry. This is the last week for the drama. Something that you thought was resolves comes back to affect your partner. It’s not exactly karma just a little insecurity with your past.

Dear Gemini

Your flirty attitude is getting you in trouble. Keep going. It would be nice to say turn it down to please others but seriously. If they can’t keep up then they have to go. Stringing a couple of lovers along can be a fun alternative but you haven’t actually been that successful at it yet. Clear the air or let them go.

Dear Cancer

Is the miscommunication getting you down or perhaps you really were bad and got caught. If you close your eyes it WILL go away. Have fun waiting for your next love cycle.

Dear Leo

Here you go Leo. It’s time to make some money. Or rather, allow money to flow towards you. Careful, it’s money in and money out but if you tighten your purse you’ll be able to save. Love is waiting somewhere physical.

Dear Virgo

Finally a little recognition. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it. Good things are happening to your ego and personal identity. Allow yourself to step out a bit and shine. Love is currently flowing towards Virgo.

Dear Libra

Time for some me time. The spotlight is on and it’s bright. Don’t worry about what you did to get the attention. Just enjoy the glow. Your mind is expanding rapidly these days and you finally have your optimistic outlook back. Keep bringing people together.

Dear Scorpio

It’s never going to stop hurting so you might as well tough it out and keep going. Saturn is almost here. Your mind will finally clear and your game will be back. You might have to cut your losses. Surprisingly, this will bring good luck. Be strong.

Dear Sagittarius

It’s fun to think about and actually it might be fun to do as well. Come out from the shadows and let everyone see your work. It’s worth a second look and you might finally find that destiny thing you’ve been looking for.

Dear Capricorn

Love becomes detail oriented for all of us this week but for you that means some kind of exotic, distance, and grand, ideas of love. I know it sounds strange but it seems to fit. Saturn, your astro-ruler is shifting signs. Expect restrictions in your career to loosen.

Dear Aquarius

Love applies a detailed look at your financial network. You begin to feel career restrictions but it’s followed correctly it can be a path to deserved success. Creativity teams up with higher learning.

Dearest Pisces

As Venus enters Virgo this week it will add form to your visions of love. This is your lucky time for love so allow yourself to explore what’s out there. Practical realities are at odd with your dreams but don’t let it stop you from discovering more of what you really want.

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