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Love Horoscopes – October 1, 2012

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Aries: For many of you your thoughts are on a quickly developing relationship, only that is the problem of the day. Your energy is geared towards being in a more permanent relationship, marriage or commitment, and so is your loved one but you are both wondering how to go about it. You and maybe your loved one too, is thinking whether or not you two should give into the urges and temptations now or let things between you grow a little longer just to make sure. If you see each other tonight, look for an opportunity to bring this up in casual conversation. Understand that the draw and urge is there and you two may not be able to resist the passion that you feel for each other. If you are completely unattached, start manifesting the type of person you desire.

Taurus: Communication between you and your loved one should be good during this time but it is likely that there will be a few misunderstandings. But that would depend entirely on you. Lately your temper has gotten the best of you and you may be taking it out on your sweetheart, besides the obvious, your partner is fed up. Once they tire of you using them as a whipping post they fight back. This will probably escalate but how far again, depends on you. If you can keep a calm head and trust yourself, you can get to the bottom of this problem. You are not the only one going through something right now. With a little hope and how like of optimism, you can patch things up with your loved one in time to enjoy the rest of your evening.

Gemini: For many of you, your focus may be on what you thought was developing between you and someone who has the potential to be really good for you. You two have grown rather close and things have or looked like they were becoming intimate and yet you are denied at every turn when you try to define what it is between you. You are at the point of just forcing this person into a conversation and demand answers but you think you may be ignored yet again. If you feel the moment is right, then do it. Granted you will feel emotionally unsettled as this all unfolds but damn it, enough is enough. Surprisingly enough, things may become different once you do. He or she may admire your determination and agree to your… demands.

Cancer: We all know that 99.9% of the time, ultimatums never turn out well despite all the courage be put behind them. Right now the water is bubbling over in your relationship and you feel you are up against the wall. You are under pressure from areas of your life and now some of those pressures have become insecurities in your intimate affairs. Before it gets out of hand and tears are spilled, pay attention to your loved one. You two are going through similar notions. Do this right and sit down with each other, hash it all out and see what is left over when it’s done. Now this doesn’t need to be at this exact moment. Maybe you want to get your thoughts together first but do this in the next day or two. Otherwise the energy to help you may weaken.

Leo: Regardless of your current relationship status, you might be fantasizing about a level of romance and lust that you do not currently have. Do not be so wrapped up in your mind that you miss your opportunity. If you are attached with these desires, it is possible to transform your relationship by acting on your desires with your partner. If they are not responsive; this will give you much to think about it. If you are unattached, the person who may just be the one could be someone you have never noticed or have ever really paid attention to before. Suddenly this fascinating person is in your way and the more you do pay attention, the more you like what you see. If you do not encounter anyone, it is time to manifest your dream love.

Virgo: The energy surrounding you is positive as it promotes harmony and warmth to your interactions with those closest to you. If you are in some form of a relationship, expect this energy to be passionate and lustful. Do not be surprised if you find yourself taking things to the next level and deepening what you two have. If you are unattached, now is a good time to participate in any social gatherings you are invited too. You could meet someone that finally has elements of your perfect person. This person has underlying intensity and something mysterious that you just can’t quite put your finger on but you simply cannot resist. You both are attracted to each other and this may work. Be careful this doesn’t fizzle out before it begins.

Libra: Were you set up on a blind date? Maybe you have a date with someone you met online? Whatever the scenario, this person is so not who you thought you are. You may have been under the impression that this person is a bit refined and maybe a tad bit conservative. But the person you will see is quite possibly the polar opposite. They are a bit undisciplined, a little more controlling than you would normally like and dare a say a bit untamed. Despite the wildness and overbearing behavior, you enjoyed yourself. In all honesty, you may leave your date tonight not knowing how you feel exactly but you know it is positive. He or she will certainly make this one for the history books. If you want to see them again, expect them to play hard to get.

Scorpio: You may have a date with someone who is just like you but double the intensity. He or she knows exactly what they want at any given moment and what seems as if, any given time. You can tell that whatever it is, they have every intention on being successful in achieving it. If you like what you see then you need to stand out in some way shape or form to tempt this person to come back for another round. The energy around you will give you just what you need by enhancing your vitality and sense of direction. Not only would he or she appreciate your individualism but so will you. You never know what you are capable of until you want something or in this case someone, bad enough. Go ahead, take the initiative, you should like the end result.

Sagittarius: If you are attached, this is a good time to explore the depths of your relationship. You may be paying extra attention to things during this time because if anything were to fall apart, now is the time for it to happen. Now it isn’t nice to be pessimistic but you have valid concern. What you may find is not only delightful but ego inducing. You two are really rather perfect together. No need for wishing or magic potions, you two are well matched, well cared for and it only seems to be getting better as time rolls forward. After all this time there is still a great depth to your conversations, he or she simulates your body and mind completely… you are just blown away. Continue to be proud of what you have and continue to keep this positive.

Capricorn: If you are in a relationship a little more permanent, this is a fantastic time for you. After all this time you still feel a sense of urgency to be with each other and that butterfly feeling when you two come together after any time away. You two truly love each other and the energy of the day will certainly capitalize on this. If you are not attached just yet, that person you have been working on is more responsive to your advances today. Turn on that extra sex appeal and show just how passionate you can be. You may attract more date possibilities by showcasing all of your charms. If there is no one in your life right now, being out and about in a social capacity may help you out. This person could very good for you in the long run.

Aquarius: Are things a little tense right now in your love life? These past few months have been nothing short of war like behavior. You engage your loved one, quite possibly advance a few steps or retreat a few dozen more. There may be a few problems that have been left to linger and have festered into something more that should be dealt with now but neither you or  your loved one can’t seem to figure out how. What you need to do is just start talking about it. Right now the energy surrounding you is charming and loveable; this will go a long way to clearing the air and righting all the wrongs so long as your loved one is cooperative. Before things get any further out of hand, sit down and don’t stop talking until it is all resolved.

Pisces: Many of you lack the proper emotional stimulation in your life. This is in part your fault because you feel personal displays of affection are embarrassing and sophomoric. If you are attached, this is a simple fix; all you need to do is be the person who displays their affections. Your loved one will respond in kind and with a little shock. If you are not attached, this is the time to change your approach on how you find someone you can love openly. You may not have to look too far as someone who finds you attractive, has decided to pursue you to the ends of the earth. They are determined melt the ice around your heart and you can’t find a reason for this person not to. Here is a novel idea, enjoy this person and all he or she has to offer.

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