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Love Horoscopes – October 2, 2012

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Aries: You are a sign of action and progress. When you want something, it gets done. So why is it that some of you are waiting for love to just knock on your door? Who is going to do that? Listen, the energy of the day is promoting socializing and a lot of lighthearted fun. Get up off your ass and go have some fun. Even if it is not to find someone to spice up your love life, it is to break the monotony that has become your life. If you are looking, then going out will freshen your rather dull point of view. Once you see everyone else have fun, you can relax and have some fun yourself. The sooner you start having fun the more attractive and magnetic you become. Possible love interests will be drawn to your natural charm. GET MOVING!

Taurus: Your sexual needs are causing a sense of urgency in your relationship. Physically, your relationship is fantastic and you would love to be reminded of how great it is but your heart isn’t quite in it at the moment. Your needs for intimacy are just not being met along with a few other non-sexual feelings. When you are not completely satisfied, no one is. Your thoughts right now may be how to approach this without upsetting your sweetheart and risk being cut off. Make your compulsion and determination work for you by speaking up about how you feel and mix some flirtation into the conversation. This will soften the impact and make your loved one more willing to change. By the end of the week, you will have you desire.

Gemini: Your emotions are everywhere today. You are bubbly, positive and full of optimism but you are restless and feel you can take on the world in some new adventure. This is one hell of a combination, one that could get you in trouble if you are not careful as you will want to take chances that are not necessary. Your mind is stuck on the notion that anything is possible, which it is but not where your mind should be today. This level of confidence could give way to some tension between you and loved one. Something will lead to one, if not both of you, feeling that you are giving more in the relationship than the other. A silent completion seems to be under way to prove each other wrong. Simply acknowledging what has been done is good enough.

Cancer: Some of you that are currently attached may encounter the green eyed monster today when a person who meant a lot to you in the past happens to reenter your life. Thankfully, communicating is in your favor today and you can whole heartily express your feelings on the matter. You not interested in anything other than friendship with this person and no inclination to take it any further than that. It may take a lot of reassurances but your partner is likely to change their tune and want to meet this person. This may seem like it works in your favor but the two of them may end up getting along too well. If they get comfortable enough to swap stories then you may have a few things to answer for. That should be loads of fun… not!

Leo: The day has barely started and you are probably wishing tomorrow would come already. Things just seem to have gotten off to annoying start. Sometime today your loved one will throw a ridiculous temper or if you are unattached, you may have lost the chance to ask your heart’s desire out on a date. Well, you can either be proactive or pout right alongside everyone else. We don’t pout right? RIGHT! So if you are attached and love one throws this blood-curdling tantrum, let them do it. Sit there and watch as they act like a 4 year old then walk away when they are done. They got it out of their system; you heard their complaints, move on. Unattached, the lusty mood isn’t completely lost. Just wait, the mood will return, sooner than you think.

Virgo: There is an intense energy flowing through your love life today. Regardless of your relationship status this will affect you in more ways than one. If you are attached, this intensity may translate to you acting compulsive and disruptive. If there have been any issues in your relationships that have seemingly been waiting for the other shoe to drop, it has. Your tendency to be demanding will not help this matter so do what you can to curb that instinct. If you are unattached, the object of your desire may be overwhelmed by your adorably innocent child-like wonder. There is no need to try so hard and no need to go any further. He or she will be more impressed by your natural state of being than any little cutesy act you can manage.

Libra: The slight intensity in the air will impact your life as well today. You have been thinking about whether or not you should make the move on the one you have been admiring. You know something is there between you but this waiting is driving you crazy. You are not sure if you should wait any more or just take the risk. You should do a little bit of both. People usually give some sort of sign. Maybe it’s a gesture or a comment but if you are paying attention, you will see it. Keep your eyes open and wait for it. When it comes, then use the confidence this powerful energy brings and make your move. This may be a little out of character but it is time. Do this right and you are off to a good start; maybe even a relationship.

Scorpio: Things may seem to be out of sorts today. You are having problems with your feelings of vulnerability and sensitivity while your loved one is becoming increasingly selfish. You are so wrapped up in your sense of responsibility that you are determined to work through something you may have to admit, mainly to yourself, that you just cannot do. Others can see it, you can’t and a power struggle may erupt. Being strong means admitting when you need help, whatever it takes to get you through. Now your loved one is being a bit selfish but they not realize they are doing this to you. But you are so worried about upsetting this already chaotic atmosphere that you would rather say nothing at all. There is a lesson here, look for it.

Sagittarius: The intensity lingering in the energy surrounding you will make this a rather spicy day for you romantically. Things are likely to heat up if there is a little bit of competition to fuel the fires. Doing something, competing against each other will get the blood flowing and create a nice level of sexual tension. You have to admit, seeing your loved one so determined is quite the turn on. It will make you think of what else you two can compete in later. Never the less be conscious of whatever the contest is so that you and your love one do not cross the line between competition and trash talk to something a bit like confrontation. Granted some things may be said in the heat of the moment and spirit of the game but there are better ways to deal with it.

Capricorn: If you are unattached, today will possibly turn into a first for you. You may have to state your case on why you are the one the object of your affection should date. Think the “Dating Game” but it is just you and this person. The reason, you have been a bit cool lately towards him or her and they felt it. Though this had nothing to do with this special someone, they were affected based on your lack of actions. Time to make it up to them by playing this little game of 20 (or more) questions. Be honest and truthful no matter how bad you may look. This person likes everything up front, no surprises later. Be prepared to impress him or her with your humor and intelligence. You will charm your way into more than just a date.

Aquarius: Things have been boring for some of you and you have been trying to figure out a way to change that. First off if any of your relationships have issues to resolve, get them out of the way and clean the slate. Communication is strong now so working through whatever it is will be effortless. Once you have accomplished this, the lusty enthusiasm will return, on both sides. If you are unattached, use this to attract your next date. Be bold, take small risks and let the interested party come to you. The one who picks up on your signs is the one for you. If you are newly attached, pull out all the stops to night with your loved one. They will certainly make sure you are glad you came out with them tonight!

Pisces: The intensity in the energy today may give you a lot to handle. You are a bit more empathic today and you are sensitive to the emotions and desires of those around you. This is making you a bit more cautions and rather defensive. Whatever you do, pick your battles carefully otherwise you will lose the war. The defensive energy may give you a bit over protective and doing thing you don’t normally consider. You should really consider pushing all of that to the side for now because you have other balls to juggled like the one person in your life who can make it all better, wants you badly. As you do your little happy dance, flip the switch from serious to fun and enjoy it. You will have plenty to deal with today.

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