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Love Horoscopes – October 4, 2012

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Aries: Right now the energy is promotion improvement or change. If you are attached, look for your relationship to go through some sort of revival likely linked to some sort of celebration. The happiness spans across all areas of your life and helps you remember why you two are together in the first place. If you are unattached, look for a new romance wrapped up in an unexpected pleasure. Your playful attitude will attract the right person to into your life. Also, many of you will feel a bit more spontaneous than usual so expect the urge to experiment (in more ways than one) or break away from routines. Do not be surprised if your friends want to come along for the ride as well. Everyone loves a good adventure.

Taurus: This is a positive time for you romantically. Connections you make during this time will be both successful and meaningful. For some there are a few surprises in store thanks your sweetheart. The art of romance is full of secrets and your loved one may have a few tricks he or she would like to try on you. If things are not so perfect between you two expect a night that will change the tide in your relationship as your sweetie makes an effort by creating a rather romantic evening. Intimacy is the focus here to spend your time working towards relating to each other better. If you are unattached, this energy helps you connect on an intellectual level with someone who will be a potential love interest for you.

Gemini: This revitalizing energy is making a pit stop in your back yard today. Things have been a bit unruly between you and your loved one as your need for freedom disrupts the status quo in your relationship. Try as you might, nothing has been going to plan. Remember it takes two and right now you are thinking about you in this moment rather than the future you and sweetie should plan for. Get yourself back on track otherwise you could lose a good thing. If you are unattached this somewhat restless energy brings to someone who challenges you and surprises you all in the same breath. You even find you become upset a few dozen times during the course of your conversation. Underneath all that, might be someone worth getting to know better.

Cancer: Your words, their weight and tone, are very important right now especially as some very personal topics may come up in conversation. But the power in your words will depend solely on you. If you are trying to clear up any grievances, you will not be able to persuade your loved one if you are not sincere. If you are trying to seduce your lover, there will be no tempting if you can make them feel it. Think about these things before you attempt to do whatever you are trying to do. Otherwise your plans will most certainly fail because all your sweetheart will think is that you are full of hot air. Some of you may find yourselves taking a trip down amnesia lane by reminiscing and reflecting on the past. There might be something for you to learn with that.

Leo: If your relationship has grown stale recently, look for its revival during this time. It likely begins with a desire to change something about your appearance. Whatever it is your do gets noticed by everyone you pass by on the way home. Your spirits are raised, you decide to turn on the charm and you come across much more appealing and others are showing interest. And while you may be tempted, you will look the same way tomorrow, you want to see your lover’s reaction to this new you. Expect the same lusty stare you encountered in public and a physical closeness you haven’t felt in some time. There will be plenty of open affection and even hints are creating a romantic dinner. If the response isn’t favorable, may temptation is not so bad.

Virgo: Lately things have grown a bit routine. This certainly opens the door to temptation seeing as your lover isn’t as affectionate or open as you he or she once was and you need them to be. BUT, your partner may have a few ideas to turn things around. You think this will be another run of the mill night in but your loved one has decided to pull out all the stops from food to the music playing in the background and your favorite movie in the DVD player. This will be a night to remember. Now if you are unattached, there is a slight intensity still lingering within the energy so any one you encounter that you find attractive will benefit from your high sex drive as it leads you to flirt and tease like never before.

Libra: You are hot today and your lover is feeling the heat. Your magnetism is off the chart and regardless of your relationship status, use every bit of it to your advantage. If you are attached, you are likely to want to add some spice the bedroom and may want to have some sort of erotic clothing planned for your loved ones return. Not that you are thinking about it, you came up with a plan to make this evening completely special. If you are unattached you are in need of some emotional and physical release. Thanks to the energy at hand, it should be fairly easy to scratch your itch. So get out there and meet new people and have new experiences. Enjoy a little romance too where it’s available.

Scorpio: Relationships are a lot like paintings, over time and experience, your perspective of the painting can change. Now this could be good or bad depending on what mood you are. Right now your focus is on the details which make you much more aware of the subtle nuances within your relationship. Any suppressed feelings or concerns you may have had may fade away as you now understand what is going on between you two. Be careful you do not become too pushy and ruin the whole deal. Take the old adage to heart, if you have something nice to day, then do not say anything at all. This may be a good time to question your motives in regards to this before you get too far ahead of yourself.

Sagittarius: It is easy to get caught up and carried away in fantasy, especially today. Right now you may be a bit distracted by the object of your desire, with whom you will be having a conversation with. As he or she is talking, you mind may be running away with romantic and erotic scenarios rather than listening to what is being said. They may or may not notice and they may or may not call you out on it so watch it! If you are attached, be careful not to go overboard in the fantasy department. Just because your imagination could very well be the perfect substitute to a sexual encounter, doesn’t me you can stay happy and content in your own little world. Break out and interact with the world around you. You might just find someone to satisfy your needs.

Capricorn: Your mind is racing with potentially negative thoughts about your relationship. Their actions, coupled with the state of your mind are likely to blow any “sign” out of proportion. Rather than accuse him or her with half assed information and personal opinion, wait it out and see where all of this leads. Now would be the time to draw strength from your family if you need to. If there are some fences that need mending here, might as well do it now because they will not go away now that you are there. Though it is in your nature, one way to start is trying to stop being so very critical about anyone else’s difficulties. You are not entirely perfect either dear. All in due time…

Aquarius: Right now you are looking to spoil yourself and what better way to making certain fantasies come true. You feel the urge for something luxurious and of quality, it is very important to you now. It is so important that you would rather not do it alone. If you are attached, make sure your loved one is ready for a day of indulgence. This energy will have you feeling as if you are on top of the world. You have throw caution to wind and losing yourself in the heat of the moment. Do not lose yourself completely now, this hypnotized state you find yourself isn’t going to last forever.  There may be a few parties that you will be invited to as well today. Social gatherings make times like this that much more fun!

Pisces: Today feels so good you may think it’s magical. The atmosphere around you has all these subtle nuances that seem to be too good to be true. Remember what they say about that; it probably is! Never the less because of the lovely and romantic energy floating about, interactions will be very good. If you are unattached, when the person of your dreams begins a conversation with you, pinch yourself so you know you are not dreaming and to keep your head in the game. If you want something to work with this person, you need your wits about you. This is also a very good time to let people know you care about them. Take the time to send a card, email a note of appreciation or even a love letter!

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