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Love Horoscopes – October 5, 2012


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Aries: Sometimes you just don’t give a shit and today is one of them. Worse yet, your indifference applies to your intimate affairs. For many of you, you can’t bring yourself to care that your loved one is desperate for your affection and attention. You just can’t bring yourself to care that it may all fall apart because you think, no one really cares so why should you. The fact of the matter is that your sweetheart isn’t just begging you as a lover, he or she is begging you as partner because they do truly care. You need to sit down and take stock of things. Open your eyes to what is around you. Don’t throw away something substantial over your moody “time of the month”. Get your entire life in perspective and start making repairs. Your heart first the rest next.

Taurus: Today your emotions are running both hot and cold. This surprises you because it is a complete 180 from this positive phase you thought you were going through. Right now, many of you may be experiencing a few twists and turns that will challenge any and quite possibly all of your personal relationships. The bad thing about all of this is that it has turned your sweetheart into a skittish colt. They have no idea whether it is ok to show you affection or find a place to hide. Make things right by apologizing and explaining to him or her of your current mind versus heart conflict. Take them out; maybe an evening with friends is in order to take the edge off. Just beware of new people trying to enter your social circle as they’re not very honorable.

Gemini: Right now your passions are very compelling. They are strong enough to make you be demanding of your loved ones attentions and affections. Though you may be demanding, your loved one is being difficult. Their emotions are running hot and cold and you have no idea what to do because they are the stable ones. You like that they have a level of dependability and now that it seems to be on vacation and tensions are erupting. Do not be surprised if the age old argument of ‘I am doing this for you what are you doing for me?’ comes to light. Neither one of you is being very thoughtful to the other right now so you both would be to blame. Thankfully this is just a phase and shouldn’t take more than a few days to pass and things return to normal.

Cancer: Today will be a rather interesting day regardless of your relationship status. If you attached, you have this itch to scratch. You need to break free or follow an impulse that has reached your core. This will certainly cause you to do things you normally would never think of and try things you never wanted to before. Do not expect these changes in your relationship to be easy as your loved one is wondering where the hell your erratic behavior is coming from and how they can send it back. If you are unattached you may need someone you want to have sex with and punch all at the same time. You are so very attracted to this person but at the same time you are annoyed and a little wary of him or her. This should be fun.

Leo: You may be arguing with your loved one today over the fact that you have become somewhat of an enigma. Well because of the current energy flowing through today, you are not the only one. They haven’t been very easy to read either. As you may be able to tell it is easy to get into arguments that really have no point and rehash old bullshit. Right now is not the time to let emotions get the better of you two. Try and think before you speak and don’t give up on this relationship. Your sweetheart does truly care for you and has no idea how to react to your distance and you the same. It is time to communicate this to each other and get on the same page. No need to make this any bigger than it already is or make a decision you will regret.

Virgo: You have been holding on to a multitude of grievances and many of them are from the distant past. Currently you are upset or otherwise emotionally compromised, by the behaviors your lover has displayed. You are a selfish lover and practically demand your lover to devote themselves to you entirely but this, you have no idea why they seem to distracted and angry. In due time, the problem will be revealed. When it does, you need to be honest about how you feel and what you expect out of this relationship but give the same respect to your loved one. Listen to what they have to say and what they feel; you can’t expect a partnership without taking their needs and desires seriously. Things will then get back on track, harmony restored.

Libra: You like everything in your life to have a certain order to them, including your intimate affairs. Right now, you have no idea what to do or to compartmentalize your relationship. Normally you are the practical one but during this time, you are not the easiest to get along with either. You are running hot and cold in the most harshest of ways. This is getting out of hand and is borderline destructive. Before you can handle your business, you two should really give each other space, at least for a few days. Get some emotions in order, allow your thoughts to gain a new perspective, sleep on any decisions you want to make. Come back in a few days, apologize for things said in the heat of the moment and find your once stable common ground.

Scorpio: You are the one who wants it all and today you have no idea what you want at this given moment. You are frustrated with the direction that your life is going in especially your love life which seems to have no direction at all. If you are attached, you have no idea what to do with your current lover. The cracks in the pavement are getting wider and it is becoming harder and harder not to fall through them. All is not lost in this relationship; you two just need a little time away, bring your heart and mind back together again. After a few days apart you two should be able to come back together again and remember what it was like to truly love each other before life got in the way. You will know exactly what you want when this drama is done and over.

Sagittarius: You like the disruptive energy that is flowing through the Zodiac today. And, you are the only one. The challenges and tensions are something you enjoy muddling through. It is like the chess game that takes hours to play or the mystery book you try to solve before you finish it. Any time you can merge your mental and emotional processes together, you are intrigued and seduced. So for those of you unattached, you will meet someone you cannot resist but also cannot reach. You will spend plenty of time rectifying this minor setback and are likely to succeed despite this person’s obscurity. He or she may consider you a beacon of light in their darkness and want to hold on to your for all it is worth. You have a lot of work to do so get it going.

Capricorn: For many of you right now, you are more concerned with your intimate affairs than you have ever been before. Things are growing much deeper than you expected, faster than you expected. You two love and respect each other but its depth is something you had not thought you would reach so soon. Usually when things don’t go to plan you start philosophizing the situation in order for it to make sense. Even that isn’t working today and the flaws in your plan and relationship are becoming clearer. What isn’t helping is your anxiety and worry. You see this entire situation for what it is and it is fixable. Beginning repairs now will help this stay manageable rather than becoming a serious issue. You can do it, get it done.

Aquarius: Though you are a free spirit in many instances, you need an element of stability for you do be who you are. When your loved one is acting so fickle and is being controlled by their unstable emotions, you become frustrated and irritable. You are at the point where you have no idea why you are even in this relationship and are just looking for any good reason to get out. Don’t jump the gun, give it a few days, though, and you should see substantial improvement. If you are unattached, you should be approachable today by wearing warm colors and something with a little bit of flash. You will certainly draw attention. Once you do you can keep it by showing off your creative mind and love for love.

Pisces: Like your Aries neighbor today, you frankly just can’t give a damn about the problems in your life. Usually this is nothing new but you are fighting this notion right now. You find yourself in between because you find it hard to express your true feelings and knowing your loved one feels the same depth of love that you do isn’t making it easier. You are on edge because you feel if you do not share what is inside of you, you could lose this person forever.  This upsets you and least of all challenges you but it is good you are getting a taste of your own medicine. Besides Karma taking this opportunity to make her rounds, make no rash decisions, ones you will regret. You will reconnect with your loved one; this rocky road is only temporary.


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