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Love Horoscopes – October 6, 2012

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Aries: There are times when your lust or related emotions get the best of you. It can consume your mind as well as your heart. Many of you will have a chance encounter that will do just that, overwhelm your senses. Whoever this person is, your attraction to them is instant, emotional and lustfully sexual. If you can keep it together, you might make it through with your heart intact. For some of you this is a good thing, when is the last time you ever felt so alive? But for a few of you, it is a bit more complicated as you may have to face your sweetheart afterward. You may feel as if you have to come clean or there may be some other reason why you are apprehensive. Regardless of the nature, the response will ultimately be very positive for both of you.

Taurus: Regardless of your relationship status, when is the last time you had a good time with someone other than yourself? Now take that however you ‘d like but when was the last time that you and those you love, went out and just let go? If you get invited to some sort of social gathering you should go and if there isn’t an even, create one. You could meet someone who will be influential and important to your life in the future. Which many of you need as your past comes back to haunt you. Someone you were once involved with feels there is some unfinished business that needs to be talked over. They are right, maybe there are loose ends and you should use this chance to tie them. It is time to close the door on that chapter and continue forward.

Gemini:  Regardless of your relationship status, you may have lost that loving feeling. Not that you have falling out of love, if you are attached, just nothing seems so warm or romantic right now. If you are unattached you may be feeling disenchanted because a recent date turned out to be a dud. You need new perspective, a positive outlook on love and romance. The energy that is current surrounding you is giving you the opportunity to gain a new point of view; you just need some time alone. Romance isn’t dead, it is alive and kicking, waiting on you to see it. Clear the cobwebs from your mind and break through this funk you have found yourself in. with a little effort you can restore the romantic harmony in your life for some time to come.

Cancer: It is time for you to stop pressuring yourself, limiting yourself and allow anyone other than you define who you truly are. You are pissed off at recent turn of events. For many of you this means things in your present relationship are not going as you had hope or the one you loved turned into someone you can’t identify with anymore. Either way, you are moving on and moving forward. You made a mistake somewhere along the way but so what! Brush it off, change your shoes and keep it going. Learn from this. You now know your comfort zones much better than before, you know what you will and will not tolerate and all you need to do now is stick to them. Change for no one. You have goals to achieve and responsibilities to keep.

Leo: All this damn drama surrounding you today! Some of you are unattached yet had someone that would have changed that BUT an ex spoiled that. Though they may have screwed things up now, you will be able to fix it later so don’t worry. Get rid of the ex; you can’t even be friends with this one and while it’s a shame, it’s necessary. For those of you attached, your lover is in an emotional state because they feel you have been pulling away. They will site your (apparent) growing distance and steady withdrawal from the relationship and demand to know what they have done to you to cause this.  Though you KNOW they have done nothing and that nothing is wrong, they don’t and need reassurances. Be nice and calm their fears, clear up this mess.

Virgo: Your needs are not being satisfied at the moment and your outlook is grim. For those of you attached, your recent dates have all been a waste of your time and those who come close to being potential, are really nothing other than wolves in sheep’s clothing. You need a solution and that will come when you stretch your comfort zone and look in places you do not normally frequent. Though some of you may encounter someone or something from your past, it may open a door for you. Do not be surprised if someone who you once thought was a charming enigma turns out to be adorably shy and putty in you hands. Remember if you give out affection, you must receive it in return or move on to one of the many others that will.

Libra: The fantasies in your mind seem like a nice cozy place to hang out. They are vivid and imaginative, they are of a world that not only fascinates you but has a level of perfection the real world cannot measure up to. Now is the time to indulge in them. Right now you yearn for a world of old where people spoke in long, drawn-out monologues and had a level of refinement not seen anywhere today yet is modern but not quite new. Though my description does nothing for the real thing, it is still one in which you can make into reality. Share your fantasy with someone you feel is like minded and you may be surprised at the response you get in return. You may not be the only one who dreams in the same vivid colors as you. Imagine that.

Scorpio: You may find yourself reflecting on the not so distant past, especially if you are attached. If you are then this will likely prompt a discussion about a few unresolved issues you two seemed to have glazed over. The things you are holding back from each other will likely turn insurmountable if you do not address them now. Just start the conversation and the rest will come together on its own, it will be fine. If you are unattached, this reflection seems to stir up some of your emotional prejudices. This will surely influence any of your future interactions as you will likely not be as emotional objective as you should be. Clear your mind of things that no longer make sense and are no longer viable in the real world. Dead weight sure is heavy.

Sagittarius: Today is about mutual satisfaction, in every way that you can think of. You need to start thinking about what exactly you want in life and love as the energy surrounding you is all about mutual investment and mutual trust. A lot of this may come in the form of one scratched back for another while there will be some cases where shared goals and feelings will bring favorable future results. If you are attached this translates into dealing with things you would rather not, starting with your loved ones recent behavior. Take the time to properly correlate what it was that has pissed you off then approach the subject. Once you two open up and be honest, you will to understand each other’s point of view more thoroughly

Capricorn: This will turn out to be a rather important day in your love life regardless of relationship status. Those of you unattached or simply dating, will find yourself in an intense situation as you move through the day. You could encounter someone that your attraction, both emotionally and physically, is off the charts. While you should take full advantage of this unexpected delight, your attached counterparts who experience this should think twice. Just because your loved one hasn’t been as responsive as you would like doesn’t mean that you should allow things to get out of control. Have the dreaded conversation and figure out what is wrong. By doing so now, good or bad, there will ultimately be a cause for celebration later.

Aquarius: Today you need reassurances and to make an impact, should be easy… yah probably not. If you are attached that means making your partner feel loved and having them return the sentiment. You have been thinking and thinking but nothing seems viable. That is because you thinking too big, you don’t need to be extravagant today. Think about details not big and often considered insincere, gestures. If you are simply dating someone, he or she may be equal or supersede you in so many ways you are thinking twice. Being that you may be a person of authority, so is this person and you are fighting your mistrust of others in similar positions. Relax, right now everything points in a positive direction of love and togetherness. Give it some time.

Pisces: Some of you may be wondering if you are wasting your time on love or if it could be worth waiting for. If you are unattached, there may be a recent addition in your life that seems to make you forget of all that has come before you met this person. You may even feel like an awkward teenager again with no idea how to process the emotions overwhelming them. Will this scare you to the point of running away or will you stand firm and maybe embark on a new relationship? If you are attached you will find that there are options available you never thought would be. But before you figure out which one is the best, you need to talk about your future and what being together will mean. If you are not on the same page, there is still time to be.

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