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Love Horoscopes – October 8, 2012

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Aries: It’s Monday and it’s a good day for love. What better way for an unattached Aries to start the week than by beginning a new romance? You have longed for a relationship that you thought only exists in the fantasy world. There is someone you have desired for quite some time but have just recently decided to reach out to. The warm feelings of affection that has started to build, open the door for this to be a passionate and loving connection, and this is only the beginning! If you are already attached, expect a sense of renewal to blanket a rather stagnant relationship. Your wish to have that perfect love yet again is granted with a few extra bonuses thrown in for good measure. What a way to start the week!

Taurus: If you are in the early stages of your relationship, this will likely turn out to be a romantic day. You are settling in together, finding your rhythm and being able to fully relax with each other. Expect you two to really begin to cement this bond that is growing between you two by being nurturing and attentive to each other. This might be a day for the memory books! If you are in a permanent or a long term relationship, many of you may be frustrated by what you consider to be obstacles in your relationship. As you try to remove them you begin to feel no one understands and no one is helping, least of all your loved one. You are setting yourself up for failure by being so myopic. Are you sure there is even a problem? It may not be what you think.

Gemini: Romance is in the air for you but you must take care to bring it to light. You have or will likely meet someone that you feel like you have been waiting for your whole life. The more you think about it the more you don’t know what to feel and have become emotionally blocked. Part of the problem is that you feel there are some complications holding you back from getting all you desire. Meanwhile, this nearly perfect person has become extremely passionate and deeply romantic where you are concerned. He or she deserves much more than you are giving at this time so you might want to take some time away from any romantic interactions until you get your house in order. Don’t let this one go but do not force the issue any. Get it together!

Cancer: Things may be rough right now in your relationship but things are about to change. You have been in a fighting mood lately, ready to pounce at anything remotely wrong. It has been uncomfortable to say the least in your intimate affairs. It is time you act on a more positive aspect of your passions and open your eyes to what your loved one is trying to accomplish. He or she is tired of the emotional tug of war and wants to bring back the love you two still have. So if you come home to a lavish home cooked meal and a warm, romantic environment then I suggest you appreciate the efforts made. There is no blame game to play, just take it all for what it is – an attempt to make everything right again. Meet your loved one half way.

Leo: Are you unattached? If so then you it is time you chuck away your heavy and pessimistic thoughts about love and think about getting back out into the world and meeting someone special. You have been distant from your friends and your friends with benefits but there is no longer a need to withdraw from the world you live in. Right now you can meet someone special, someone different than anyone you have met before. You will likely find this person somewhere you may be volunteering or somewhere else where people are in need of help. The person will be different, their heart is made of gold and their warmth is much like the sun. If you are attached, some of you are quite unhappy in your unhealthy relationship, if so, it is time to go.

Virgo: This is a great day for fantasy and imagination especially when it comes to your love life. If you are attached, now is the time to think of ways to improve your relationship and make it more loving. There is no need to act at the moment but you can enjoy the time you spend letting scenarios play out in your mind and the hope it brings you. If you are attached you may have met someone recently who is just as fiery as you are at times. Although you are both romantic and passionate, he or she has turned out to a bit clingy and emotional. This is a shame because they really knocked your socks off. Before you move on from this person, wait a few days. It is hard for you to understand people right now so maybe you should wait and make sure.

Libra: The planets are bringing the opportunity of a great day with your loved one. Intimacy may have been a bit difficult to maintain at due to outside influences beyond your control. Your time has been taken up solving problems that have little or nothing to do with your personal relationships, but were pressing enough that they siphoned off much of your emotional energy. Since all of this drama has made your life together less than perfect, make time to create an evening of romance and passion. Reminding your sweetheart how you feel about them will make life so much better for both of you. The key to getting through this period as quickly as possible is to get rid of other people’s issues so you can focus on yours.

Scorpio: You love romance and all it brings but more of its sexual nature and not the emotional aspect. So when you fall for someone who is head over heels for you and just as affectionate… well your frustrations are beginning to set in. You appreciate their affections but they are too sentimental and too lovesick for your tastes. Maybe what you need to do is share your dreams for the future with him or her. Lay down the foundations to what is your ideal scenario and see where this leads you two. Remember to choose your words carefully and avoid ultimatums but dictate how you expect things to do. If you do it right, they will curb their enthusiasm and be one you thought they would be. If not, you may have to take drastic measures.

Sagittarius: You have been a cranky Archer lately. Everyone else is annoying and frustrating you to no end. You have been quick to jump down anyone throats who looks at you wrong and you have just been so aggressive lately. It is time to put your temperamental inclinations aside and you use your passion in a more positive light.  Many of you will have a damn good reason to as someone favorable from your past comes back in to your life. He or she is on a mission to be in your life for more than one reason. This person may be someone you have helped, who has helped you or someone that because of life, became a missed connection. You will get a lot more than what you bargained for with this person and oddly enough, you will like it.

Capricorn: Some of you may find this particularly romantic time a bit challenging right now. You are having a hard time connecting with your sweetheart emotionally and find yourself increasingly frustrated by the growing distance between you two. Thankfully this period will pass quickly, there is no need to dwell upon the space between you two so do not go forcing any conversations about this. Focus on creating a welcoming environment for you both to come back to. If you are unattached, you may meet someone who knocks you off your feet. This person is genuine, kind and so damn attractive! You are slightly intimidated but completely turned on. This person should really be in your life so take your time and do this right.

Aquarius: Those of you unattached may find yourself having a conversation about very personal subjects with someone you desire. This is a conversation that randomly evolved but one that will be most revealing. As you listen to their story and share your innermost feelings, you two are building closeness and trust that will turn into much more later. If you are attached and have been awfully busy lately you will finally have a change to make it up to your loved one. Spend some quality time together to make up for all you have lost. Use this time to restore the intimacy you two once shared that has been forcibly dormant. Many of you will hear from someone in your past that you have a long history with. He or she was once important to you.

Pisces: You love love but only on your terms. Sometimes it all gets too much and you feel smothered and contained. For those of you attached you may have a lover who is rather attentive. He or she is willing to what you ask and give you whatever your heart desires. Sadly, this isn’t something you find wonderful or something you want. What you should do is sit down with your loved one and calmly clear the air of these grievances you have been holding on to rather than cause an argument because you do not want to properly communicate. No matter how warm and loving your sweetheart is, they will only take so much before a choiced argument is your last one. Explain how you feel, they will understand and work to change it some.

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