Weekly Sonnyscopes ! October 8, 2012

Astro-Week October 8-14

Dear Aries

The spotlight is on your partner and the romantic adventures the two of you have together. Don’t get jealous as the accolades add up. Be a good teammate and share the spotlight. Better yet, (and always) team up with your partner against another opponent rather than against each other. You have a bit of an exotic fetish by nature and this moth it comes out as personal energy is focused on ideas of travel, philosophy, and someone a little.. different.

Dear Taurus

If you’re into neat, tidy, structured, and organized sex then this is the time for you. Naturally, you’re a bit messy at the best of times but love and creativity sort of brings out the best in all of that lush, sensual, blob of emotional.. stuff. All of your natural ability to nurture the best out of any situation and know that you don’t always have to stick to the rules to get there. This transit does not necessarily say that you have to follow a program, but you do have to take care of all of the physical details along the way.

Dear Gemini

Sex is on the mind but home is where the heart is. With the Sun in Libra you’re encouraged to be creative, expressive, and romantic. Venus on the other hand is fortunes towards the home. Perhaps a mix of both.

Dear Cancer

Watch your daily steps. With energy being directed into your daily activities and physical health accidents are possible. Love is closer than you think but you’ll have to speak up.

Dear Leo

Go ahead and indulge in that new watch. Sure it’s expensive but it’s also practical. Besides, the way things are this week, if you ask for a discount you just might get it.

Dear Virgo

Warm thoughts flow your way as Venus travels through Virgo. Naturally, you’ll be attracting glances and people might just begin talking with you. Energy will be focused on home, upgrades, and cleaning. Try not to spend money recklessly.

Dear Libra

Keep those purse strings tight and let your nest egg grow. You’ll be tempted to rationalize an indulgence. Looking a little deeper leads to a better deal. Love visits from the past.  You’re shining this week but your mouth gets infused with a dose of action. Speak your mind to keep the peace.

Dear Scorpio

Live ammunition and no safety net. Shake it off. It’s how you play. Here’s your lesson. Deep down you care and you could have taken the adventure and you could have won but there is something else on the horizon that you’re truly after. If you haven’t cleared your karma yet, it will be a loss from the past that you are still competing against and you’re still trying to heal a wound that doesn’t exist anymore. Sure, people will scratch where it used to be, but that’s no reason to cut yourself back open just so others can see you bleed.  Love is coming from friends who want to help.

Dear Sagittarius

Prepare to become a little dark and controlling. It’s all really a self-defence mechanism to counter all that you’ve been through this last while as you have restructured you’re relationships with your friends. Did everyone really let you down or did you just stop moving your feet. If you look closely, and for the next year at least, you will, you might be surprised to find that you kind of set yourself up for failure. If you play the victim you will be one. Set your expansive personality on something really big and you will be pleased to see it finally happen.

Dear Capricorn

A sober feeling surrounds your friend and you begin to wonder who you can trust.  People aren’t being sneaky they are just adjusting to a more cautious approach to doing things. This actually suits your lifestyle. Offers of assistance will be sincere.

Dear Aquarius

You’re friends are finally coming to the rescue. Don’t argue and try to look thankful. Love arrives in a financial partnerships. Be careful. Take a chance with someone you never thought you could. Aloof is ok but your partner is trying to understand. Help them out.

Dearest Pisces

Time for love Pisces. Venus is now attracting love in a very physical and practical way and this lines up nicely with the Pisces need for structure and stability. Expect to find people suddenly attractive in one on one interactions. This is your normal love cycle at play but if you play your cards right, it could last. All you have to do is dream and let the ideas and emotions take their natural form. Be open for new avenues of love and personal expression.

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