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Love Horoscopes – October 10, 2012

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Aries: Some of you that are attached have been feeling really good lately. There is this strong attraction with your loved one that has never been there before, at least not in this way. You are content, you feel positive in your emotional well being and for once, everything in your life is in harmony. For the time being, you can relax and indulge in all that brings you pleasure, especially anything that involves your loved one. Though this is a good time and you can simply flow with the energy around you and ask for what you need, be careful not to lose yourself in this. In order to maintain this level of harmony and continue to grow in this light, you must maintain a strong sense of identity and individualism. You both need to.

Taurus: Those of you attached have a 50/50 chance of making it through this time unscathed. The emotions of those you are close to are very clear right now, perhaps for the first time and not all of those emotions are positive. You will learn a lot about yourself and the one you love in response to all of this commotion. Things have been strained but you both have reached a point where you two want to understand this situation you find yourselves in. Those of you that understand exactly what it is that makes you two who you are and how it drew you both together, are in the 50% that make it. Those who cannot, expect the tensions and strain to continue. You both need to open your eyes, you are in this together.

Gemini: You are restless for a new emotional experience and have faith in your recent developing sense of optimism. You think you are ready to make a deeper commitment in your relationship and have decided to take a chance. But this isn’t just your heart we are talking about here and this isn’t just committing to not see anyone else. The level you are thinking of has a much more permanent meaning and deals with a much deeper emotional level. Make sure that your restlessness for something new isn’t leading you to think that a level of commitment you haven’t truly experienced is a ‘fun thing to try’. Have your adventures and explore love and romance all you want but not at the expense of someone else’s heart. Think about this before you act.

Cancer: Though the general energy surrounding relationships is rather pleasant and productive during this time, you and your loved one may not be so dynamic today. One of you knows exactly what you want and how to get it while the other one is very relaxed and wants to just go along for the ride. As a team, you need to balance out each other because it will take both of you to achieve your goals. Thankfully the energy highlights cooperation and friendship so you two will find a way without ripping out each other’s throats. Like in anything, just because you do not see eye to eye initially, does not mean you cannot find a way to make something work. It may take a little time but you two will get there, together.

Leo: It is entirely possible that everything is falling in place around you, paving the way for you to meet someone who will bring you a great deal of pleasure. The negativity that once surrounded you seems to have faded away leaving a fresh attitude and optimism. Your confidence level is even higher than normal but you are good natured not egotistical. This balance of energy in the air makes any romantic encounters rather harmonious and successful. This person you may meet could be your soul mate, it is a real possibility. Granted this could happen at any time, there is something about the energy today that tips the scales in your favor. He or she may not be who you think they would be so put aside any prejudices or preconceived notions you might have.

Virgo: Many of you may be entering a period of coolness or emotional detachment in your relationships, including friendships. You love being the center of someone’s universe, being the person they turn to for whatever they may need but you may have to accept that not everyone views you that way. Someone close to you, if not your loved one, is feeling that way and you will be forced to acknowledge it. This person loves you dearly but loves them self as well. You must accept that this person has other interests besides you and what you like as well as responsibilities that may interfere from time to time with what you want to do. If this is something you cannot truly handle then you need to either walk away or find some way to make it all work.

Libra: You may be the hero as well as being rescued by one today. Libras in general are usually modest and like to keep their flirtations and relationships low key. For those of you unattached, some of you cannot remember what it was like to flirt or be in a relationship. Someone will come along what reminds you how powerful an attraction can be and while you like to keep things subtle and low key. This person will revive you and make you feel things you haven’t felt in some time. For many of you, your intuition kicks in strongly with someone you are close to. He or she is in a dark place and needs someone to help them find their way. You will be able to help them come back into the light and keep them at ease.

Scorpio: You are surrounded by an attractive energy today. You are sure to turn a lot of heads and cause many pulses to race as you interact with the world. Your communication levels are high, you show warmth and understanding during this time which certainly adds to your attraction. Though you seemingly have all of this power at your finger tips, any games you may play will not be played fairly. Sure you have the upper hand but someone may have one higher. You will be delightfully frustrated as you feel you have found a worthy opponent. While the game may be afoot for those of you unattached, those of you attached will see their loved ones show an appreciation and affection you haven’t seen in quite some time. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Sagittarius: Today is one of those days you love that you are a Sagittarius. Challenge and competition runs through your veins like blood. It thrills you from every depth of your body, especially if it at all pertains to your love life.  Today could be just that, a game of power and dominance in your love life. If you are attached, you will find that you are in no mood to compromise and that you will win whatever you seek fair and square from your partner. If you are unattached you will meet someone who causing you to temporarily lose your control. This intense attraction causes a rising tide of passion and full on slot of powerful emotions. You will aggressively pursue this person and he or she will love you chasing them.

Capricorn: If you are attached, things might be tense right now between you and loved one. This isn’t anything you can’t handle so long as you have the courage to bring up the topic in conversation and resolve any differences. That isn’t a tall order now is it? Of course it is but these tensions are impacting other areas of your life so be prepared to compromise on smaller points to gain on the larger ones. Those of you unattached are bored and you hate being bored. As you wander about looking for intrigue, you may find yourself attracted to someone who likes breaking every rule they can. It seems to have gotten them far as they look well traveled and seem well educated in life. This person will certain fulfill your intrigue quota in many pleasurable ways.

Aquarius: This day has the potential to release all kinds of positive ideas and feelings that you fighting to maintain control of. Usually you like to be cautious and make sure that all your ducks are in a row but the more you see things come together the more it feels like there is no limit to what’s out there for you. That kind of feeling is pure and brilliant and not something that comes around often. What else works in your favor is that the person you are in a relationship with or about to form a relationship with, feels the same way about this as you do. Sure take your time and get it all together but once you do, take the initiative and run with it! Be the one who makes this work and it will all come back and work in you.

Pisces: Many of you are looking for a relationship, you are only human and you need to feel loved, it is understandable. And while you want that, you also love your space and freedom. It has taken you a while to reach this place and yet you are thinking of letting it all go over a sudden attraction you feel towards someone who is indeed very special. This will not be easy as other obligations may interfere with what you would like to do but there are many ways to resolve this without annoying all parties of their frustrations. Give into this attraction but do not go into it blindly. Get certain ground rules out of the way and establish that having a personal sense of freedom is important to you at this time. This person does appreciate where you are coming from.

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