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Love Horoscopes – October 11, 2012

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Aries: The energy of the day has your well being in mind. One of those areas would be to provide harmony in your personal life. That cannot be achieved until you face a few facts about your intimate relationship. You have spent a lot of time and attention on this relationship but not only are you getting next to nothing in return but you have to see that this person’s motives are less than pure. Yes, less than pure in a way that matters not in the way that’s fun. Even though you are in a laid back mood, if you find their motives are beyond your level of comfort then you may want to walk away. If you do walk away, you can use the energy to attract the kind of person into your life that isn’t trying to be an opportunist.

Taurus: You are done. Some of you have tried to keep the peace, only to be met with opposition. You have tried to be good natured and some try to take advantage of you. You misunderstand someone only to be told, you are overly sensitive. The world (including your love life), all its opinions and demands can kiss your ass. What about you? You have been getting the short end of the stick. What you know you want and thought you can have is completely different than what you actually get and it has become disheartening. The icing on this cake is your love life; all that you have done to try and make it happen… down the drain. Though it has taken a little while you finally see this person isn’t the one for you. Walk away, now. In fact, run… quickly.

Gemini: Things in your relationship may have grown a bit stale. You have a lot of thinking to do so be willing to spend some time working on making things better. First start with yourself, are you sending mixed messages? Are you asking for more than what you need that you don’t even want just because you can? That causes friction and distrust. Once you fix you, next is looking at the overall picture and keeping what really works and let go of what doesn’t. When you get this far then you can focus on bringing back the spark into your relationship. You can fine tune your feelings, make changes and strengthen your bonds. As things fall into place you see and feel the old levels of romance and sensuality between you two return.

Cancer: Right now you want to relax and indulge in all things that bring you pleasure. Sure your family and friends are a great source of pleasure and satisfaction but it isn’t quite what you have in mind. You are looking to scratch an itch with someone who has been the subject of many wild fantasies. Much of this fantasy is a battle of wits where each word you use brings you closer and closer to seducing this person to your bed. When you make fantasy a reality you will find that words certainly hold power, erotic power at that, when used appropriately.  You have no problem doing just that. So think about how you want to make your approach, an opening line and the one that will wrap everything up in a pretty bow. Whisper sweet nothings and get started.

Leo: You are rather affectionate today and very interactive. Sadly, this goes somewhat wasted as many of you do not have an intimate companion in your life. Sure your family and friends appreciate this side of you but you want a little more. Lately your mind has harbored many fantasies, mainly to pass the time but they were very “nice” and detailed. If you are serious about re-entering the dating world then the energy of the day just may accommodate your request. There is a chance you may meet someone who resembles the man or woman in your daydreams.  Whatever you do, keep the “hey I just met you and this crazy but I have been fantasizing about you so call me maybe” to yourself. Take it easy and make a stable first impression.

Virgo: You may be frustrated today. Your emotions are running so high that you might just have some sort of melt down. This is leaving you overly sensitive and jumping down everyone’s throat. You may think you have been offended or taken advantage of but really, no transgression was actually committed. Some of you have these big glitzy daydreams of painting the town red but reality sets in and you are forced to deal with the fact that you and your loved one are currently, broke. For the time being that daydream goes on the backburner. Worse yet there are a handful of you who have befriended the object of your desire and shared a certain level of intimacy. Come to find out, this person is not who they say they are. This may come back and hurt you.

Libra: Your intimate affairs are not in order. You need to take some personal time and figure out why. Some of you may be feeling smothered by your personal relationship and need to re-establish your sense of individuality and freedom. Your need for personal freedom will lead you on an adventure that will show where you and your partner were right about different facets of your relationship. You can discuss that later; right now focus on you getting through this adventure on your own. You will learn a lot about yourself on this little adventure not just the issues causing the disconnection in your relationship. The key to getting through this is maintaining your sense of self. Prove to yourself that you are still an individual and everything will fall into place.

Scorpio: You have your own agenda right now but for a few days, hold on to it. If you don’t, you can’t day you haven’t been warned. Trying to get anything done or said will be virtually impossible. No matter who you are in conflict with, especially if it is with your loved one, you will hit a brick wall, repeatedly. Reason being your loved one wants to do things their way right now and refuses to take no for an answer so you might as well indulge their fantasies. Although you may find it difficult to comply, you should really try what he or she is proposing first. You do not like to hand over the reins but for once, this just might be fun. Go with it, at least make an effort. If you do not enjoy yourself or things begin to go south at least you tried.

Sagittarius: Those who have dated an Archer have fond memories of their secret kinky tendencies. While the other fire signs are a little more forth coming with their desires, you like to keep your fantasies and needs private. An opportunity to bring your vivid imagination to life will come to you but it will be in a public setting. Now, you do have this brilliant ability to pretend you are totally turned off when you are really totally turned on but this particular fantasy makes you weak at the knees. Can you resist? Why should you? All of the elements are present and waiting for you to utilize them to your heart’s content.  Do not hesitate. Honestly, it is about time you allowed yourself to indulge properly. You really do need to release all you have pent up.

Capricorn: Some people you know are going through varying levels of drama and seem to be taking themselves way too seriously. First order of the day is to not be one of them. Let those having problems deal with their issues accordingly. You on the other hand have a few fish to fry. If you are attached and thinking about upping your level of commitment, hold off for a few days otherwise you will not get the desired reaction. If you are unattached your imagination will have run away with itself but left many images and scenarios that can keep you warm on a cold night. These ideas keep building upon each other and have grown wildly out of control.  You have become completely optimistic that they might happen. Stay positive and they will.

Aquarius: Personal subjects are the focus of the day and couldn’t come at a better time. It’s time to let go of the issues that have been holding you back from really achieving all that you know you deserve and desire. Many of you really need to make yourselves a priority and rebuild your self-esteem. Learn to love yourself otherwise your love life will continue to be a mess. Some of you may have a few grievances you have been holding on to. Resolve those annoyances and move forward. A few of you who are unattached have made steps towards making your fantasy a reality. Now its crunch time and you need to tell him or her what is in your heart but you are a little overwhelmed. Don’t cave, you can do this. Pretend you are still in your fantasy.

Pisces: Those of you who are still close to lovers from your past, they all seem to have questions for you. This might be a matter of closure for them but they all seem to ask a varying question of why you detach yourself from the fundamental aspects of a relationship. Now it isn’t like you haven’t thought about it. Each time you do another fantasy is created, one much deeper than before but this time, you really are thinking about it. Which is perfect for those of you in a relationship; you need to come to a decision about its present and future. You realize what is at stake; you are in a position to ask for what you truly want without compromise… will you? Trust what you see and what you feel. This is your chance to make your relationship fantasies a reality.

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