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Love Scopes


by Sarah Bartlett



This week’s new moon in harmonious Libra will highlight our need to relate.


Whether to relate to someone, a clan, a family, a group or a nation, we need to feel part of something to be truly nurtured or loved. We may want to relate only to ourselves, or to a belief, or a religion; we may want to relate to the universe or the starry night. But whatever ‘relating’ means to you, time to wrap your arms around the one you love, (or just imagine them in your heart, if you’re alone) and begin to relate to each other too.

Do you consider yourself to be a victim of fate, or maestro of your destiny? If the former, then it’s time to take control of your life and make choices, to weave your character into love’s mysterious ways and begin to shine in someone’s loving eyes.  If the latter, then you’ll know that what you put out into the world comes back tenfold, and that giving the best of yourself, and taking responsibility for your life will bring you the happiness you deserve. And if you’re not pioneering your way into someone’s heart, you’re finding a quick exit from a static or manipulative relationship. You may for a moment wonder if you’re doing the right thing, but you realise it’s time to generate adventure and action for the romantic success you deserve.

You have a weird desire to be different, to rebel. And there will be all kinds of unexpected feelings, desires and self-questioning about where you go from here. Alone or together with a current lover, or a new one? And what price your individuality if you go down the tried and trusted route and commit yourself forever? With Saturn’s influence in your opposite sign, long-term goals may appear to be a sea of opportunity, but the world of love is more like a precious oyster. Take care when you prise open the shell looking for the pearl. Is it fake or is it real? Wisdom about relationships come from experience, but also from knowing who you are and what you truly want in life.

With Jupiter’s retrograde fling in your sign, it may seem you’ve recently given up a lot, or lost something precious on the way. Perhaps so far this year, you’ve lost a friend or your belief in someone or, perhaps just arrived at a sense of peace at last, knowing it’s time to stop trying to be someone you’re not? It may be you’ve been fooled, left vulnerable or expected so much and received so little.  But now there is a chance to restore the romance, rejuvenate your partner, embrace new ideas or your newfound independence, and get on with living life to the full. One thing’s for sure, you’ve got the vitality to prove that if life isn’t exciting, then you’ll make it so, all by yourself.

It’s up to you to make some positive decisions about your future. I know you feel a little confused and lost as Saturn edges on through Scorpio, but soon you’ll be grabbing all the right attention, and skipping down the road to happiness. Attached? Well, you’re feeling acutely aware of your body image as well as your partner’s. Their body may need a little nipping and tucking here and there, so agree to give up your favourite (but awfully bad for you) addictions. Instead, dive into the bedroom and get physical. It’s the best exercise you can get, and you’ll both be dazzling each other with fantastic sex.

Tantalizing suggestions bring a run of adventurous experiences or wild strangers into your life. And this week, you can get away with almost anything. Time to ‘go and catch a falling star’, to flirt, laugh, overcome self-doubt and that dreadful panic that comes over you when you’re not in control of your life. For right now, you are. Assured, hypnotic, mystical, mysterious. Whatever you want to be in life, and however you want to be loved or love, renewed self-belief awakens the enigma within you. It’s time to be passionate about life again.

It seems there’s some strange goings on in your personal life. As if the pixies and fairies are stealing away your romantic ideas for some dark purpose. A bad witch in the environment, perhaps? Someone who makes you feel threatened, careful, watchful? What is the meaning behind the sinister signs and negative thoughts that seem to fill your waking days? Well, let’s look at it rationally. Simply, you fear losing and love winning, and the planets just don’t seem to be acting in your favour. Yet with Venus’s influence in your sign, you begin to understand that winning someone’s heart isn’t just a game. However frustrating, you’ll be given the thumbs up sign this week to ‘follow the path that has heart for you”.  Trust it.

This week, whether it’s your birthday or not, you can be assured of the start of a more adventurous life.  Excitement, drama, and theatre abound in your intimate relationships. Single or attached, long-awaited confrontation, challenges or sparks flying, are about to set alight your own personal fire. I mean, seriously, how long is it that you’ve been playing the role of passivity personified? How long has it been since you threw your shoes at the door as your lover made a hasty retreat, or crashed the plates around, or had a pillow fight? It’s time to unleash your wild side and be passion personified instead.

It’s like being in a waiting room full of people you don’t want to be stuck with. Your train is at the love station, but it isn’t quite as romantic as it was when you set off some time ago. Now love is consented, it lacks friction. Curiously, somehow the passion has switched to disdain for the ordinary, the sensible leaves no room for imagination, (where’s the vision?) and the perfect partner is almost, dare you say it, macho if a man, virago-like if a woman.  Time to decide whether what you see is what you really, really want. With Mars and Saturn both in your sign right now, there’s a feeling that something may be lost, but something special, unique and permanent will also be found very soon.

OK, you want to move, you want excitement, fire, glamour in your life. You may even want to make a deeper commitment, a permanent bond to give you a sense of security. But what you don’t particularly want is a break-up, or an ex who comes back into your life without warning to stir your feelings into murky chaos. But this week, spontaneous encounters will be intriguing. It’s time to welcome flexibility into your life, be ready to adapt, to evolve, and to give and take a little. The key to your love life right now is to welcome the unexpected. It’s what you’re good at.

I know you’re frightened of being unloved, or being alone, of emotional demands and the struggles of love itself, but right now you have to face those self-sabotaging issues and make your relationships work.  So start to learn to release your fear of uncertainty, stop pushing the river, and you’ll find that love becomes free from very things you try to avoid.  Feelings will flow, and your current partner or new admirer will be as natural and as honest as you need them to be.  Think about this. Have you got creaky or stiff wrists, joints, knees? Or are they flexible? Loose joints reflect flexible thinking, creaky joints that you’re static, moody, rigid, acutely vulnerable. Time to limber up.

Warm to love’s mysterious ways and accept your own inner contradictions. Be generous in giving, but also be aware that you need to withdraw emotionally and even sexually at times. Time to embrace your self-sufficiency, but acknowledge your dependence on a partner too. And most of all to accept that life has few guarantees. And rather than fear life and love with all it’s failings and flaws, experience it by living in the present moment and discover that passion isn’t so scary after all. This week, personal transformation of beliefs will bring you the kind of loving bond that you truly deserve.

I think this is one of those rationalising periods in your life where you feel driven to make a choice between independence and commitment. And by the way, the latter doesn’t necessarily generate ‘dependency’ issues.  This week’s new moon says, ‘hey, don’t fall into the conventional traps of relationships, keep your space and freedom’, while Venus in your opposite sign says, ‘my dear friend, living with someone, marriage and joint mortgages not only confirms that you’re a ‘couple’ but it also makes for cheaper living’.  But remember, freedom and commitment are not mutually exclusive. Equality is all very fair and noble, but sometimes you have to honour your ego needs too.


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