Weekly Sonnyscopes ! October 15, 2012

Weekly Sonnyscopes ! Astro-Week October 15-22

Dear Aries

It looks like teamwork time but this week I’d like to see you do something for yourself. Sometimes, constantly being at odds or even doing things for others that you want to do, can lead to a little burn out. Challenge yourself to something fun and you’ll be surprised to see love naturally returning.

Dear Taurus

Talk about a possessive control freak. Truthfully, you’re not that bad but you do tend to feel a sense of ownership over your partner. This week, try not to be too overbearing or at the very least don’t let them know you think of them as a material possession. You’re finally laying down the law about what you want in relationships.

Dear Gemini

You are luckier than you realize. This is the time to be doing things to advance yourself in every way. I cannot stress enough how important this year is for you. Get out there and stay out there until you’ve finally reached all of your goals.

Dear Cancer

Well it sure looked like love.. so what happened? Fast and loose has never been your style so when the new lover called you on your BS you were completely caught off guard. To make things worse, your usual tactics don’t seem to work. Probably, because you two are actually meant to be together. So.. you can keep dropping bombs on your destiny  or you could just grow up and fall in love.

Dear Leo

What’s happening? Everyone is supposed to be light and happy but for some reason everyone seems to be in a downer kind of mood and they are trying to rub it off onto you. Keep smiling and push through. It’s just temporary. You’re friends love you. Try and turn the negative sparks into a passionate fire.

Dear Virgo

You were worried about work but it looks as if everything was actually ok. In fact you may be up for a promotion and not even know about it. As for love.. you are hot this week so step out and let yourself shine. Attractive feelings of confidence and a natural Virgo tendency to see the possibilities of good will lead to a new love. Don’t try too hard. Love has to walk up and say hello.

Dear Libra

You’ve been working hard and the cloud is lifting. Congratz. Even if you haven’t been working hard, you’ll feel a sense of relief this week. The tension which has been holding you down was strong and it could be felt in many areas of your life. This tension has now eased and it’s time for some rewards. For Libra, this means money, and material security. Keep your eyes open and be prepared to take advantages of all opportunities.

Dear Scorpio

So you let yourself be used a bit. What did you get out of it? It sure felt like love. Think of it as one last fling through your subconscious desires. It’s now time to take control of yourself and start living life on your terms. You can do it. If you think clearly, you’re farther along than you realize.

Dear Sagittarius

Take care of business Sagittarius and love will take care of you. This is not the time for fast spending although you’ll be tempted by something you’ve always wanted. Is it really at a bargain right now? Thoughts drift to the past for a week of mental clearing. Keep your tongue in check.

Dear Capricorn

Love presents grand ideas and foreign travels but favours a well trained plan. If you keep an eye on the details your vacation is closer than you think. Watch for arguments with people from your past.

Dear Aquarius

Your creative instincts and general luck are very high right now. Taking chances on love are worth an educated risk.  It’s a good week to act out a fantasy you’ve always wanted.

Dearest Pisces

Look around and smile. Love is here. If your single take a chance and be surprised. Good fortune favour joint activities and general partnerships. It’s a good week for Pisces love.

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