“You’re not boyfriend Material”

“Did I get this straight? You broke up with her so she would like you more!?”

“I think I poorly calibrated :(”

“You’re a fucking idiot”

Looking back I can’t say it was a great idea and perhaps I can be a bit manipulative. So when she flaunted a new guy in front of me the very next day I guess I deserved it. Then again I know she’s upset as well.

But none of that’s really the point..

“I can’t believe you’re even speaking to her!”

“I know.. I’ve stopped” (denial-so cute)

Believe it or not falling in love really can be easy. You just close your eyes and let go.

So what’s the problem Sonny?

Every once in a while you open your eyes and you like what you see. It doesn’t happen often and it shows a very different new world with you a big part of it.

Ok.. I liked this one. But..

It’s not only with relationships. You can just as easily fall in love with a dream or idea or new career or life adventure.

But seriously.. Do you want to be part of that new world?

“What about the other one? The nerdy one who actually likes you”

“I kind of pushed her away as well”

“You’re a total fucking idiot”

The answer can be easy, seamless, and even comfortable..  if it can be seen as a logical evolution of your current world expectations.

But what if romantic cultures clash and your leap is into a world that you may have never knew even existed. Aren’t we supposed to protect each other from these surprises?


Then again.. it goes both ways.


“She did WHAT !”

“Relax, it could be a missed communication”

“Don’t EVER talk to her again”

What about forgiveness and the role of trust? Are they perhaps just excuses to mask bad behavior.

I’ve always thought.. there’s no excuse for bad behavior. Then again, crossing cultures leaves a vague trail here.

And perhaps that’s an excuse as well.

“Seriously, stop talking to her as well, she’s just boring”

“True, but it’s always good to keep a pivot”

“A bit pissed at something?”


So where does that leave your game ?


“Is she even available?

“How can ….?”

These are all good questions that I just never bothered to ask but I accept and understand.

Maybe everything worked out exactly as it should.


And the game is still good to me.

I’m just not good boyfriend material.


Sugar and spice


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