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Love Horoscopes – October 16, 2012

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Aries: Many of you may be feeling a nervousness or irritability due to aggravations and the stress of increased demands in life are possible. This leads you to think that you should seriously be by yourself for a while. This is probably a good idea. The cause of certain aggravations within your current relationship is something well known. Over the course of its existence you have spent quite a bit of time listening to other people and their advice but have you thought about listening to yourself? Have you stopped to think what you want or need? The more you think about it, the sooner you will have an answer. Once you do, you will see that your restlessness to meet your loved one half way maybe more difficult than you thought.

Taurus: Upsets and unexpected changes in relationships are extremely likely at this time. You both are rebelling against each other because you are domineering or rigid in your way of dealing with other people, especially towards one another! This, of course, is causing your relationship to go through a rough patch. You both want more freedom, both feeling free spirited and both are acting more selfish. Neither one of you are willing to tolerate being stifled or put down by others let alone each other. But what is good for the goose is in no way good or the gander as neither of you will grant the other any privileges. Expect this day to end on a bad note if you two can’t get it together and let each other have some breathing room. Enough already!

Gemini: If you are unattached, today you want to follow your gut. One of those instincts may be your attraction towards a person is older than you. You realize that you could benefit in many ways from someone who is aging with dignity and wisdom. What draws you more to this person is that while he or she has a number of years on you, they are willing to learn more and live brightly. You want to go along with them for part of their journey and they will let you so go ahead and ask, they are surprisingly in the mood to entertain you. They find your charm and energy enchanting so if you do must up enough courage to ask, you shall receive. Just keep your ego in check and mind open.

Cancer: Your passions are strong and compelling at this time. So much that they are causing you to be very demanding of your lover’s energy and affection. With that brings possible feelings of alienation from him or her and a growing distance between the two of you. Make matters worse, you both have been sweeping a certain issue under the rug and now it has finally come to a head. You can no long avoid discussing it and you two will not be able to move forward until you do. Both of you will need to be prepared to work at these problems in order to make through intact. Do your part by asking for what you desire rather than demand and you will get the answer you want much more easily. This could be a win/win if handled properly.

Leo: The act of communication will figure prominent today. You may find that you will be successful in any negotiations or discussions involving your love life or any relationship you are in. Just remember that communicating is a two way street and that honesty can bring to light things that may hurt and leave you feeling rejected. As this happens to you today, it will not matter who is to blame but that is calmly and clearly acknowledged that both of you have contributed to the problem at hand. Because of this you know it will take both of you to solve it in such a way that you are truly happy with the results. In the end, you and love will have had a heart-to-heart discussion, found a mutual appreciation for each other and weathered a storm.

Virgo: This is day for you. The energy surrounding you radiates warm and your natural attractiveness which makes love and relationship that much more important to you at this time. Regardless of your relationship status, pleasure is something of a focus to you and as your quest for romance could be a little hard going you will find all you need is to make a little effort. In doing so you may find that a new romance or friendship may come about today or a relationship with someone you know may take a turn for the better. A few of you may be dealing with someone who has devised a series of subtle yet important tests that anyone who wants to get close to them must pass. They are attempting to protect their heart so humor them.

Libra: Disputes between your head and heart can raise issues will end up consuming a lot of time but not actually resolve anything today. Because you are impatient, you will feel if you can’t clarify things quickly, you want to drop the matter and move on. But because your actions could potentially impact the heart of that someone special you are interested in you might want to take some time alone to determine what you truly need from a relationship and you can give in return. While you crave an intimate connection that will last, it might be better for your emotional security that you hold off your search for romance until you can bring your heart and mind on the same page. Try and be patience enough to get through this.

Scorpio: You may find that you will have an odd opportunity to be an observer in your own life and see what keeps you from being really close to others. You have always had the need to share as well as give and receive love, but you have a deep need to be accepted and wanted as well. This causes your feelings for those closest to you to be deeper and more intense. This often times leads you to withhold affection or other forms of manipulation to achieve your objective. You will see firsthand how playing this game too long can back fire terribly and cause a much greater problem in your intimate affairs. To rid yourself of this you need to either bring matters out in the open or simply let it all go. You were very close to being burned today, very close.

Sagittarius: If you are unattached, those with similar hearts and mind will gravitate toward you today. The positive energy that you two create together could make some very positive changes in your love life. Be guided by your instinct today so you do not overwhelm this new addition to your life. He or she needs to be eased into your charming quirks and varied intensity. If you are attached you may have to do some fast talking today. There have been some difficulties lately and right now it is time to be serious and constructive if you want to save what is left of your relationship. There is still time to talk through any difficulties, and restore the passion and love that once existed but only if both of you are being absolutely honest with each other.

Capricorn: Stability and permanence satisfy a deep emotional need within. You desire to be wanted in your relationships not needed for whatever reason. You understand the subtle differences between the two. Right now you are chasing that peaceful feeling and emotional stability you once felt you had after a recent turn of events has left you undone. You have reached the point in your relationship where those hidden qualities in a person, good or bad, start to surface. You expected this but you didn’t expect what you got. The question is now, what are you now going to do about it? Sure you can ignore it but if it doesn’t go away, if he or she doesn’t change? You know better. Be proactive and start to do something positive.

Aquarius: Now that all those pesky responsibilities in your life have been COMPLETELY fulfilled you can continue to take care of the needs in your personal relationship. You have been thinking that it is time to up the commitment level in your relationship. You may have simply laid down the ground work before but now it is time to cement the bond between you two. So whether you leaning towards marriage or some other form of commitment, now is the time do so while the energy is harmonious and giving. While this does cause for some celebrating it may be more public than intimate. You are still trying to catch up for lost time and trying to juggle both personal and friendly socializing commitments. You will have some one on one time soon enough.

Pisces: It is time to straighten out this charade you call a relationship. It seems as if a line has been drawn, one that even you are fearful to cross but it is time to. The situation surrounding this has left you upset and while you don’t want to argue, this should really be discussed. Take deep breath, draw strength from where you can and face this head on. Talk through the problem, do not fall prey to your partners’ ability to turn things around on you and hold your ground. Sure you have some responsibility in the matter but so do they and it is time they take up for their part as well. It may become ugly for a while but it needs to be done. No matter what the outcome, you will have your own peace of mind and the weight lifted from your shoulders.

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