Kiss Me !!

“Kiss MEEE !!”

She didn’t mean her body.. she meant her heart.

How could I miss this one ?

Sure, I can be a fast guy.. fast seduction, rapid hypnosis, and seriously fast music scales but I don’t think speed is the problem here.

My beautiful angel is not feeling loved.

Maybe it was something during the day, maybe it was a memory, maybe it was me. Of course I care what caused it but there’s something even more important.

What matters is.. she’s with me for love and understanding. And I wasn’t giving her either.


“Sonny, you’re amazing in every way but you’re just too much”

Well.. I guess that’s a nice way of saying.. I didn’t spend enough time looking into your eyes

or perhaps

I didn’t make her feel most special either.

Matching speeds can be difficult but that’s one of the fun parts of relationships. Either way, my messages of affection weren’t getting through.

And we’re all different..

You can’t just say it. You can’t just close your eyes and hope.

You have to live Love and show it.

It’s a lot of guessing.. “I’ve never played chess in my life!” – (I still don’t know WTF put that idea into my head)

but sometimes you get it right.. “It’s hot today, I’m glad you brought two bottles of water”


“Pas Marche, Sonny!”

“What The Quoi?  Why are you always yelling at me?”

Then she took my hand and led me out into the moonlight. It was our first kiss & my first real lesson in love.

My heart was both calm and racing and all it took was a kiss in the moonlight.



Sugar and spice


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