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Love Horoscopes – October 18, 2012

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Aries: You are just not feeling it today. If you haven’t started by now, you will be withdrawing from your normal level of social contact. Though you may be surrounded by friends and loved one, you are still feeling out of place and alone. Much of this has to do with your current perspective on life. You are disappointed by recent events and sad that things have gone so far. You can bounce back, starting now. Take some time today and look at where your life is now, where you want it to be and what you think it will take to get there. Once you do, you will have a new appreciation and really value what you do have. If you are attached, your sweetheart will want to know what is wrong. Share with them your feelings once you have them sorted.

Taurus: You seek emotional comfort today but may be hesitant to ask for it or take it. Somewhere you developed a paranoia that has seeped its way into your heart. You were fine a few days ago but something lately has been nagging at you, you think something is being kept from you.  Couple this feeling with your need to affirm your intimate relationship, and we have a recipe for disaster. There is no time to wait it out and see what happens; you need to set aside some extra time and tackle this today, before it escalates. There is a misunderstanding here and by talking, you two can very well relieve the tension that is building. Afterward you two should create an undemanding, romantic environment in order to get back on track.

Gemini: Drama, in your life? Must be Thursday. If you are attached, the smart ass comments and arguing over the same topics are alive and well today. The less you two agree upon, the more harden and distant you two become. This is a downright shame considering the energy surrounding you is light, romantic and very communicative. You two should be flirting and bantering not arguing and pissy. Now if this how you two conduct your foreplay then by all means continue but for the rest of you, enough is enough. Someone has to give so use your next argument to have a serious conversation about your relationship. By turning this negative into a positive, you may just be able to improve relations rather than tear them further apart.

Cancer: If you are attached, it may be hard to pound some commonsense into your sweethearts head. They refuse to change or adapt and you are tired of turning blue in the face. This is going nowhere and fast. Because of this, your disappointment turns into feelings of desolation and their growing distance makes you feel lonely. You may think about getting away from it all and realize that you haven’t had a night out with friends in quite a while. If you really think about, you have been neglecting your own needs for socializing and companionship. Why? You are letting life and love get in the way. Stop sacrificing other pleasures for the sake of love or other responsibilities. Everything has a time and place, you need to respect that. Go out with your friends.

Leo: Ok take a minute and regroup today. If you are attached, there are tensions mounting because you are not thinking before you speak and are sharing thoughts you haven’t thought through. You are frustrated, it is getting the best of you and because of this you are coming across negatively to anyone you encounter. For right now, keep your thoughts to yourself until you are sure of them. Besides, a little time away from your sweetheart will do you a world of good. If you are unattached, you are trying too hard. There is someone you desire greatly but you are trying too hard to impress him or her. Be yourself but speak from the heart. They want to get to know you, now who you think they want you to be. They want you to be you.

Virgo: If you are unattached, things are looking up in your love life. Your emotions are upbeat and positive; it shows in everything you do. Because you are able to see the good in those around you, they can also see the good in you which is making you much more attractive than usual. Should you start a relationship now, it will be a mutually supportive one with a strong foundation. If you are attached, you are allowing your ego to get the better of things and it is putting you at a disadvantage. You and your loved one are in a particular situation and while you think you have all the answers, you really don’t. Your partner actually has a much better solution but you don’t dare accept it. Think about it, a few steps ahead before you discredit it.

Libra: Stay in bed. Turn right around and get back under the covers. If you are Libra with something to hide, you will thank me tomorrow. Whatever it is you do not want those close to you to now, may come to light. Not only will this leave you in a rather precarious situation but perplexed and upset. You will likely be forced to admit to something or discuss the issue in its entirety. You have a choice to either bury it all once again or come clean with the truth. An open and honest talk will lift this weight off your shoulder and you will begin to feel much better. Never the less be prepared to apologize or forgive depending on the situation but over all you will need to really understand both sides in order to make it through.

Scorpio: If you are unattached, you might want to get out and explore the world around you today. While you are not actually looking for a new lover, one just may find you. If you are attached, like your Taurus counterpart, paranoia and suspicion makes its way into your mind and heart. You have no idea what it is exactly but something is nagging at you and won’t let you go. Your sweetheart swears they are innocent but you still have doubt. It is very likely they are telling the truth and there isn’t anything you need to worry about on their end but you still need to talk this through before you can get to the point where you believe them.  This will be a long day for you but at least you will be able to sleep easy tonight.

Sagittarius: Some of you may want to be left alone today. Your mind is a million miles away and you are enjoying the scenes played out in your imagination. Because you are so caught up inside your head, to the outside world you seem secretive and obtuse. If you are attached, you know this will cause few problems with your lover. They hate when you get into one of these moods and will do what they can to get you out of it no matter how warm and fuzzy you feel there. Their intrusion may present a thought process of where you question your emotional commitment and idea of romance. Now because the rest of your mind is cozy warm within your imagination, save any decision making for another day.

Capricorn: Your levels of communication are high right now. It is easier for you to speak about whatever is on your mind and in your heart and invite all those around you to do the same. Many of you want to clear the air of any grievances that may be lingering from the past but be prepared to listen to what the others who are involved are saying and feeling. This is a two way street. If there are some issues in your love life that you are looking to resolve, your sweetheart may be very talkative or forthcoming with their feelings. This isn’t about you so much as it is their unpreparedness. They need some time to sort it all out and bring back together before they have the type of discussion you want to have. Give them their space.

Aquarius: Today can go either way as your frustrations and feelings of love war with each other. You love your sweetheart but both of you are distant, closed off and certainly defensive. You can either continue to get irritated or fix this situation; however you two got to this point. You can start off by talking. It is entirely possible that neither of you really know why this happening so figuring it all out would be a great place to start. What you might find is that either one of you, or even both of you, feel that one is giving more than the other as far as love or passion. Maybe you two have having a hard time reading the signs. Either way and regardless of why, you both need to really listen to each and drop the attitudes. It’s the only way to make it through.

Pisces: If you want your relationship to continue moving forward it is time to deal with something you have ignored or hidden from your sweetheart. All of the energy you have spent trying to push it all aside or cover it up, could have been spent making things right. For your own emotional health, it is better to let it all out. These unresolved issues are taking a toll on your relationship and have made things tense. Rather than continuing to lose your temper, gather up the courage to bring it all to light and talk about what is in your heart. Taking the easy way out will prolong the inevitable and make things worse. Do yourself a favor and begin the healing process. Wipe the slate clean of these problems so you can keep your relationship positive.

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