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Love Horoscopes – October 22, 2012

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Aries: All kidding aside, you are one of the most warmest and genuine of the zodiac. Sure you are feisty and passionate but you have an unusual amount of emotional depth and a natural ability to wield power. If you are attached, you will see examples of this as you interact with your loved one.  You two are rather happy at the moment and you want to maintain that love by making sure you both continue to give and receive appreciation. If you are unattached and looking, you will be fighting them off with a stick. Everyone is attracted to your natural glow and taken with your natural essence. Enjoy the attention. Either way you are looking to feel needed and comfortable. Do not stop until you have achieved this desire for the long haul.

Taurus: Someone is in a much better mood than they were a few days ago. For once you feel good about yourself and with the world around you. You may, dare I even say it, feel love and compassion for your fellow man. Curse this current planetary alignment! Jokes aside, your happiness and warmth radiates from you causing people you encounter to be immediately drawn to you. If you smile at someone, you will certainly get one back, flirtatiously at that. If you are unattached you may take your pick from the number of offers you will likely get. Though for some of you, there is someone out there looking to break your stride and darken your day. This emotional confrontation can end in two ways, deal with it or ignore it. Be drama free today!

Gemini: You and your Taurus neighbor seem to be sharing the same sunny disposition today. You have smile for everyone and kind words rolling off your tongue. What is even better is that the one you are secretly enamored with, the one you have an excellent but platonic relationship with, is having the same thoughts about you as you are of them. Use this positive energy to reinforce your confidence and maybe make your intentions a bit clearer. If you are attached, you may find yourself suspicious of your sweetheart. Luckily the energy of the day affords you to seeing things around you from a much broader perspective. Take a moment before you react and look around you. Your initial judgment just may be wrong.

Cancer: This is a very pleasant time for you Cancer and you should enjoy every aspect of it. If you are attached and looking for love, it may just come to you. People are attracted to the warmth and optimism you exude today. They want to soak up the sun right along with you and be just has happy and enthusiastic as you are. If you find yourself socializing today, it is likely that many drinks will be bought and quite a few numbers sent your way. If you are attached, you might want a change in scenery. You are looking to immerse yourself in something a bit more picturesque and hoping your loved one can get away with your for a few days to enjoy it. You need to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of life at this time, enjoy whatever time away you can get.

Leo: You are open, nurturing and warm today. It is likely that you will want to help those who are in need at some way, shape or form. With warmth comes a sense of hopefulness that all those around you will get caught up in. Someone in particular may also be attracted to it and want to know more about you and who you are inside. If you are attached, there may be a few decisions you have been thinking about making in regards to your relationship. You have been going round and round in your mind about what move to make. Thankfully the energy of the day will clear your mind of its frustration and help you make a more balanced verdict. As for the other frustrations in your life, tomorrow is another day, tackle those issues then.

Virgo: Attached or unattached, your love life will sure enter a period of excitement right now. Some of you who are attached are not happy in your personal life. Whether you and your loved one keep hashing out old arguments or you are silently stewing, the issues are overwhelming you right now. If you feel it is worth it, you need to turn this around. Look around you for inspiration, be creative in your endeavors and you should succeed in bringing back the love and harmony your relationship once thrived on. If you are attached, you may no longer want to be alone. It is time to use the warm and social energy surrounding you and attract a mate who you are not only physically attracted to but is mentally substantial.

Libra: Like those in the zodiac before you, your happiness trumps any negativity floating around you. First you were upset with your loved one, then you let it go only for it annoy again. But, you understand that love has its ups and downs so let this matter no longer bother you. Clean the slate by doing something special with the one you love. If you are unattached, many of your friendly endeavors will flourish under the energy of the day. It is entirely possible that one or two may slowly turn into something like love. Never the less, now is the time to enjoy any social activity you have been invited to. If by chance the one you have feelings for happens across your path, invite them over for dinner date.

Scorpio: You certainly shine today and everyone you encounter will take notice. Wherever you go, people will respond to the warmth of your heart, and the smile on your face. Your friends will want to share their good cheer with you so expect invitations to all kinds of outings and socializing. During this time you will make many friends and attract interested parties to you because of the energy of the day you are very articulate and quite expressive. If things have been rocky in your relationship, you have come to the point where you understand that we are all human and have our faults. This is a real breakthrough for you right now and it is likely that as a result of this your relationship will have a renewed sense of love and compassion.

Sagittarius: Ok Archers, it is time to lighten up, at least for the next few days. The energy flowing through the zodiac at this time is light, warm and nurturing. That means your normal dark and brooding intensity will not attract people to your mysterious nature. Usually your way works through any sunshine happy day but not this time so if you are looking for a special relationship, you should switch tracks. The one looking for you is someone who can roll with the tide and adjust accordingly; right now they are aligned with the light. If you are attached, allow the warmth and love you feel inside to shine through to your outer shell. If you have any personal needs to discuss, now is the time to do so, they won’t be misunderstood.

Capricorn: You may be fighting them off with a stick yet again today Capricorn. If you are unattached, you will be noticed the moment you walk into a room, it will glow from the warmth of your presence. Do not be surprised if you see many sets of eyes focused on you hungrily, they all want a taste of you and are thinking of the many ways to do it. If you are already attached, things are positive for you as well, so long as you keep everyday problems out of your conversations. Focus on romance and intimacy today. Think about setting up a candle light dinner and maybe a bottle of good wine, whatever will put you both in a romantic mood. Once the atmosphere is set, a little flirting and teasing will get things moving in the right direction.

Aquarius: Things should bother you today, in fact you are trying very hard to keep up the façade that you are angry or annoyed. You may be “holding your temper” and giving away looks that could kill but that really it. The real deal is that you could care less. You may sing a different tune tomorrow though but for right now, no you don’t give a shit. What you want to do is forget the bullshit around you and think happier thoughts today. If this has to do with your loved one then the positive energy you seek you should take it from the professional side of your life and vice versa if it is work bothering you. If it is the latter then use this time to let your loved one know how much you appreciate them. If they are the problem, deal with them tomorrow.

Pisces: You are feeling the warm fuzzies that the rest of the zodiac is feeling but you would rather not be in the thick of it. You are thinking up ways to express your emotions without having to get too involved or others too attached. Many of you are tempted to do something completely out of your character today. If you are unattached, this is likely to be you if you are looking for a romantic entanglement. Don’t fight the urge, use your desire for the unconventional and wit to attract someone who is just as eccentric and imaginative as you are. If you are attached and things had been tense, look for a renewed sense of love and compassion to grow between you two. You will feel that old warmth coming back and you like it.


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