This is not Romantic for You ?

“What’s wrong?”

“I wanted our 1st kiss to be special.. romantic”

“Sonny.. this is not romantic for you?

Apparently, sitting by ourselves in front of the fireplace in a sexy jazz club two blocks from the ocean on a quiet Sunday night doesn’t register as romantic anymore. Or perhaps reality had finally checked out of my brains.

It’s easy to come up with a desensitized excuse, but we should always remember.. there’s no excuse for bad behavior – and I think it had already crept in.


“What are you doing?”

“I thought this would be romantic”

“Sonny.. we’re on a bridge in the middle of a freezing rainstorm. Let’s go home.”

I thought my game was sorted, clean, and fast. Yet somehow I had become too aloof, too cool, and definitely too unattached from the outcome. I was just following the script.. a pseudo-romantic choose your own adventure. Where we ended up.. maybe it didn’t really matter anymore.

Then again.. perhaps the stories were becoming more important to me than the people in them.


“It’s cute.. this place is extremely quiet for me. It’s used to be for the longest time, when I went to bed.. it was so quiet.. almost like I was camping. But now it’s just a different kind of noise.”

“OMG.. darling..  you’ve lost your peace”

“Can we please go back to speaking The English”

Sipping red wine in front of a Pacific sunset. I may have lost my inner peace but I still knew romance.. (come on sonny get it together-universe)

Ok.. so.. what’s my psychic ex really trying to tell me?

What is it about inner peace, being positive with yourself, and being able to love?

I hear it all the time – “Love yourself and the world will love you”

But..  just maybe

It’s time to believe in something else..

“Love yourself and you can freely love the world”

Sugar and spice


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