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Love Horoscopes – October 23, 2012

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Aries: This day most likely didn’t start well. Your frustration is making it worse; you should really step away from it all for a while and clear your head. Not everything is falling apart but the more you try to do the more cracks grow wider. Though you are concerned with a situation that has reared its ugly head in your relationship, it is entirely possible you are TOO focused or TOO involved to see clearly. The best thing you can do is just relax and calm down; there is no need to rush this. What you are looking for, the answers you are trying so hard to find will come to you and it will be much better than you thought. This day will end up being like a roller coaster, for as many positive things that will happen, a few negatives will come as well. Just hold on.

Taurus: You may be in a good mood today but you are not happy. The more you think about your love life, the more questions come to mind. You have a hard time understanding what is going on between you and your loved one let alone what he or she has been trying to get you to see. They are having a hard time emotionally and you are just having a hard time all around. You can change this path of misery by speaking up about your confusion. Once you do then do what you can to be patient because your loved one will have difficulty discussing their needs and desires. When you finally comprehend what is happening, you and loved one can come to an agreement to prevent this from happening again.

Gemini: This roller coaster energy of the day is shifting things in your live around. The low points of the day expect to feel confused about recent events in your love life and your impatience growing fast. The high points will be very high because underneath it all today, you radiate warmth and love. You are friendly and frisky to say the least which will benefit you regardless of your relationship status. Keeping your impatience in check will do you a world of good through this mess that today’s energy has left for you. By doing so, your relationships will most defiantly improve but more importantly, what you are confused or unsure about will be revealed to you, albeit quietly but still. Better than not finding clarity at all.

Cancer: You will be reminded just how important communication really is today. Assumptions will be made and minor conflicts will arise but as everyone involved puts forth what they think they know about the matter, the truth will come out and so will the reasons of confusion. It is entirely possible that someone will be offended or bad feelings will be stirred.  Try to steer the conversation away from any raised voices or harsh tones that come with bringing out the differences between you and those involved. Once it does come to light, you and those around you will be much more succinct with their needs and desires. By the end of the day, things are back on track, love is restored and all is well in your kingdom!

Leo: Many of you may find yourself at a crossroads in your love life. How many of you are “dating” two or maybe even three people? There is something about each of them you really love but you see that problem that multiple dating can be. Many out there would pat you on the back and congratulate you on your prowess but deep down you know it is eating away at you. Do not expect an answer today but you will finally bring yourself to the point where you will think seriously about what you truly want in a relationship or if you want one at all. Someone not in the equation will offer you some advice and may even attempt to influence you one way or another. You have options and now is the time to entertain them.

Virgo: You really hate chaos. You hate not knowing what will or is coming one minute to the next and you hate going zero to sixty within a full range of emotions. Sadly, you will really hate today which is a shame but you feel really good and work up feeling optimistic. Like your Gemini neighbor, you are friendly and warm. Everyone seems to want to hang out and have fun with you but your mind is on your love life and what you think is going on but not quite sure. Thankful, the upswing in the energy will bring with it enough clarity to help you see a few key pieces and start to put them together. Once you figure this out you will understand and then respect your loved one for being courageous enough to come clean with the truth.

Libra: If you are unattached, many of you will be feeling less than confident today when it comes to your love life. Those of you with dates may have a sinking feeling it will go horribly while those without a date will begin to think there is no one out there good enough to love. Let us put things into perspective, you are a desirable person. People do genuinely want to be surrounded by you and maybe interested in more than friendship. There is so much more to you that what people see and there are people who want to see underneath all those layers. So for those of you who have a date, relax and enjoy it. If you are dateless then now is the time to really get noticed.  Let your natural charm take care of things. You will see things turn around.

Scorpio: As if you weren’t already on the roller coaster that is life, today seems as if you are in a fun house full of mirrors. The world is distorted, your love life is warped and your mind will not stop its incessant racing. In the grand scheme of things, what is going on around you isn’t bad but isn’t harmonious either. What you need is to take a little bit of time to center yourself and free your mind. Once you reach the inner calm you so desperately need, you find your answers and have a better understanding on how to move forward. When you re-emerge you will find that the areas that stressed you out are much more pleasant. If you are unattached you know it is time to up the ante and ask that special person out for dinner. Do not miss this chance!

Sagittarius: You are super friendly and very frisky today, huge difference from a few days ago. It has been brought to your attention just how much you can accomplish with this attitude and you plan on doing exactly that. One of those tasks includes seducing the one who has already made their intentions known. He or she has seemingly staked their claim and yet has done nothing to follow things up. Since the ball was left in your court you can do with it as you wish and you want to play. This light and humorous side that you have on display will certainly draw this person to you. They will find it very appealing and show you just how much they appreciate your efforts. Game on Archers, game on!

Capricorn: Prepared to be annoyed today. You are easily distracted and a bit lost as you try being your normal straight-forward self. You know what you want but while attempting to achieve it, things that bare no relevance on the situation creep in and start to cause doubt. Rather than give in to such indecision and haste, change things up a bit. You know what you want in your love life? So instead of go in guns blazing, why not try a more subtle approach to getting your feeling across. Do what you can to curb your desire to push through and force your lovers’ hand. Carefully placed suggestions or sharing ideas will do a lot more for you than compelling your sweetheart to do thy bidding. Little things can become great if given the right motivation.

Aquarius: You feel like you are going round and round today. You could swear you have cover this ground before and yet can figure out what you are still doing here. Every time you think you are swinging back around again, things get more and more hectic and harder to find your way back. That is just your everyday life; your intimate affairs are much more chaotic. There you feel a bit lost and nervous. Part of you thinks you are taking things far too seriously while the other thinks you are not being serious enough. Put an end to all this madness and just grab the one you want to be with and have some fun. Obviously you cannot concentrate or set off on a clear path so hold off for a day or two. Pick life back up then, it will easy to move forward.

Pisces: Everyone has a bad day, in fact at some point today; everyone will have reached some sort of low point in their lives. Because there are some strange forces at work today, you can expect some confusion but you can also expect some things to will work out in your favor. One of those more positive things is this person you have been working up the courage to ask out. Now today they seem distant and cranky but once they get their wits about them they will feel so bad for being so rude to you and want to make it up to you. If you are attached, you are yearning for a bit more appreciation while your loved one is so busy they forgot their name let alone yours. You need to simply drop a hit or two and say what you need. Once you do, it is all yours.

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