Weekly Sonnyscopes ! October 22, 2012


Astro-Week October  22 – 28

Dear Aries

As the week progresses you’ll want to begin looking at finances that you hold with others. Love and money will be flowing towards and through your closest friends. Keep going to the gym. Take the lead as the weekend approaches.

Dear Taurus

Something seems to be missing in love right now. There’s a restructuring happening in your closest affair. Speak up. All is not lost but it is changing. Instead of flowers and romance think steady and stable. It can still work if you give it a chance. It just won’t be as fun.

Dear Gemini

Good job. Not great but good. Something has triggered your “oh man – I messed up” internal thoughts. Probably you have goofed somehow but give yourself a break. The game is always changing and you really can’t win them all. Be happy with the lessons. It hurts but be ready for the next. And for you that’s right now. Keep going.

Dear Cancer

You’ve been driving them crazy lately just by being you. From the outside it’s funny to watch. Normally cool people have sudden outburst of affection. They can’t control themselves right now. Just go with it. It’s cute.

Dear Leo

Love is waiting at home. Invite friends over for a Halloween party and let the fun begin. Keep track of your finances. There is extra money in the details.

Dear Virgo

Does everyone have an ulterior motive? Or can some just be nice for no reason? Then again Virgos need a reason for everything. Ok maybe there’s a reason and if you think about it you might even find it. Then again it might be insignificant that it doesn’t really matter..

Dear Libra

It’s almost money time Libra. The spotlights shifts this week from feeling good about yourself to feeling good about your things. Starting your Christmas shopping early will help carry that spark you let lose last month. Believe it or not.. love is waiting at the shopping mall.

Dear Scorpio

Loud and proud… bring it. The Sun is leaving Libra and entering Scorpio. In addition to the usual birthday wishes, you will finally feel a sense of relief as planets leave the 12 house of mental health and your subconscious. There has been a lot of inward focus for the last year and it’s time to step out. Don’t worry, you can still be in to background. Just step things up a little. As for love.. who cares? You will surprisingly be most successful in love if you simply try not to care.

Dear Sagittarius

Take a moment and ask yourself if this is really where you want to be. Is there a compromise that you made with yourself a while ago that has led to some disastrous consequences. You’re trying to either hide them or doing your best to publicly reverse the damage. Those close to you have been biting their tongue not because they value your skills but rather they felt obligated to carry you. You are dangerously close to being left off the team.

Dear Capricorn

Clear out your thoughts. There’s an vibe pushing you to argue with your past or clean up the people who have been haunting you. Get out and have some fun this weekend. Even if you have to do it in a colder and more controlling Capricorn way, just try and meet some new people. This weekend marks a time when strangers will help you reach your goals.

Dear Aquarius

It’s time to put everything you’ve learned into practise. Let this newly learned knowledge or inspired wisdom shine in the workplace. People are looking at you for leadership and vision. Go ahead and show them you have both.

Dearest Pisces

Since when have nit-picky and neurotic worries become part of your seduction style? Calm down and give love a chance. This is the last week to be really lucky in love so get out there and have some fun.

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