But.. She likes you

“Turn the car around and go back to her ! Right Now !!!”

“It’s almost 3am..”

“Sonny ! What’s wrong with you.. She likes you – Go back and get her !!!”

Well.. they all kind of like me.. and they’re all trying to be nice.. or mean.. or weird.. or they want something..

How am I supposed to tell the difference?


“Ca va Maestro – c’est moi.. c’est de Soleil”

“Sonny.. ? I haven’t heard from you in years. What’s wrong?”

“I broke my game.. I’m hurting people again.”

  • Tic Tac Toe.. I was little suns & she was hearts
  • She left her purse with me when she went to the washroom
  • She took time out of her life to be with me.. no planned conversation, routine, or event to attend – just time with me

“You can’t tell this girl likes you?”



“So.. maybe you’re not looking for the wrong signs?”

“Your English sucks.”

“What do you really want?”

“Easy – I want to save the world.. One broken heart at a time.”

“Oh.. we’re back to the make-believe ? Come on, you’re smart figure it out.”

“I want life to be a Grand Romantic Adventure with my best friend/lover. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.”

“Hmm.. You should go on reality TV.”

“That’s your fucking advice?”

“Tranquille Soleil. It comes down to values.. what you really want. Those are the signs you’re already looking for.”

Sugar and spice


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