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Love Horoscopes – October 25, 2012

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Aries: One chapter in a relationship may come to a close, and also initiate a new beginning. Whether the partnership ends, or you decide to spend some time apart, or you commit to a new level of relationship, it is time for this change to occur. This is absolutely right and will set you on a new and more productive course. Up and down emotions with energies running high make for uncomfortable moments today, so avoid hasty choices or impulse buying. If tempers flare, just don’t go there; spare yourself and others the hassle. Commitments made now will tend to partake of this atmosphere, so have the patience to wait a little before moving ahead. It can’t get any worse at this point so do what you can to go with the flow.

Taurus: There is the potential for sudden change within your romantic life at the moment. The current planetary configuration brings things to a head in such a way that a relationship that has grown sour may suddenly end, whereas a romance that has been quietly pollinating may suddenly bloom. Whatever the level of commitment, you may feel like becoming more involved, or possibly breaking away. Literally anything can happen. You are likely to be swept by a need for introspection during this period. You have a strong need to explore your spiritual self, assess past decisions, and make plans for your future. It would be unwise for you to make any permanent decisions regarding your personal relationships until this period of self discovery has passed.

Gemini: This day brings with it a great sense of excitement and certainly a lot hope. Emotional security, a sense of belonging and the need to nurture are felt instinctively now. That intimate connection you crave, knowing what you feel at this moment will last beyond the next one, will begin to come. The safe place you are looking for to save you from the nastiness of the world will come along with it.  For those of you attached, you have known for some time that things have needed to change within your relationship, and today you have the chance to make it happen. But the opportunity will not be in a form you used to, it may come in the form of something unexpected and maybe with a bad vibe. Despite your reservations, it will do what you need!

Cancer: During this time you are ruled by your feelings, both good and bad. The emotions that overwhelm you are mostly affectionate and supportive so they will not lead you astray. Most of you will find yourself taking the first steps in initiating a relationship with that special someone you’ve been hoping to get closer to. He or she is all you can think about and more you you do, the more intrigued you are and more you want to know. Thanks to the energy today, you will get that chance to get to them know them better. Now at first they may seem a bit shy and certainly reserved but they will warm up to you soon enough. Don’t be surprised if by your next encounter you are included within their circle of friends. It is a start, with more to come!

Leo: This is one of those days where you are looking over your shoulder wondering what may happen next. Some good some bad but all of it will keep you on your toes. If you are attached and in a long term relationship, things may have grown stale with your loved one and are now becoming irritating. Make the first move and ask your sweetheart to help you brainstorm out of the dull existence you two have fallen into. This will save you both from plenty of headaches and hurt feelings. By you both making the effort, things will turn around quickly. If you are unattached, anything and everything could happen and someone may even fall onto your lap, literally. It will be a good day and maybe even a bit magical. You won’t forget this anytime soon.

Virgo: If you are attached, your loved one may have woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Usually he or she is cheerful and still a bit sleepy but never this restless or agitated. It seems like they are waiting for the other shoe to drop. Whether this is about you or someone close to you, you can either make it happen and get through it or take their mind off of it. When was the last time you two had a day to yourselves or indulged in some luxurious pleasures. Why not do that today? Your tenderhearted energy will rub off on their restlessness and soften their heart as well. You two will be able to enjoy yourselves comfortably and sweetly. The day will end better than it began.

Libra: A long-standing problem may finally reach resolution today so long as you stand your ground. Most of you who are attached have lost that passionate spark that used to characterize your relationship. The root of this evil may be that you both have begun to take advantage of each other, even treating each other poorly.  Thankfully today you will both get the kick in the ass you need to change. Now at first, the event taking place may seem disruptive at first, but as you two muddle though you will find that situation is brining you both much closer together again. Now this isn’t something that will be fixed in a day. There will need to be an effort made in order to get back to passion and fun. It will be worth it once you do.


Scorpio: There is a lot going on around you and you will find yourself juggling quite a few balls today. The balance you are trying to achieve seems fleeting and when you get to the end of your rope, you will have no idea what to do next. Rather than become frantic and possibly make a bad situation worse, leave it all alone and walk away. I know it’s easier said than done but today, let your loved one do whatever it is that makes them happy and leave you to your own devices. If you are unattached, you might want to consider dropping a few hints about what is inside your heart. The one you have your eye on is looking right back at you but not really sure if you two are on the same page. He or she needs to know, the sooner the better.

Sagittarius: Well Archers, aren’t we a bit naughty today. There is a little bit of devil in you today and it isn’t just your strong sex drive controlling your mind. Your emotions and desires are overwhelming you and all you can sense is the strong need to do. If you are attached, this drive within your may leave you selfish and nowhere near sensitive to your partners needs. One of you may be sleeping on the couch today with only your hands or toys for comfort so think first and avoid going solo If you are unattached your naughtiness may leave you looking like a hound dog. You flirt, you smile you talk to everyone with a pulse. Part of you has no idea why you can’t control it and the other part of you doesn’t want to. This should be fun.

Capricorn: Some of you should expect your love life to become revitalized in some capacity. This may tie into your sudden need for adventure, to experience new things. Keep in mind that you will find a surprise just waiting for you, one completely expected and maybe even unwanted but this will change your life for the better to embrace it. If you are attached, you and your loved one will be awfully playful today. The air seems to change around you two and both feel that this is the beginning of something much more than what you two currently have. If this unexpected pleasure is too much then feel free to dial it back a notch or two but many of you will embrace this and enjoy the new found passion you both share.

Aquarius: You have no idea where to look or what to do today there is so much going on around you. Thankfully this chaos is only temporary. What you may not realize is that, this upheaval is actually a good thing especially in regards to your love life. You know that things are a bit distant between you and your sweetheart but you have no idea how to change it. Whatever you do, do not force yourself on them. Things are in transition right now and it is likely that this is affecting your sweetheart in some way. Let them have their privacy but make plans in your mind to change the tide in your relationship. You two should grow together as one not separate and apart. Give it a few days and it will get better.

Pisces: You want. You want to be seen, to be noticed, to be adored, to be appreciated, to be heard but most of all to be loved. If you haven’t figured it out already, in order to get all that you desire, you must initiate it. We humans have yet to fully develop telepathy so whatever rolls around in that pretty head of yours will not fall out until you speak the words. Follow your heart, say what you feel and get whatever it is you want. To hell with whoever thinks what, you know deep down inside what will make you happy. All that is left is for you to simply go and do it. Expect a lot of positive feedback from the changes you make to achieve your goals. Any opportunities that come your way should be taken as well.

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