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Love Horoscopes – October 26, 2012


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Aries: Everything for you today will run hot then cold and back again. Personally, you are having a hard time concentrating and getting anything done. Hell you are distracted while having a simple conversation. You will need to entertain yourself today but for some of you, do not look to your loved one for any help. If you are dating or even in a relationship, your lover seems to be freezing you out. Days, maybe even hours ago, you and your love were hot and heavy but sometime during the day that all changed. Something happened and the only way you can get to the bottom of this is to ask. Be prepared for a few tense moments but by the end of the discussion, you will come out on top. Maybe even in more ways than one.

Taurus: You are entering a period where your emotional growth will define you. Your heart has been on your sleeve lately and you have attached yourself to issues that have only recently come to your attention. Speaking of things coming to your attention, when was the last time you really looked at the state of your relationship? Exactly! Because your tendency to sweep some things under the rug to deal with later, a few pressing matters have now come back to bite you in the ass. That handful of issues you desperately avoided because you did not want to change has now gotten to the point where you have no choice but to. If you continue to put it off, you are only holding back your own happiness.

Gemini: Today will likely remind you that your happiness is important. In fact it is up there near the top of things that should be important to you. But you feel the need to put others first and while that is admirable, today you need to think about you. Your lover may be “asking” for something that really isn’t up for debate and probably more than you can give. You have to take time to talk about this because this isn’t a matter of what you want it is a matter of what you can. It may be time for you to start looking more deeply into what you actually do want, rather than what you think you need. The two are very different and probably not what you are thinking. Take things slow and easy, this will work itself out in its own time.

Cancer: You are in the mood to mingle with people but not clubbing or attending any parties. Your logical side is dominating today so you may feel you want to go where you have a good conversation or maybe even play a game or two of chess. If you are unattached, you may even find someone as you’re engaged in a debate or discussion. He or she will certainly appreciate your serious side and want to get know you better. If you are attached this serious mood will actually help improve the state of your relationship. Your emotional intensity will penetrate deep into the foundation your connection was built on, causing you two to grow together. This new understanding will do wonders for your futures together.

Leo: Because you are overcoming a few personal issues, your attitude has gone from warm and inviting to coolly objective. No one is spared from this wrath, least of all those closest to you. Any and all of their shortcomings are brought to light and dwelled upon by you so you need to loosen up. This isn’t something that is up for discussion either, you are being far too critical of them and you will drive a wedge between you if you don’t watch it. You thought you had issues with emotional self control now; you will have problems if you don’t step off. Now if you are unattached, the personal issues you are trying to get over may be fear of rejection. Before you approach the one you care for, make sure your fears are unfounded. When you see that they are, proceed.

Virgo: You would love to relax and indulge in a few finer things but many of you are distracted by the growing distance between you and your sweetheart. You absolutely hate it when your loved one turns cold and distant because he or she is like a completely different person. Sure you can get angry but you know this will not accomplish anything so you will need to calm down, center yourself and then start talking. Rather than getting caught up on what you feel, why not allow yourself to simply flow alongside the energy with the people or situations involved. The more you two react calmly and think rationally, you both should be able to come out of this unscathed. Remember your emotional well being is at stake here so be calm.

Libra: Things are not so smooth and easy in your personal life right now. This does not surprise you but your entire life is likely to be disrupted by someone who is close to you but is trying to push you into something you are not ready for or even comfortable thinking about at the moment. This may cause you to walk away from this person for good. Maybe as this happens you will come to the realization the relationship had been lacking passion, creativity and even loyalty. Before you walk away from this person, you may want to ask for a reason why they did this to you. You do deserve an answer so do not even begin to think that you don’t. Getting the answer will make all the a real difference.

Scorpio: You are a force to be reckoned with today with your sharp, decisive, and a highly articulate manner. Are there things on your mind, rules that have not been followed or finally making the change that will do you good? Either way now is the time to speak up and make your needs and wants known. The last statement also applies if you are attached. You may have come to realize that you and your sweetheart need to create firm and very clear boundaries in your relationship. He or she is crossing lines that you are uncomfortable with and you really shouldn’t have to stand for it. But part of resolving this is speaking up to those involved. No one will know you feel so deeply if the words never leave your mind.

Sagittarius: You have decided you had enough of meeting people who seem fine for the first five minutes, then once they get comfortable they have a hard time keeping it together. Create a list of your specific requirements and then go out and about. You will be able to find the one who understands your minor idiosyncrasies. If you are attached, expect your mood swings to drive a wedge further between your loved one. It is entirely possible that everything will fall apart when you least expect it. Because there are so many variables you are not sure of, you might want to have a couple of backup plans just in case. Whatever you do today, treat those who are in a bad mood with a little respect. It won’t be an easy day but it won’t get any worse.

Capricorn: You may find yourself swept away by romance and mystery today. If you are attached you may be thinking about raising the level of commitment between you and your loved one. Once you begin to discuss that topic, no one takes you seriously because of your previous track record. By the time you convince them they are seriously stunned at your courage. When you get to this point, you might want to make arrangements for a romantic rendezvous. Now is the perfect time to do something out of the ordinary. If you are unattached, now is the time you to get out in the world and do some socializing. As you are out and about, do not let anyone see your cards or ask too many questions. The more mysterious you are the better.

Aquarius: Listen, right now you are looking for a bit of contentment and emotional well being during this time. This would include you not having to think twice before embarking on a certain course of action. One of the things you should ask yourself is if it is worth it. If things start to look as if you are going down a destructive path, you have the power to turn back and choose another route. What you need right now is for harmony prevail in your personal relationships. Despite how up and down this day has been, you should find ways to relax and enjoy the things that bring you pleasure. Whether that means hedonism or a bit with gluttony, do what you want to do. It will be easy to get along with people today. All that you need will come to you.

Pisces: It’s likely you’re feeling as though there isn’t any time just for you. Personal relationships and friendships may be drawing more energy from you than you want to give. Never the less a little self-indulgence is definitely in order. Why not take a step back from your more intimate relationships for a few days. During this time make it about taking care of you and your personal needs. If those closest to you seem less than forthcoming, don’t take it too seriously they need to take stock in their lives as well. They are deep inside themselves hoping to find the answers they need. Once they have found what they are looking for, they will be back and warmer than ever.


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