I need love…


Well, not the kind of love you are thinking of.  I have that kind of love.  Not to brag or anything but I’ve found it and I’m not letting it go.

Moving on.

I need love.  The kind of love you get from the universe.

-Having a bad day, little one?

That depends on how you look at it, Sonny.  This coffee is too sweet.  It needs  more spice.  More flavour.  More umph.  Only I can umph it up.  Don’t blame Time Horton’s.  Although, it is totally my fault for going to Tim’s in the first place.  That is my first lesson.

My next lesson is not to look at the scale.  It will never tip the way I want it if I’m holding a nasty coffee in my hand.  Dump the coffee down the sink and give the scale away.  Let someone else way the odds.

I’m loved.  Let’s face it, my hair is amazing.  The universe is looking back at me in the mirror and couldn’t possibly have given me these green eyes for nothing, right?  Right.

I’m going to The Second Cup.

Over and Out

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