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Love Horoscopes – October 28, 2012

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Aries: Contrary to popular belief, you can be a laid back and easy going person. You are always the alpha dog so it is nice when others take over and let you be lazy. However today, you will be forced to deal with an issue in your relationship that has been brewing. Now once you get going, it is hard for you to stop and that will be your problem today. Things are likely to turn a little turbulent with your loved one so expect a lot of finger pointing. He or she is not as loving as you would like them to be and they may turn the tables and blame you. It is possible you have not be so warm either so find a way to compromise and bring it all back together. If you are unattached your energy is powerful not only emotionally but physically. Expect intense encounters.

Taurus: Some things in your personal life have been sliding through your fingers. It is time to give your intimate affairs a little more attention. Personally you feel that your emotional needs are not being met. You are looking for a little more closeness and a sense of belonging, you haven’t felt this in quite some time if you were honest with yourself. But you have been avoiding these issues because your partner seems to be ignoring it and moving forward as if this isn’t a problem. You are at your wits end but do not let yourself get out of control. The more forceful you become the more your partner will continue to ignore it and you. Settle this by talking calmly. The best course of action for both parties is a straight shooting yet calm discussion.

Gemini: There is a competitive spirit in the air around you and today can go one of two ways. Either, you and your loved one will take this in a positive and healthy manner, or you and your sweetheart will tear each other to shreds. If this goes poorly expect an onslaught of disputes and aggression. Many of these conflicts will begin over asserting dominance or trying to force the situation. Neither of you will be willing to compromise and this could very well spiral out of control. If you see this happening it might be best to simply be a lone for a few days. Now this if competitive manner grows positively, you two will be better off in the future. The point of the day is to realize that you both control the fate of this relationship. Which way do you want it to go?

Cancer: Today, you need to think ahead. You have a fantastic idea tied with goals and aspirations for the future, something that does include your sweetheart. But you know that once you share this wonderful plan, they will likely dissect and try to poke holes in it. You need to be prepared with answers to their questions and uncertainty otherwise he or she will keep the negativity going until you decide to give up. Use their likely conflict to fuel your desires. In reality, you have made a place for them in this plan but they do not need to be a part of it to succeed. You know what you want, and know who will help bring it to life. If you are unattached, you have the opportunity to win the affection of someone you have been waiting for. Go get ‘em!

Leo: Today, you should focus on your contentment and emotional well being.  You feel the bump in the road coming but are unlikely to force any sort of resolution. This bump in the road will likely be a difference in opinion, maybe even something that you two have never agreed upon. Never the less, your dislike for conflict will cause you to retreat into a stone cold silence. Rather than going along with the situation and whatever your lover is yelling at you, be true to yourself and say your piece. Even though you hate to add to this ridiculous conflict, enough is enough. You know what – after you are done standing your ground, relax. Go on and indulge in your pleasure and if that means something wild and hedonistic then so be it.

Virgo: If you are unattached, right now you want a little bit of everything. You want to socialize; you are looking for love and a direction in life. Your desire to be friendly is something that is much deeper than the superficial friend for the night; you want people in your life in it for the long haul. Those people you want in your life, you will not find them at the local club or bar. No, you will meet them doing something that has meaning for you. If that means something athletic or even volunteering, you will find the substance you seek through those avenues. If you are attached, now is the time to pay closer attention to your relationship. Schedule some time recreation together and catch up with one another.

Libra: It may take you some time to realize and appreciate it but this is really a refreshing time for you. The progressive changes made now in your life and in your intimate relationships is what will make this time more enjoyable. Thing is that you need to get through a little conflict first. Now in order to make it through to the other side, speak up. Speak out about the reoccurring problem between you and your sweetie. You have maybe mentioned it in passing but now you have the courage to speak out more strongly than you have done of late. You are not happy and in no uncertain terms, things need to change. Because of this, they will. You need to remember how you did this, and use this strength more often; it definitely enlivens your relationship.

Scorpio: You are feeling intense, positive and assertive in a way you haven’t felt in so long. Your strong sexual feelings and romantic passions are compelling and stimulating right now with the overwhelming urge to be with your lover. Thing is that this power is something you are not sure what to do with because you get along very well without it. Test it out on your loved one by being a bit more forceful and showing you have a mind of your own. Now, your sweetie is used to you being laid back and easily persuaded but by the end of the night they know you intend to use this power and it is good! If you are not currently in a relationship, you are likely to be bold and make the first move toward someone you are attracted to. Nice!

Sagittarius: You may find yourself in an interesting predicament but confrontation is the wrong way to play this. Though a war of words is not ideal, pulling out entirely is equally unsuitable. This situation will produce a lot of competition and plenty of hurt feelings. It isn’t every day that you and your friend want to date the same person and have no qualms in going for it. Do not let your confidence waiver in the face of this challenge. Make some thoughtful compromises but use your charm and intelligence to get the heart of the one you desire. By using the full seduction powers from your eyes and your words, you will likely up the ante and make things even spicier. It is entirely possible that you will not succeed, if you see that happen then bow out gracefully.

Capricorn: You may be emotionally sensitive right now so it is a good idea to not to take anything too seriously as you may be hurt more than anyone ever intended. BUT, you may not listen because in the fiber of your being, you need something to argue about. Conflict may start with or over your difficulty to clearly express what you are feeling at any given moment. This conflict may actually lead to a silver lining. This dispute may actually spark some life into a relationship on the brink of destruction. The differences that drove you two apart will likely be what will bring you two back together. Do not be surprised if you are grateful for the turn of events.  This shift in moods and attitudes will continue to affect your for a few days, you can handle it.

Aquarius: You have a convoluted view on finding a lover. You like to be chased, to be made to feel as if you are so irresistible that the object of your affection feels compelled to come to you and bask in your charming glow. When this doesn’t happen, you begin write them off to not being worth the effort. Many of you may have the urge to change tactics a little, enough to do the chasing yourself. Suddenly, you really enjoy the feeling of being in pursuit. You feel alive and invigorated. You might want to do this more often because it has given you a new lease on life. With your new perspective you are more interested in what brings people together not what tears them apart. You should also let people know how much you care for them. Note or card will do.

Pisces: Surges of emotion are woven within the energy of today. You will likely feel like you are in the middle of a thunderstorm one minute and sky’s the limit the next. One thing that may help is using your intuition to gage how those around you are feeling before you bring up any discussions or make comments about anything said. One of those things may be your partner if you are attached. He or she is in one hell of a mood and for “kicks”, is asking you to commit. They know that this is the worst thing you could be forced to contemplate but they need to feel secure. What they are looking for is a greater sense of loyalty from you not so much the commitment. Tighten your focus so you do not misjudge the situation and you can find a way to work it all out.

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