Weekly Sonnyscopes ! – Beginning October 29, 2012

Astro Week October 29 – Nov 4

Dear Aries

This week your love energy will begin to calm down and expose a truth you’ve been questioning. It’s a good thing.. and bad. For the last while you’ve been plagued with chasing a lover that simply isn’t good enough while others wait for your approval. Yet at the same time there is someone else and they are neither waiting nor do they even seem to care.. about anything! But if you want the respect, the challenge, and an overall upgrade, you’re somehow going to have to show that you are in their league.

Dear Taurus

Stability has entered your realm of close relationships. Love might continue to feel dry, restrictive, and a touch controlling but these are all things you seemed to have wanted. If loves becomes too boring or controlling you’re going to have to make a change.. fast. This feeling is not going to leave any time soon so it’s up to you to find someone whom you can use the energy with more lovingly.

Dear Gemini

It’s not really “me, me ,me” but you should really start to do things honestly using yourself as an excuse. There are many rewards waiting for you but you have to reach out and grab them. Your best chances for success are a result of selfish actions.

Dear Cancer

The Sun in Scorpio is activating your sex drive and you want it NOW! Normal sideways, look before you leap motion is still in play but your true love has finally checked out. Yes, you played country games with the extra savvy city mouse. What did you think was going to happen? Your sweetheart cares deeply but they’re not coming back. Good luck.

Dear Leo

Party time Leo! Get out and have some fun. The more you smile, the more people will respond but it has to be personal and it has to be public. Strangers are waiting to help. Make sure you ask for exactly what your journey requires. Remember, the help is for you not a friend so being a little selfish will yield a greater reward.

Dear Virgo

Time for a little financial reward. A bonus is due and it’s time to collect. Your partner will appreciate your sudden desire for the sensual.

Dear Libra

After a struggle that seemed forever and almost cost you everything, it’s finally time for some peace. Even if you miss the dramas just feel good about yourself and let the balance continue.

Dear Scorpio

I guess the plan is coming together. But it could go a little faster. Just keep repeating.. good things will happen if I put in the work. It’s happening. Keep working.

Dear Sagittarius

There’s a solid boost to your ego encouraging you to get out and be physical. Enjoy the day with some friends. Your social like has finally cleaned up and you can trust the world loves you again. Be social this week.

Dear Capricorn

It’s business and pleasure, just the way you like it. Your heart is at the office but your friends are calling. Mix the two for ultimate fun. Go a little crazy. You deserve it.

Dear Aquarius

This Halloween puts you in the mood for something exotic. Step out and enjoy a new side of your love life. The active energy is with your social network so talk and socialize for best results. Your career is your main focus this week. Extra hours at the office have friends complaining.

Dear Pisces

Sometimes dreams do come true. The problem is we don’t always realize that it’s already happened. This week you’ll know for certain that a goal is working out as small financial rewards come due. Love looks familiar.

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