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Love Horoscopes – October 30, 2012

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Aries: Now is a good time to rejuvenate your mind and spirit. For some of you that are attached, your sweetheart may invoke your sense of duty by needed your help with certain responsibilities today. Now these are not ones you normally take on but you are happy to help out and those you are helping appreciate your efforts. Whatever it is your find yourself doing will not only improve your spirit but give your physical strength a boost. If you are unattached, revitalize yourself by doing things you most enjoy doing. There is plenty of positive and optimistic energy surrounding you today so if there is someone you have been admiring, now is the time to approach them. Either way today you will walk away with a larger perspective on your life.

Taurus: For some of you, this period of time may be slightly confusing and a bit discouraging. You may endure some a few misunderstandings and a little running around in circles. This might be an ideal time to keep interactions with your loved ones to minimum in case they are enduring the same haze. Do not be surprised that certain past experiences creep up in your mind over the next few days. The emotions they bring back may cause you to feel as if you owe someone close to you and assume a few unnecessary responsibilities. Make no doubt that you are doing this as much for you and your conscious as well as helping this person out. There may come a time later that this person returns the favor. Cut everyone including yourself some slack today.

Gemini: Use some of that charm today to accomplish goals or push your way into situations that will get you where you need to be. This especially applies to love, but it also applies to any competitive interests you may have, anything where you want to come out a winner. If you are attached, focus on a problem that has become increasingly more complex, you will be able to fix it once and for all. Those close to you may come asking for favors, especially the ones who know exactly what buttons to push to get you to do what they want. Don’t be sucked into guilt but don’t stop yourself from helping those you deserve it.  Recognize that you want to help and not that you feel you have to. By the end of the day, you will have learned something about yourself.

Cancer: You are looking to break from the predictability of your usual routine and methods in life and in your intimate affairs but your confidence seems to be waning. You want to experiment and learn something new. You have all these wonderful and original ideas that are exciting and plausible, you even have people who can help you further your desires but you will not take that first step.  Stop for a second and look around you, this is something you wouldn’t normally hesitate in doing. In all honesty, your sweetheart would be on board and ready to go all in with you. The energy surrounding you is even supporting this need for spontaneity and inventiveness. There is no reason to be afraid, you got this… YOU GOT THIS!

Leo: There may be someone you miss dearly right now. You will likely spend quite a bit of time communicating with this person today. Whoever this special one is, he or she may live for away and you would really use the closeness you two normally share at the moment. Missing this person leads you to wondering about the direction your life is heading in. Maybe you gave this person up to accomplish something that no longer holds the same value, maybe you two are apart because life took you in separate directions but either way, your mind is racing with the details of that time. Dwell within this bubble for a while. When you come out of it you will have all the answers you need and will know what direction to take.

Virgo: Your mind and heart are racing with thoughts and feelings about past issues that may have relevance today. Many of your thoughts are random and reflective but all related to your main thought of the purpose of your life. You won’t be in the mood to socialize and if you are attached, your loved one may actually join you in bouncing off ideas and theories. It is likely you two will discuss very personal subjects and experiences that will end up building closeness and trust in your relationship. Later, if you two hit a rough patch, it will be this experience today that will see you two through. If you are unattached, it’s probably the perfect day to stay in, relax, and enjoy your own company. Don’t you have some reading you want to catch up on?

Libra: You may be torn in a few dozen directions today but it all takes time away from your lover. This will certainly make your relationship a bit weird right now or force it to take an unexpected turn. These obligations you feel towards others who close to you are impeding on what you are trying to accomplish by demanding so much of your energy and attention. You need to do what you can to hasten the completion of these responsibilities and get back to the time that you want to spend with your partner. Things are fragile enough as it is without this disruption. It already doesn’t look good because you were just saying, loudly at that, how you needed some space and bit more independence. This isn’t how you wanted it so now you need to fix it.

Scorpio: If you are attached your loved one may be gone and you have the place to yourself. Regardless of your relationship status you have the urge to clean from top to bottom but only as an avenue to work through the thoughts in your mind. You are forcing yourself to look at the details in your life and intimate affairs but the problem is you are looking through the wrong perspective. What you need is to look at the big picture. Fantasies, desires even your dreams all have a place in your life. There is nothing wrong with letting your mind wanted or turning it into a goal to achieve but right now you are losing yourself in them. Look at what you have and who you love not who they are not and what you don’t have.

Sagittarius: If you have put your love life on the warmer while you have been devoting your attention to your career or other pursuits, your sacrifices should finally pay off now. You have worked hard and it is admirable but if you are attached, you need to start making up for lost time now. Now that you can, it is time to spend some quality time doing things that are mutually satisfying and that will move this relationship forward. He or she has stood by you while you have established yourself now it is time to invest in them and the connection you two share. If you are unattached it is time to settle things down and take a breather. If you are ready to focus on your love life then it is time to get you out there where you can find a suitable partner.

Capricorn: You needed a break from your usual routine but you didn’t want to be completely alone. It seems as if everyone close to you is going through something or is pulled away for whatever reason. Your mind will of course turn to more practical matters but this isn’t the adventure you had in mind during this time period. Leave your sensibilities behind and to do that exploring you had hoped to do. You may not have who you want with you but that doesn’t mean you will not have the unexpected pleasure of new friends. If you are unattached, this could lead to a new romance with someone who invigorates you. If you are attached, this mini venture may be what you needed to revitalize things at home. This period of time will be refreshing change of pace.

Aquarius: If you are unattached, this day is for you. It will likely be busy as you perform services in and around your neighborhood. Maybe it is some volunteering or helping family members with errands, either way you will be on the go from the time you wake until the time you go to sleep. Whatever you do today for others will be appreciated by all those involved. You will feel better about yourself especially tonight. No good deed go unrecognized so as you kick back with friends and have some fun, expect someone to notice you and want to more than look. You will certainly meet some interesting people tonight but one in particular you might take home. This romance will happen but be prepared for it to be short lived.

Pisces: Your focus has been money and stability this past year. Thanks to your meticulous efforts, you have increased your income and put yourself in the position you wanted to be in. This isn’t the time to blow it, this is the time to continue but you should reward yourself for this massive accomplishment. What you want to do is be careful and realistic in your celebrations but not overly frugal. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, enjoy it a little. If you are attached, it might be hard to do so if things are tense in your relationship. Is it you or is it them that is no longer working? Be honest! If you are unattached, part of enjoying the fruits of your labor includes taking a risk and asking out the one you have admired. Why not? Just do it!

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