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Love Horoscopes – October 31, 2012


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Aries: You may find yourself conflicted today. Duty is usually your first thought and more often than not, pleasure falls by the wayside. There comes a moment in life when you realize that duty isn’t everything and that you need love and emotional satisfaction. This will be a very frustrating time for you but you can get through by indulging a little in your adventurous side. As you do, you will realize that it is time to let go something you once cherished. More than likely, some of you who are attached have grown away from your loved one or vice versa. Either way, he or she is no longer the positive force they once were. Maybe you two simply need a break. But it is too far gone then it may time to end this relationship.

Taurus: Regardless of your status, today is a fantastic time to enjoy what you have. The energy surrounding you is reminding you to be appreciative of the world around you, to love and live life. If you are attached, a meaningful token of affection is the ideal way to show you care. If you are unattached, some of you may have a project you are working on that you need to enlist the help of your dear friends. While you are helping others, someone is helping you find love. The energy surrounding you will open the doors to opportunities for love and romance. It is the pure karmic energy at its best, when you are working on behalf of others, you attract the best to yourself. When someone finally catches your eye, he or she will be worthy of all you have to offer.

Gemini: You may be a bit of a social butterfly today as you start to make plans for an intimate get together with friends. What you thought may be a few people turns into a full fledged party. Enlarging your circle of friends and acquaintances is not without its perks as someone brings someone who you find very interesting. The love you have been seeking for some time now is gradually drawing closer.  If you are open to it, with this person you may discover the kind of love that is deeply meaningful, rather than the more superficial type. If you are attached, right now is about blazing your own trail. You are strong, confident and determined. You are looking for the big win plus the love and commitment of your special someone.

Cancer: You, wanna keep it moving forward. Your outlook is bright and you are determined to make it or break it. Your sheer enthusiasm is also felt in your love life. If you are attached, you and sweetheart are open and honest during this time which is a vast improvement on your previous levels of communication. You can take this further by hosting a get together with friends. This will not only expand your social circle but also bring fresh energy into your relationship. You might want to contact friends you haven’t spoken to in quite some time and catch up. It has been far too long so re-establish those bonds. If you are unattached this energy may open a few doors for you to walk through and find love.

Leo: The energy flowing through the zodiac for the most part is open and creative but also very social. Which works in your favor because lately, you may have been having a hard time saying exactly what you feel. It has either come out a jumbled mess or a mumbling whisper. Accept the challenge and allow the energy to flow freely through you. If that means letting loose with friends or your loved one if you are so attached then so be it. It is time to remember the days before practicality took hold of your life. If you are attached, your loved one will feel your vigor and join you in the fun. If you are unattached, maybe it is time to put yourself out there. Get back into the game and see if there is anyone worthy enough to warm your bed and your heart.

Virgo: Your emotions and passions are rather strong under this energy. You feel compelled to do everything your heart desires and in the process, may be awfully demanding of your lover and their attentions. If you are so attached this may cause a little problem as your demands are not taken well at all. You can turn this into a win/win situation if you ask for what you need rather than assume it is already yours. You will get what you want if you go about it sweetly. If you are unattached, your emotions and passions drive you socially. You may have been feeling stuck in a rut and you want to change things. Get involved in something new or change up your routine. If love has been evading you, it won’t any more.

Libra: Like your Virgo neighbor you may be feeling as if things in your social and love life have been drab and boring. Regardless of your status, you need to breathe some fresh air into the life you lead. Start by taking up that hobby you have always wanted or a group you would wanted to join. Expanding your social circle is a great way to start revitalizing the mind and spirit. If you are unattached, working more closely with others could bring with it the opportunity for a fruitful love life. When you make positive connections in your life it is likely that you will meet someone who is just what you are looking for romantically. While you are at it, there has been someone you have been meaning to talk to. Make contact, they will be happy you had.

Scorpio: You are running hot today Scorpio. Your emotions are high your temper is higher and your restlessness is in full swing. In many ways you are ready to battle, ready for some loving and looking for an adventure. You may find yourself doing all three today especially if you meet someone who is feeling the same intense energy you do. But in order to really connect with this kindred spirit you know when to fight and when to be patient. Do not press matters too strongly otherwise there will be arguing instead of lovemaking. When you see that this special someone is defending themselves too much, back off a little and leave any upsetting issues alone. The answers will come to light in a few days but he or she will remember how you treated them today.

Sagittarius: There may be things in your relationship that have grown out of control. What you thought was resolved may have grown complicated under the weight of misunderstandings and confusion. There is a way out of it, take hold of the situation and deal with it yourself. Confront the matter head on with your sweetheart and put it all rest at once. Now regardless of your relationship status, if you have been surrounded by new friends or developed new interests, the energy is working in your favor today. You will have more opportunities to explore these notions and follow the path the feels right to you. If you are unattached, this path will likely lead you to a romantic prospect.

Capricorn: You are reserved and shy to those who do not know you but because the social bug has bitten you, people will really get a chance to see you. In light of this energy you may find yourself having an intimate get together at your home where some new friends may meet your old friends. You will be surprised at how much fun you have. Now for some of you who are unattached, many of you may have doubts about the current state of your love life. Plainly, you deserve everything your heart desires and only you can choose if you compromise or not. It is time to gather the courage to go out and get what you want. You are loving but most of all, deserving. You will find someone who sets your body a flame and sparks the romance in your heart.

Aquarius:  Your close relationships with others can undergo some abrupt changes at this time. Because of this, you may not be able to hide away in the shadows as you would like. You will be able to keep much of your inner nature hidden but not all of it. Maybe you should reconsider your desire to hold things back. Your someone special is demanding to know how you feel about them, and you, as usual, are reluctant to let them know. Why? If you want the relationship to continue, then you had better speak up. The real force behind your reluctance is your impatience. You are looking to achieve a greater level of sincerity, honesty, and understanding between you and your lover. What you forgot is that you do need them to do it.

Pisces: Like many others today, your restlessness and impatience consumes you to get out and reacquaint yourself with life. Different urges may overcome you throughout the day but you will settle on socializing with friends as a start. Before you get that far in your day you need to be conscious of how your needs come across. Many may find you very demanding and difficult to please as you vent about the slowness of progress. If you really want to make the most of the energy today, start with gaining some patience. By the time the party you are attending gets started, you should have lost that heavy attitude weighing you down. Now if you are looking for love, someone you kinda know but not personally catches your eye. Tell them a joke or two.


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