Did you tell her to call you?

“Why do you keep looking at your phone? Did you tell her to call you?”

“No but..”

“How about the Korean girl, your buddy. Did you call her?”

“Not exactly..”

“Is that why you’re sitting here with me right now?”

“Maybe I like chocolate chip muffins..”

“Sonny stop moping. What do you expect?  You don’t call anyone. You don’t tell anyone what you’re doing, where you’re going to be. Seriously.. I just watched you talk for 10 mins to some guy in Toronto and he STILL doesn’t know you’re in Vancouver. What did you think was going to happen tonight?”

It wasn’t as simple as DA wanted me to believe but perhaps it could have been easier. And as Speed always says, “We’re all doing our best at the time.” – I believe her.


“Did you tell her to call?”


“Sonny, seriously WTF is wrong with you?”

He doesn’t get it. It’s not that complicated. If it’s meant to be.. we wouldn’t be having this conversation.   


“The girl with blue hair seems to call a lot.”


“Well.. Are you going to call her back?”

“Why would I do that?”

Looking back I have to admit, I might have put him through too much.

If only we could all close our eyes and make our dreams come true.. but it wasn’t that easy. Perhaps we were just having a good day. And no I didn’t learn my lesson yet. But I did call and she’s everything I ever dreamed. At the time anyways. There is one thing I did learn for certain though..

Love is everywhere – if you know where to look. 

Sugar and spice


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